33 Short Motivational Quotes that Inspire Action

There are times when we all need an extra bit of motivation to help us get started.

Quotes are one of my favorite ways to inspire myself.

Finding just the right quote can do so much to help shift one’s mindset or help us see the world from a different perspective.

I hope that out of this collection of short motivational quotes, you may find the right quote for your life’s journey.

Not all of these quotes may apply to your situation since we all have our own various circumstances, so feel free to ignore any quotes that don’t sit right with your situation.

I hope you enjoy!

the key to success is to start quote

No one is ever 100% ready for the future so stop waiting for a time when you are ready. Just start!

one day or day one quote motivational

How many times will we tell ourselves “One day, I’m going to…”

Stop the wait! Get started. Make it happen. Stop pushing your dreams farther away into the future.

a year from now quote motivation

Your future self will thank you so much for starting today 🙂

its a beautiful day to go after your dreams

motivational quotes short
Quote found from PursueFitness

Don’t give up! If you work, it will work.

Sometimes it doesn’t always work out in the way we want it to or expect it to, but keep going nonetheless!

You won’t see the way it’ll work out if you stop.

motivational short quotes work

It often takes one simple action that is a bit out of your comfort zone to shift you into a different life.

So give it a try 🙂

do something today that your future self

little things make big things happen

Every little action you take adds up. Don’t underestimate the power of small steps taken consistently.

progress not perfection

It’s a good idea to create quality work, but don’t go so far that your heart feels heavy because you’re constantly looking for perfection in your work.

Aim for progress, not perfection.

the struggle is part of the journey quote

No one’s journey is easy, no matter what it looks like from an outsider’s perspective.

Accept that there will be difficult moments. All of these moments are necessary for us to become stronger, wiser, and more prepared to face our future.

motivational quotes short

inspirational short quote

short inspirational quotes aesthetic

short motivational quotes

Sometimes, one of the most significant turning points in one’s career comes when you’re least expecting it.

You never know when you’re going to succeed… it could be right around the corner.

hardships often prepare ordinary people

Your hardships are preparing you for an extraordinary destiny. Believe in that!

inspirational short quote

Sometimes we just wish we could experience overnight success, but that’s not usually how success works.

It doesn’t need to happen all at once.

Don’t give up because it’s not happening fast enough. Give it time. Growth is a gradual process. Trust me, that is how it is for the majority of people!

short motivational quotes

Oftentimes we “fail” at multiple things before we find the thing we are successful at.

It’s okay if many things you try don’t work out.

It is important to keep going and learn from each experience. Trust your instinct to lead you to a success that is meant for you.

a winner is a dreamer quote

begin anywhere short quote

Are you wondering about the best way to start your journey to success? Well, maybe the answer is to just begin, anywhere.

shoot for the moon quote

motivational quotes pink

Be your own best friend. Encourage yourself to go after your dreams because you deserve it.

motivational quotes

Stop doubting yourself. You are worthy of your dream. You are worthy of success.

you got this quote

everything is hard before it is easy

Starting something new isn’t going to be easy, but it does get easier as you go along!

it is never too late to be what you might have been

You’re never too old to start chasing your dreams.

motivational quotes aesthetic

Being consistent will take you so far in life!

short motivational quotes

Stop stopping yourself. You can.

short motivational quotes

Fear can stop us from doing a lot of things, especially for those who tend to be on the anxious side.

Try to slowly and gradually get yourself out of that way of being.

Every now and then, ask yourself “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” and do it. It can be the smallest action, but doing this from time-to-time is going to get your closer to the self that is less afraid.

practice reckless optimism

Sometimes you just have to practice reckless optimism. Expect good things to happen because they definitely can!

make it happen short quote

The only person who can make it happen is you! Do it for you.

motivational encouraging quotes

Remember to celebrate all the small wins along the way as well!

it might not be easy quote

motivational quotes

There is so much power in just believing.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the timing of life. Believe that you are worthy of achieving great things.

And even if you do have doubt, fake it ’til you make it. Tell yourself that you can do it whether you believe it or not. The belief will eventually follow.

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Whatever the case, I wish you the best in your journey ahead!

I believe that we are all meant to do great things in our own small ways.

When we all are doing the best we can to improve our own lives, we help to improve the world as well.

Take care my lovely reader, and until next time!

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