20 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another drawing idea blog post!

Here are some simple, easy fish drawing ideas to draw in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I’ve tried to include a variety of different types so that you may find an idea that suites your level of drawing skill or interest.

I recommend creating a pencil sketch first of your drawing, then going over the sketch with an ink pen and later erasing your sketch underneath. I hope this helps and enjoy!

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1. Simple Doodles

Let’s start off with some simple doodles of a school of fish. You can draw as many of them as you want ^^

easy fish doodle

Materials I Use: Pencil, Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (from Amazon), Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook (available on Amazon)

2. Fish Drawings

There are so many different types of fish out there. Here are some simple fish drawings to try drawing.

easy simple fish drawing doodles

3. Goldfish

I’ve always wanted to keep a giant tank of goldfish one day.

Here is a little drawing of a Ranchu goldfish to draw. I colored him in using colored pencils.

easy goldfish drawing ranchu

4. Shapes of Fish

Here is a fun little drawing idea of drawing fish from shapes.

fish with shapes drawing doodles easy

5. Cute Fish

Next, let’s draw a fish in a simple, but cute way πŸ™‚

cute fish drawing doodle

6. Catfish

Here’s an adorable little doodle of a catfish to draw next.

catfish fish drawing simple

7. Blowing Bubbles

Here is a quick, fun little doodle of a fish blowing bubbles.

bubbles easy fish drawing

8. Clownfish

I don’t believe I’ve ever drawn a clownfish before even though they are so fun to draw with their unique patterns and colors.

clownfish drawing easy color

9. Shy Goldfish

Here is an adorable drawing idea of a shy goldfish hiding behind a wall.

shy goldfish drawing fish cute

10. Shark

When I was a kid, sharks were one of my favorite animals to draw. Here are some simple shark doodles to help you practice drawing them.

shark drawing easy

11. Guppy Fish

Here is a colorful drawing idea of a guppy fish to try. I used colored pencils in various colors to create a blended look.

guppy drawing fish colored

12. Fish and Moon

I love incorporating the moon and stars into my drawings so here’s one for our fish blog post.

fish moon drawing easy

Here’s another one because I liked both of these drawings and couldn’t choose just one to upload here!

fish moon drawing doodle easy

13. Blue Marlin

Here is a drawing idea of a Blue Marlin or Swordfish leaping out of the water to try drawing.

blue marlin swordfish drawing fish

14. Striped Fish

Here is a simple doodle of a fish with stripes to draw.

easy fish drawing doodle

15. Fishbowl

Here is a whimsical drawing of a fish leaping out of a fish bowl to draw.

fish drawing fishbowl simple

16. Sunfish

Sunfish have such an interesting body shape that I just couldn’t not draw one! Plus, they are so cute!

ocean sunfish easy drawing

17. Grumpy Fish

Some fish have a resting frowning, unimpressed face to them so I created a grumpy fish inspired by them πŸ™‚

fish drawing simple

18. Fish With Sunglasses

I like to draw animals with sunglasses so here’s a quick doodle of one on our fish friend.

sunglasses drawing easy fish

19. Puffer Fish

Here is a simple quick doodle of a puffer fish to draw as well.

puffer fish drawing easy

20. Yin Yang Fishes

For our last drawing idea on our list, here is a creative twist to the yin yang symbol using fishes.

yin yang fishes drawing cool

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Thank you so much as always for stopping by this blog post!

I hope you found some cool, interesting, or cute drawing ideas to add to your doodles for the day.

I have many drawing ideas here on this blog so feel free to roam around and look for more drawing or painting inspiration.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

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