25 Short Inspirational Quotes for a Beautiful Life

Quotes are the ideas I plant in my mind that eventually grow and grow, until it becomes a sort of background music to my everyday actions and thoughts. 

It is using the right words and reiterating them through each life lesson and experience so that it changes you.

So that it becomes habit – and eventually – who you are. 

I hope these short, inspirational quotes guide you on your own beautiful journey through life.

Feel free to save any of these quotes or write them down in your journal to look back to whenever you need some motivation or positivity during your day.

Short Inspirational Quotes for a Beautiful Life

25 Short Inspirational Quotes for a more positive, beautiful life #quotes #inspirationalquotes

Do good and good will come to you - short inspirational quotes

This is one of the biggest beliefs I hold about life: What you let out into the world, it all comes back to you in some way.

Be good and kind, and you will see so much goodness and kindness returned back to you. 

A negative mind will never give a positive life - Short Inspirational Quotes

Your life becomes what you believe and think.

When you are able to see the good and positive things about life, it only gets better from there. 

Short Positive Quote - Start Somewhere

Perhaps there is something in the back of your mind that you know you should do.

You have a gut feeling it could change the course of your life if you make this big decision, but it’s the fact that it’s a big choice that makes the heart stall a bit.

I hope this quote spurs you to take that step forward.

Remember, none of us are ever truly completely ready… so do not wait until you are ready.

Stop thinking and just mindlessly do it: Take the first step forward and things will fall into place from there.

There's bravery in being soft - Short inspirational quotes

Being a soft-hearted person is a difficult thing – but I think there needs to be more of us in the world.

Yes, we’ll get hurt often – and when we do, it’s may seem so easy to want to build the wall up and stop caring – but what a cold world it would be otherwise.

So no matter how many times you feel as if you should stop caring – I applaud the person who is strong enough to keep staying soft.

Short Inspirational Quotes - Positive Quotes

“Good things take time.” There are really no short cuts in life.

People have lucky breaks from time to time…

However, the majority of things in life take time… lots of time to develop.

Sometimes, we can become impatient waiting and quit – that is what most people do.

But I will persevere and always keep working, while always focusing on what is going well now (instead of what I am missing).

Through hard work, I will get there… but I will never get there if I quit. I think that is a positive outlook to have in life.

Your only limit is your mind - Short Inspirational Quotes

Emily Dickinson once said that “The Brain is Wider than the Sky -“.

Your mind is the universe – and it holds more potential and power than any one of us could imagine.

If there are certain limiting beliefs you hold onto, that is going to be your reality… So let those beliefs go.

You will find your life open up the more you believe in the impossible.

Short Inspirational Quotes

Here is a quote from Lauren Gleisberg’s page for motivational, inspirational fitness quotes.

I thought this would be amazing words to remind yourself every morning to start off your day on the right foot. 

Life isn't about finding yourself - Short inspirational Quotes

You have more potential than you can imagine.

You are always growing and constantly changing – and you live to create the very best version of yourself. Remember that.

Celebrate every tiny victory - Short Inspirational Quotes

Applaud yourself for even the tiniest job well-done!

It is the small steps that mean the most to us in the long run. So celebrate every tiny victory.

Short Inspirational Quotes

Here is a beautiful quote from @minna_so – “Collect beautiful moments.”

I definitely go through life, each and everyday (no matter how mundane), collecting all the beautiful moments I can.

I do my best to find beauty in everything I do, everyone I meet, and every place I go.

I believe that is the best way to live life.

Imperfection is a form of freedom - Short Inspirational Positive Quotes

Stop aiming for perfection: It is a hurtful concept of one’s mind. Of society.

We all have different ideas of perfection – What you may deem to be perfect may seem imperfect to another. So let go of the whole notion.

Imperfect is beautiful.

Being able to be imperfect is a feeling of freedom.

And by letting go of perfection, you give yourself and others the capacity to feel comfort. And happiness.

Short Inspirational Quotes

We are only given one life – it is up to us to make the most of it. So – “Dream without fear. Love without limits.”

It is the least we can do – Yet, one of the greatest things we can do. 

Feel the fact that you are enough - Short inspirational quotes

I hope that you never feel inadequate about yourself. “You are enough.” There is no other person you need to be like. You do not have to prove anything to the world, to society, to anyone – to be here.

Being you is enough. I cannot stress this enough.

We love you as you are.

You are the universe experiencing itself - Short Inspirational Quotes

I don’t think there are words to describe how huge these words mean to us as people. How precious and magnificent it is to be human – isn’t it.

Speak beautiful things - short inspirational quotes

Our words become more meaningful this way – and our relationships with others change the moment we do this. But we need more of this in the world.

Don’t just keep it inside – “Speak beautiful things.”

Short Inspirational Quotes

Hearing these words produces the most liberating feeling in one’s heart. There is so much power to being your true self: Do not be afraid of what others may think of you. You are beautiful as you are.

Because I always have a choice, I choose love - Short Inspirational Quotes

Love is the reflection I look for in every action and choice I make. Love, beauty, and life simply become one and ubiquitous in this way. 

Fall in love with the process - Short Inspirational Quotes

Fall in love with self-growth.

Self growth shouldn’t be a chore – You are growing in ways no amount of money, connections, or belongings could ever impart upon you.

Even though that change isn’t something you can physically see, there is a feeling that exists in no other way apart from opening yourself up to everything you and the world could be. 

Short Inspirational Quotes

Here is a short inspirational quote from @StylishCreativeBranding – It’s surprising how our life can change completely just from one decision. 

Expect nothing appreciate everything - Short inspirational quotes

I use this quote in all of my relationships with people. Never do something for others with the hope of getting something in return. Give freely – because it is simply what you do. Like breathing. Like talking. Like smiling. – Be kind.

And when others do acts of kindness for you, thank them. Appreciate it – no matter how small the action.

Never be afraid to say what you feel - Short Inspirational Quotes

Most of the pain that comes from life is due to not being able to express how we feel to others.

Don’t be afraid to wear your feelings on your sleeve. Don’t hide yourself or be ashamed of how you feel. There are people here who will accept you.

Nothing changes if nothing changes - Short inspirational quotes

It’s a lot easier to stay in one place… but nothing changes if nothing changes. Our mind may tell us that it’s safer to stay how we are or easier on us to not change – but that also means you won’t be able to go to better places. 

If you are not satisfied with your current life situation, it is up to you to do something to change that! Even the tiniest step matters!

Trust the timing of your life - Short Inspirational Quotes

Everything happens for a reason. If things don’t work out – it wasn’t meant to be for a reason.

If a bad event happens in your life, there is a reason or lesson to be learned from it. Everything you experience now paves the way for a better future. Trust in that.

Happiness is an inside job - Short motivational inspirational quotes

Happiness is forever if it is something that is born from entirely yourself.

You don’t have to have your “ideal” life to be happy at all.

It is all about how you process the world around you in your mind – and being grateful for where you are now and seeing the good in everything – even during the bad days.

What feels like the end is often the beginning - Short inspirational quotes

It’s not the end. Often – when things end, it opens up time and new opportunities – so embrace the end of things so that you can move forward. 

Here are just a few short, inspirational quotes to brighten your day. I hope that no matter what you are going through, you found some of these quotes helpful. Always be positive my friends!

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