25 Easy Star Drawing Ideas

I love drawing anything space-themed!

That is why I decided to create another drawing ideas list: This time of easy star drawing ideas for beginner artists.

I have included simple doodles, step-by-step instructional drawings, and creative drawing ideas in this blog post.

I hope you find a star drawing idea that piques your interest and that it inspires you to draw as many stars as you want!

Drawing Tip: Start off by sketching out your drawing with a pencil. Then you can go over your sketch with an ink pen and erase your sketch underneath once the ink dries (if you’d like).

If you are interested in what I use to create my art, check out my blog post Art Supplies I Use for the list!

And above all, have fun drawing!

easy star drawing ideas

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1. Five-Pointed Crossed Star

Let’s start off this blog post with a simple step-by-step on how to draw a five-pointed star.

I believe this is the star many of us learn to draw when we are young.

And I think this is a fun doodle to draw too!

five pointed star step by step drawing

2. Five Pointed Stars

Let’s draw another type of five-pointed star.

You can also draw this star as one line but it definitely takes practice ^^

It is also very gratifying when you gradually get better at drawing these stars.

five pointed star draw

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the stars above.

five pointed star step by step

3. Stars with Faces

Here is a doodle idea of drawing stars with faces on them from another one of my blog posts 50 Cute and Easy Things to Draw.

star faces drawing

4. Night Sky

Let’s draw a beautiful starry night sky next 🙂

moon clouds stars drawing

5. Shooting Star

Here’s a simple doodle of a shooting star to draw as well!

shooting star drawing

6. Door to Stars

Here’s an easy drawing idea of an open door leading to some stars.

door stars drawing

7. Starry Lightbulb

Let’s draw a lightbulb with stars inside next.

star lightbulb drawing

8. Starry Campsite

I’ve never gone camping in a tent before but it must be wonderful sleeping right beneath the night sky.

Here’s a little ink drawing of a campsite beneath stars hanging from the sky.

tent stars drawing outdoors camping

9. 4-Pointed Star

Let’s create a simple 4-pointed star drawing as well in our star doodle collection.

I hope this step-by-step drawing guideline below helps ^^

four pointed star drawing

10. Fancy Star

Here’s a way to make your 4-pointed star drawing more fancy!

cool star drawing

11. Star with Sunglasses

Let’s draw a star wearing sunglasses next on our doodle page.

star with sunglasses drawing

12. Cat Playing with a Star

I love drawing cats so here is an adorable cat playing with a star to draw.

cat star drawing

13. Stars and Mountains

Here’s a drawing with stars above some mountains from another one of my blog posts 30 Aesthetic Drawing Ideas.

mountain shooting star drawing

14. UFO

Here is a fun drawing idea of a UFO flying across a starry sky.

ufo drawing easy space

15. Star Flower

I love drawing flowers so I decided to create a star-shaped flower.

star flower drawing

16. Thoughts When Staring at Stars

Here’s another simple drawing idea of some stars in the sky.

Feel free to add your own thoughts to your drawing – These are just thoughts I have some times.

star drawing simple we will find each other one day

17. Raining Stars

Let’s draw a raincloud – but it’s raining stars instead.

Raining stars drawing raincloud

18. Polaroid Drawing

Here’s a spacey polaroid drawing to add to your drawing collection 🙂

polaroid star drawing space travel

19. Cool 3D Star

Let’s draw a 3D star next… or the star you see on top of Christmas trees.

I found this type of star especially fun to draw 🙂

five pointed star drawing

20. Reaching for the Stars

Let’s create a drawing of someone climbing up a ladder to reach the stars.

stars drawing ladder reaching

21. Capybara Riding a Star

My brother showed me a capybara meme and it inspired me to create this little doodle of a capybara riding on a star.

capybara riding star drawing

22. Starfish

Of course, I had to add a starfish drawing on this list too!

starfish drawing

23. Round Stars

Let’s draw some five-pointed stars with round edges as well.

It gives them a soft, cute look 🙂

round stars drawing doodles

24. Starry Glasses

Here’s a fun drawing idea of someone wearing starry glasses.

star glasses drawing

25. Star Doodles

Let’s cover a sketchbook or doodle page with a bunch of different star doodles!

easy star doodles draw

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Thank you so much for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you found some cool and easy star drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook or doodle page!

Feel free to take a look around this blog for more drawing and painting ideas.

And I am wishing you a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

Have fun drawing ~

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