35 Cool Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas

Here is a list of 35 simple, easy, whimsical drawings to try out in your sketchbook next.

Whether you are bored or trying to work on your drawing skills – I hope you find some little, inspiring doodles to make your day a bit lighter. Enjoy!

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35 Cool, Easy, Whimsical Drawing Ideas

35 Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas

1. Reflection

Doodle Ideas - Bujo Ideas

Here is a beautiful drawing Art.Christmasen.  I love the reflective style of this doodle – it makes it so utterly whimsical!

2. Rose

Draw a rose with this quick, simple drawing. Photo source not known – Found through Pinterest

3. A Potion

Cool Drawing Ideas

Here’s a beautiful, whimsical potion drawing and quote from @Noor_Unnahar on Instagram. 

4. Camper

Outdoors Drawing Idea

Here is a cute, simple doodle found through Pinterest

5. Moon Phases

Moon Phase Drawing Idea

Create a drawing of the moon phases – Here is a cute drawing idea from Lvnnsi on Tumblr

6. House

House Drawing Idea

Draw a house – Here is a little, simple doodle from me.

Check out more from my blog post 15 Easy Drawing Ideas for more.

7. Whale

Whale Drawing Idea

Here is a beautiful drawing from @wolfwednesdays on Instagram – check out his page for more beautiful drawings!

8. The Camping Life

Drawing ideas

Here is a easy little drawing idea from @EllieMDesign on Instagram. Check out her Instagram page for more doodles like this one!

9. Flowers growing in odd places

House with Flowers Drawing - Easy Doodle

Sometimes flowers can grow out of the most unexpected places.

Here’s a cute little doodle from me. Find more easy drawings from my blog post here. 

10. Looking up at the Clouds

Cloud Drawing Idea

Here is a cute drawing idea from Broadens via Tumblr. It’s all about appreciating the little things in life.

11. The Simple Comforts of Life

Girl Drawing Idea

Draw the things that make you happy – whether it be flowers, books, or a cup of tea or coffee. Photo source not known – Found through Pinterest.

12. The beautiful outdoors

Outdoors Drawing Idea

Draw an outdoors scene – Here is one from @LiamAshurst on Instagram. Check out his Instagram page for more beautiful simple drawings. 

13. A Window to the World

Mountain Drawing Idea

Here is a simple drawing idea from me: Draw a window to your favorite place.

14. A Switch

Things to Draw

Here is another simple doodle idea. Photo source not known – Found through Pinterest.

15. Planets in Orbit

Cool Easy Things to Draw

Here is a little drawing of planets in orbit from @Penabranca on Instagram.

16. Eyes

Cool Drawing Ideas

Create a quick little doodle of eyes – Here is a simple one found through Pinterest.

17. Girl with a Book

Girl and Book Things to Draw

Here is a cute, funny drawing of a girl with a book from Bruna Lima – Found through Pinterest.

18. Rising Moon

Rising Moon Drawing - Easy Creative Drawing Ideas

Here is another doodle created by me – See my blog post on 15 Easy Drawings for more. 

19. Astronaut

Things to Draw

Draw this cute doodle of an astronaut blowing planet bubbles found through WeHeartIt.

20. Breathe Flowers

Cool Things to Draw

Here is another easy drawing idea of lungs filled with flowers from @ohoh.lele on Instagram

21. Mountains

Mountain Drawing Idea

Create a beautiful mountain-scape like this doodle – Source not known, Found through Pinterest.

22. Jars

Drawing Ideas

Draw a jar filled with whimsical magic – Like this drawing from @Art.Rouniss on Instagram

23. A Letter

Cool Drawing Ideas

Create this simple drawing from @carinabujo on Instagram. Visit her page for more drawing and bullet journal inspiration.

24. Heart

Heart with Flowers Drawing Idea

Here is another one of my little doodles of a heart full of flowers. 

25. Flower

Flower Drawing Ideas

Here is a simple, beautiful flower doodle from @kprdesigns on Instagram. Make sure to follow her Instagram page for beautiful, refreshing quotes and artwork!

26. Photos

Things to Draw Ideas

Draw some photos with your favorite quote – like this drawing found through Pinterest. Source not known.

27. Girl with Stars

Cool Things to Draw

Here is a drawing from the blog Em’s Head – I love the little stories and insights she writes about. Check out her blog for more!

28. Bandaid

Cool Things to Draw

Draw a little bandaid like this one from @masa_tattooer on Instagram. Check out his Instagram page for more beautiful tattoo inspiration and drawings.

29. Bouquet

Things to Draw Ideas

Draw a bouquet of flowers like this illustration from Black Lamb Studios – Check out their stunning website for more illustrations and to support their art!

30. Watering Can

Cool Drawing Ideas

Draw a watering can like this one from Papillon-pappillonnage – Check out their website for more drawings and art in this style. 

31. Space

Cool Drawing Ideas - Doodles

Dip your feet into space with this easy drawing idea. Photo source not known. Found through Pinterest.

32. Tea

Cool Drawing ideas

Draw a cute little tea cup like this one found through Kisses and Cake.

33. Planets

Outdoors Drawing Idea

Here is another drawing idea of planets – Source not known. Found through Pinterest

34. Sunrise

Mountains Things to Draw

Draw a simple sunrise drawing. Drawing source not known – Found through Pinterest.

35. Stairway

Cool Drawing Ideas

Draw a simple heart staircase like this one from Mattblease on Tumblr

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I hope you doodlers enjoyed this list of drawing ideas to try out next. Feel free to comment down below or share this with your friends. 

And until next time my lovely readers –
I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you may be xx

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