20 Easy Butterfly Drawing Ideas

I love watching the butterflies every spring and summer while going out on walks – So I decided to create a bunch of butterfly drawings!

Butterflies are a great subject to draw for both beginner artists and advanced artists: Whether you want to practice drawing lines and shapes or you want to capture their delicate intricate wing designs.

I tried to include various styles and butterfly drawing ideas so that no matter what level of drawing skill you are at, hopefully you can find something that sparks your creative interest to start drawing!

Drawing Tips: First start off with a pencil sketch. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, you can go over with a ink pen or other medium that you prefer. Erase the pencil sketch underneath once the ink dries – And you have yourself a finished drawing!

If you are interested in what art supplies I use, check out my blog post Art Supplies I Use for the list!

And above all, enjoy the process of drawing!

Drawing is a great way to relax the mind and mindlessly do something for the fun of it šŸ™‚

Don’t worry about perfection.

The more you draw, the more your drawing skill and style will develop.

Also, thank you to all my wonderful readers and doodlers who have tried my drawings and have also left me such kind comments! I appreciate everyone <3

Alrighty, let’s get to our butterfly drawings now! I hope you enjoy!

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1. Simple Butterfly Doodle

Let’s start off with a simple yet aesthetic doodle of a butterfly with some sparkles around it.

butterfly drawing easy

2. Heart Wing Butterflies

You can draw butterflies simply by drawing hearts as their wings <3

simple butterfly doodle

3. Landing Butterfly

Let’s draw a lovely butterfly landing on your finger next šŸ™‚

hand butterfly finger doodle

4. Heart Loop

Here’s a simple drawing of a butterfly flying in a heart loop pattern.

heart butterfly drawing

5. Butterfly and Paw

Here is a cute drawing idea of a paw reaching up towards a passing butterfly.

paw butterfly

6. Dainty Wings

Let’s draw some dainty butterflies fluttering about.

butterfly doodle pen ink

7. Flower Garden

A garden isn’t complete without some butterflies šŸ™‚

I really love how this drawing came out of a garden filled with different flowers and butterflies.

flower garden butterflies drawing

8. Be Free!

This is a drawing I drew in one of my previous blog posts 30 Aesthetic Drawings Ideas.

I really love how it turned out and wanted to share it in this blog post as well!

butterfly jar drawing be free

9. Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies can be pretty complicated to draw so here is a step-by-step drawing tutorial of how to draw a monarch butterfly.

I hope you find it helpful!

monarch butterfly drawing step-by-step

Here is an up-close view of our finished monarch butterfly drawing!

monarch butterfly drawing

10. Butterfly Wings

I’ve included a lot of simple butterfly doodles so here is one that is a little more realistic.

flying butterfly drawing

11. Trail of Stars

I created this drawing inspired by The Butterfly Effect.

Even something as small and miniscule as a flap of a butterfly’s wings can create something big.

butterfly stars drawing

12. Girl and Butterfly

Here is an adorable drawing to try out of a girl and a butterfly.

girl butterfly drawing

13. Butterflies with 3’s

You can also draw a butterfly using the number 3 for the wings.

simple butterfly doodle

14. Blue Butterflies

Blue is a very rare color in nature – so let’s draw some blue butterflies next!

blue butterfly doodle

15. Blue Morpho Butterfly

Here is a more realistic version of the blue butterfly drawing.

I’ve always seen these blue butterflies in art and photos but I never knew they were called Blue Morpho butterflies until now.

They are so beautiful and I hope to see one in real-life one day šŸ™‚

blue butterfly drawing

16. Fluttering Butterflies

Let’s draw a bunch of butterflies fluttering above a girl’s head next.

butterfly girl drawing

17. Cat and Butterfly

Here is a drawing I drew from my other blog post 23 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas.

cat and butterfly drawing

18. Attracting Butterflies

Here is another aesthetic drawing idea of someone holding up a flower to attract some butterflies.

flower butterflies hand drawing

19. Luna Moth

Moths aren’t butterflies, but moths can be just as pretty!

Here is a drawing of a Luna Moth flying to the Moon from my other blog post 30 Easy Moon Drawing Ideas.

luna moth drawing

20. Butterflies from a Book

Here’s a drawing idea of an open book with a bunch of butterflies flying from it.

butterfly book drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

I hope you enjoyed the butterfly drawings here!

Feel free to take a look around for more drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and keep on drawing ~

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