30 Easy Flower Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another drawing ideas blog post!

This time, let’s draw some flowers!

I love drawing and painting flowers, and thought you might like to do so as well.

Here are a bunch of easy, aesthetic and fun flower drawing ideas to try out in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I hope you find a couple you like that inspire you to draw something today 🙂

As usual, here are my drawing tips for beginner artists:

First, start off your drawing with a pencil sketch.

Once you are satisfied with your pencil sketch, you can go over your lines with an ink pen (or whatever medium you enjoy).

Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath and enjoy your lovely drawing!

Alrighty, now let’s get to the drawings idea list!

I hope you enjoy!

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1. Daisy

Let’s start off our flower drawing list with a drawing of a daisy.

Daisies are my go-to flower to draw most of the time, so below is a step-by-step guide on how to draw one.

Step 1: Draw a circle

daisy flower drawing

Step 2: Draw another circle, this one larger like below (Make sure this circle is drawn using a pencil because we will erase it later)

daisy step by step flower drawing

Step 3: Draw the petals of the daisy using the outer circle as your guideline.

daisy drawing

Step 4: Erase the outer circle we drew in Step 2. Also feel free to color in your daisy or draw the stem and leaves!

daisy flower drawing

I hope you enjoyed this little daisy drawing! Now you can draw as many daisies as you like!

daisy step by step drawing

2. Bird Carrying a Flower

Next, let’s draw a bird carrying a flower in its beak.

bird flower drawing

3. Flower Doodles

Here are a bunch of simple flower doodles to try out.

simple flower doodles

4. Flower Garden

Next, let’s create a small, simple flower garden drawing with butterflies flying around.

flower garden drawing

5. Paw Holding a Flower

Here is an adorable drawing idea of a paw holding a flower.

paw drawing flower

6. Rose Drawing

Roses can be pretty difficult to draw, but I feel like they are such a cool subject to draw too!

Below is a step-by-step drawing guide on how to draw a more simplified rose. I hope this helps!

rose step by step drawing

If you are interested in more rose drawing ideas, check out my other blog post 15 Easy Rose Drawing Ideas.

7. Bee and Flower

Here is a cute doodle of a daisy flower and a bee.

daisy bee drawing flower

8. Flower Mobile

Here is a cool drawing idea of flowers hanging on a mobile / coat hanger.

flower mobile drawing hanger

9. Flowers Growing from a Teacup

I thought it would be cute to see little flowers growing from a teacup.

teacup flower drawing

10. Morning Glory

Below is a simple drawing of a Morning Glory flower.

morning glory drawing flower

11. Celestial Flower

I love drawing moons, suns, and planets… so I tried to create a drawing idea that incorporated a flower in it.

I think it came out pretty cool!

sun moon planet flower drawing

12. Daffodil

Here is a drawing of a daffodil to try out too!

daffodil drawing

13. Flower Coming Out of a Heart

This is a drawing of a flower growing from a heart that I drew for another blog post, 30 Cool Aesthetic Drawing Ideas.

I felt like it was a fitting drawing idea for this blog post too 🙂

flower heart drawing

14. Smiling Flower

Let’s draw a flower with a smiley face next!

smiling flower pot

15. No Rain, No Flowers

I wanted to draw something using the saying “No Rain, No Flowers.”

no rain no flowers drawing

16. Flowers in a Jar

Let’s draw some flowers in a jar next!

flowers jar drawing

17. Dog with a Flower

This is a drawing I drew a while back for my other blog post 20 Easy Dog Drawing Ideas.

It has been well-loved by many people so I decided to add it to this blog post as well.

dog flower drawing

18. Flowers and Bandaid

Isn’t it a beautiful idea that something beautiful like flowers can grow from our cuts and wounds?

bandaid flower drawing

19. TRex with a Flower

Here is a cute drawing idea of a T-Rex holding a flower.

dino trex flower drawing

20. Step by Step Flower

This is a step-by-step tutorial of how to draw a flower with many petals.

rose drawing step by step

21. Flower Bouquet

Let’s draw a flower bouquet next!

flower bouquet drawing

22. Flowers in a Shoe

Let’s draw some flowers growing from a shoe next.

shoe flower drawing

23. Floral Stems

Here are some simple doodles of floral stems to draw.

flower stems doodles

24. Grow At Your Own Pace

We are all at different seasons in our life.

I hope this drawing reminds you that it’s okay to grow at a different pace from others.

We have our whole life to bloom – so take your time. You are getting there!

flower blooming quote drawing

25. Flower and Butterflies

Here is a cool drawing idea of someone holding up a flower for the butterflies.

hand flower butterfly drawing

26. Basket of Flowers

Next, let’s draw a basket filled with flowers.

I really want to go on a picnic this spring so I drew this drawing to remind me of that!

basket flowers drawing

27. Flower Growing From a House

Here is a drawing of a flower growing from a house.

flower house drawing

If you are interested in more house drawing ideas, check out my blog post 21 Easy House Drawing Ideas.

28. Vines

Vines are so fun to draw, so here are some with flowers growing on them!

flower wallflower vines drawing

29. Flower Pattern

Patterns can be very fun and relaxing to draw, so let’s draw a bunch of flowers in a repeating pattern.

flower pattern drawing

30. Tulip with Sunglasses

I love creating drawings featuring sunglasses so here is a Tulip flower wearing a pair.

sunglasses tulip drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed the flower drawings showcased here and was able to find inspiration to draw!

Please let me know in the comment section which ones you enjoyed! (There may be a delay in the comment showing up because I have to approve them)

If you are looking for more drawing ideas, feel free to look around this blog – I have posted many drawing ideas on here!

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and until next time!

Keep drawing <3

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  • I just filled up an entire page of my sketchbook with flowers and it looks amazing so thanks for the beautiful flower ideas. Whenever I need sketch inspo this is now the first website I go to! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for sharing your talent with the world.