30 Easy Anime Male Drawing Ideas

I love creating anime style drawings ever since I was little, so I decided to create this collection of easy anime male drawing ideas for other artists learning to draw as well.

Drawing anime characters can be difficult so I’ve tried to include drawing ideas that focus on drawing a certain part of a character, rather than drawing complicated hands or postures.

I hope you enjoy these drawings and have fun simply trying your hand at drawing them!

Remember that it is okay if drawings don’t come out exactly the way you want, but to keep practicing and have fun losing yourself in your art.

anime boy drawing ideas

1. Face Drawing

Let’s start off with just drawing the face of an anime boy.

I drew this drawing using a pen so that you can see the lines more clearly, but feel free to draw your drawings in pencil.

easy anime boy drawing face

2. Chibi Boy Drawing

Chibi drawings of people can be a lot easier to draw, so try attempting a chibi drawing of a boy.

chibi anime boy drawing

3. Side Profile

Here is a side profile drawing to practice as well.

anime boy drawing side profile

4. Pencil Drawing

Here is a simple pencil drawing of an anime boy to try out.

I really like the look of pencil drawings because it’s a lot easier to add value and extra details to your artwork.

pencil drawing easy anime boy

5. Eye Smile

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to draw anime eyes, so try drawing an eye smile.

This way, you can practice drawing the general face structure without worrying over eyes for now.

anime boy drawing easy

6. Male Anime Eyes

For our next drawing, try practicing just drawing male anime eyes.

There are so many different styles you can draw your anime eyes, but here are two.

You can also find more anime eye examples to draw in my other blog post How to Draw Anime Eyes.

male anime eyes drawing

7. Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut hairstyle is very popular among men so here is an anime style version of that hairstyle to try drawing.

pencil drawing anime male

8. Curly Hair

Here is an anime boy with curly hair to try drawing next in your sketchbook!

curly hair anime boy drawing

9. Full Body

Here is a simple full body anime drawing of a boy to practice drawing.

chibi anime boy drawing

10. Winking

Next, let’s try drawing a winking face.

winking anime boy drawing

11. Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are a fun and important part of drawing anime faces to practice.

If you are interested in more facial expressions to practice drawing, check out my other blog post How to Draw Facial Expressions.

chibi anime boy drawing cute

12. Wearing Glasses

Next, let’s try drawing a male anime character wearing glasses.

glasses anime boy drawing

13. Holding a Flower

Here is an adorable chibi drawing idea of a boy holding a flower to draw.

chibi anime boy drawing

14. Bandaid

Here is a drawing idea of an anime boy with a bandaid across his nose.

easy anime boy drawing

15. Hair Styled Back

I wanted to draw a guy with cool vibes but it sort of ended up looking like Kambe Daisuke.

male anime drawing

16. Wearing a Scarf

Here is a cute drawing idea of a boy wearing a scarf to try drawing.

scarf anime boy drawing

17. Long Hair

Next, let’s try drawing a male anime character with long hair.

anime boy long hair drawing

18. Sleeping

Here is a drawing idea of a chibi anime boy who is sleeping.

sleeping anime boy drawing

19. Side-Swept Bangs

Let’s try drawing an anime boy with side-swept bangs next!

anime male boy drawing

20. Cat Ears

Here is a drawing of a boy with cat ears.

cat ears anime boy

21. Wearing a Hoodie

Here is a cute drawing idea of a chibi boy wearing a penguin hoodie.

chibi anime boy drawing

22. Spikey Hair

A lot of anime characters have spikey hair so let’s draw one here as well.

spikey hair anime boy drawing

23. Laughing

Here is an example of a laughing face to try drawing.

laughing anime male drawing

24. Looking Away

It’s helpful to practice drawing faces from different perspectives.

Here is one where the character is looking off at something in the distance.

easy anime boy drawing

25. Suit

Let’s try drawing a character wearing a suit next in our sketchbook.

suit drawing anime male

26. Blushing

Here is an adorable example of an anime boy blushing to draw next.

blushing anime boy drawing

27. Buzz Cut

Here’s a drawing of a guy with a buzz cut as well.

buzz cut anime drawing

28. Wearing a Mask

Here is an anime male character wearing a mask to try drawing.

mask anime drawing

29. Crying

Let’s practice drawing someone who is crying next.

crying anime boy drawing

30. Headphones

Here is a simple drawing of an anime boy listening to music to draw next in your sketchbook.

headphones anime boy drawing

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these drawings of different anime males and found some ideas to try drawing as well!

I wish you a wonderful day or night wherever you are in this world and until next time my lovely readers and artists!

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  • First of all you gotta learn how to draw like wtf is the picture with the headphones second of all this isn’t helpful to beginner artists

    • I am so, very sorry about this! In the future I will try to make a more easier blog post on this topic. Thank you for your feedback <3

      • Please don’t listen to him as people can be real ill-mannered sometimes online. Your drawings have lots of potential and can improve with little practice. Please do not apologize as you have done nothing wrong because people can have many unique diverse art styles that some people can not appreciate.

        • Aww thank you so much! Your comment is very sweet… I will remember this ^^ Wishing you a wonderful week!! 😊

  • Thanks for sharing your art with us. I really enjoyed while making them in my dairy and as a beginner I first time made good anime drawings and six drawings in a day.😊