30 Cool & Easy Things to Draw to Get Better at Art

30 Things to Draw to Get Better At Art

30 Cool & Easy Things to Draw to Get Better at Art: Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners


Every artists begins by learning how to draw simple lines, and then bringing those lines together to form an image or picture. Here are some easy and cool things to draw if you are looking to help sharpen your artist eye and get better at drawing.


Drawing Tips for Beginners

When you first start learning how to draw, start out with multiple, light lines as you go and then darken the line you want to keep. Erase the “no-go” lines. You don’t want to be drawing in one-go, with one bold dark line right from the beginning to end. You may get discouraged more easily by the first mistake you make. Instead, test out different lines and create many mistakes and find the perfect line in the midst of all those other lines you have created. The number of test lines you need to make will grow less and less the more experienced you become.

Pay attention to spacing and it’s okay if your drawing doesn’t look completely like the original. Just keep practicing and sometimes, it’s just your style that’s coming out into your art. With more practice, you will soon develop your own eye for creating art.

Easy Things to Draw

1. Planets and stars

Planets and Stars Drawing
Source not known

2. Skyline

How to Draw a City Skyline

3. Banners

This is a step-by-step guide on how to draw banners from the lovely Press Print Party’s blog post: 12 Doodles How To For Bullet Journals
Things to Draw - Banners Step by Step

4. Dragon

How to Draw a Dragon

A step-by-step drawing tutorial from Art Projects for Kids

5. Rose

A simple rose drawing tutorial from @therevisionguide on Instagram

How to Draw a Simple Rose

6. Diamond

How to Draw a Diamond

7. Mountains

A mountain drawing from @david_rollyn on Instagram
Mountain Drawing

8. House

How to Draw a House

And some more…

House Drawings

9. Pokemon

10. Feather

See the original post from Impact-Books for more details.

11. Cut Flowers in Jars

A little tutorial from @Bujowithkat on Instagram
How to Draw Flowers in a Jar

12. Great White Shark

13. Clouds

How to Draw Clouds

14. Camera

How to Draw a Camera from Randomthingstodraw.com
Things to Draw - Camera

15. Waterfall

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on drawing waterfalls from Drawing Tutorials 101

16. Whale

How to Draw a Whale Tutorial from Draw Your World

17. Ladybug

A tutorial on how to Draw a Ladybg by Easy Drawing Guides
How to Draw Insects - Ladybug

18. Picture Frames

A doodle tutorial by Press Print Party!
How to Draw a Frame

19. Patterns

Immerse yourself and experiment with some crazy patterns.
How to Draw 3D Patterns

20. Daisies / Flowers

A flower drawing from @blujoist on Instagram
Things to Draw - Flowers

21. Faces

60 Kawaii Faces and Expressions from Kawaii Drawings
Face and Emoji Drawings

22. Polaroids

Draw some polaroid photos with nature scenes like these from @samlarson on Instagram
Polaroid and Nature Drawings

23. Constellations

24. 3D Hole and Stairs

25. Fire

A tutorial on How to Draw Fire from How to Draw Funny Cartoons
Easy Things to Draw - Fire

26. Snoopy

How to Draw Things - Snoopy

27. Leaves and Flowers

Stuff to Draw - Leaves

28. Simple Landscape

Source: Liam Ashurst on Instagram
Easy things to draw - night sky

29. Rain

A beautiful illustration by Lizzie Mackay from her blog
Things to Draw - Rain

30. Animals

These animals were created by @thewildkidsapparel on Instagram. Check out more of their designs on their page.

I hope you found some doodles you want to practice drawing! If you enjoyed this blog post, please like, comment, or share this post with your friends or family. 

If you are stuck in your drawing journey and want more tips on how to get better at drawing, read my blog post Drawing Tips 101: What You Need to Know to Get Better At Drawing

Thank you my lovely readers and until next time xx

If you need even more doodles….

If you really want to take your drawing skills to the next level, try out his guided doodling book: 642 Things To Draw. It’s a book made just for the avid doodler. It will also develop your eye for studying the form and shape of things you wouldn’t have ever thought to draw before. Check it out on Amazon here.

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