50 Irresistible Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

DIY Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

50 Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

Here is a list of 50 DIY craft ideas to make and sell, along with links to their corresponding tutorials. All of these DIY ideas are things I genuinely believe people will love. Make sure to add your own style and twist in order to create a memorable product that people will remember as part of your shop and brand. This is key to creating a successful online shop and business!

I hope you find something you fall in love with – And have fun creating!

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1. DIY Abstract Art

I, myself, am an abstract artist, so I know first-hand how amazing it feels to create abstract paintings and all the people I am able to connect with from all over the world with my art. Plus – there is no wrong way of creating abstract art. You are free to do as you please as your own process leads you. The most important thing is to simply have fun with it!
Below is an easy DIY tutorial for creating this beautiful painting from FallforDIY. Check out the full tutorial here.
Abstract Painting DIY

2. Resin Charms

Here is a cute, little tutorial on how to create these charms using pastel-colored resin from Lorien’s Craft Box on Youtube.

3. DIY Stickers

Below is a tutorial by Jodan Clark from her Youtube Channel. She creates some really amazing illustrations that she sells on her Etsy shop. In this video, she shares her exact process for making this sticker set. Apply these steps to your own doodles to create your own sets of DIY stickers that you can make and sell in your online shop.

4. Hand Embroidered Clothing

I think if you’re into textile fashion and building your own brand, this would be a pretty cool thing to offer in your shop. I love the look of hand-embroidery on clothing, and if you find your clothes second-hand or thrifted, it’s a great way of giving these clothing a second chance.
Below is a tutorial from Lauren Conrad’s website, where she gives you a step-by-step guide on how to hand-embroider denim. Check out her full tutorial here.
DIY Hand Embroidered Clothing

5. DIY Crochet Baby Humpback Whale

Here’s a free crochet pattern for creating this cute Baby Humpback Whale from 1DogWoof. If you want to get into Crochet Toys (Amigurumi), there are so many patterns out there you can try out – whether they are free or for purchase. Learn the craft and create!

6. Rabbit, Bear, Fox, Wolf & Monkey Crochet Pattern (Free)

Here is another free crochet pattern from Polina Kut’s blog here to make these adorable crochet animal toys!

7. DIY Marbled Trinket Dish

Here is a beautiful DIY tutorial on how to make this marbled trinket dish from A Beautiful Mess. If you’re wanting to get into ceramics, this is a great way to start as this tutorial uses oven bake clay (so no kiln is required!).
Marbled DIY Trinket Dish

8. Floating Botanical Frame

Try making these gorgeous floating botanical frames for your own home, to gift to to others, or to sell. These would look gorgeous in any home and they are so easy to create! This is a tutorial from Abigail Jane on Youtube – check her channel out!

9. DIY Polymer Clay Charms

Create cute charms using Polymer Clay (Oven-bake “clay”)! Below is a quick video on how to create 10 different charms from Pink Sugar Cotton. If you are new to Polymer Clay, you can find out more in this informational video from Creative Rachy here.

10. Wool Felt Needling Animals

Create some super realistic animals by needling wool felt. This is a process video shared by Waku Neco on Youtube.

11. Galaxy Watercolor Art

Here is an example of a galaxy painting process from Annie Tarasova, who creates these beautiful pieces and creates and sells prints of her artwork in her Etsy shop.

Also check out my blog post: 22 Types of Paintings to Create for more painting inspiration!

12. DIY Bath Bombs

Here is a tutorial on how to make Rose, Lavender, and Oatmeal Bath Bombs from Lovely Greens
Crafts to Make and Sell: DIY Bath Bombs

13. Macrame Planters

I love the way hanging planters add that little extra touch to any space. Here is a wonderful tutorial from WhatsUpMoms on Youtube on how to make a DIY Macrame Planter.

14. DIY Candles

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own DIY Lavender-Rosemary scented candles from Live Simply
How to Make Homemade Candles- Thing to Make and Sell

15. DIY Flower Garland Wall Hanging

Here is a tutorial from The Kitchy Kitchen on how to create a DIY Flower Garland Wall Hanging. There are so many people out there who have been falling head-over-heels for the floral garland trend in their homes (including myself!).
Craft Ideas to Make and Sell - DIY Flower Garland Wall Hanging

16. DIY Fabric Floral Garland

Crafts to Make and Sell - Fabric Flower Garland

17. DIY Pillows

Make and sell your own crafted pillows! There are so many ways you can go about doing this, but here’s a simple tutorial from Curbly on how to create this Simple and Stylish DIY Geometric Pillows.
Crafts to Make and Sell - Pillows

18. DIY Concrete Planter

Here is a tutorial from TheSorryGirls on their Youtube channel on how to create these gorgeous Cement Planters. Check out their channel for more DIY tutorials!

19. DIY Pencil Pouch

Crafts to Make and Sell - Pencil Pouch


There are a lot of book lovers out there – so here’s something you can start making for anyone who loves reading books. Here is a tutorial from Homey Oh My on how to make a DIY Tassel Bookmark. Check out the full tutorial here.
DIY Crafts to Make and Sell - Bookmarks

21. Glue Batik Wall Hanging

Learning batik is a great way of introducing fabric dying and pattern-making into your textiles. Here is a beautiful tutorial from Kelli Murray on how to create a DIY Batik Dye Wall Hanging

22. DIY Paper Marbling

Marbling is a great way of adding some really beautiful patterns on objects. Here is a tutorial on how to marble paper from Crystal Shaulis’s Youtube channel – but I have seen others use this technique on cups, bowls, plant pots, fabric, and more.

23. Macrame Wall Hanging

Create a beautiful macrame wall hanging with this tutorial from Emily Faith on her Youtube channel

24. DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

Created beautiful phone cases – including this one using pressed flowers from Pop Shop America.
DIY Crafts to Make and Sell - Pressed Flower Phone Case

25. DIY Arm Knit Blanket

Here is a tutorial from Simply Maggie on her Youtube channel on how to arm-knit a comfy blanket. Check out her other videos for more tutorials on chunky blankets.

26. DIY Dreamcatcher

Create a DIY Dreamcatcher with this tutorial from Kim Crystal on Youtube.

27. Speckled Pottery

I’ve been really into that “speckled look” in ceramics and pottery, so here’s a tutorial on Youtube to show you several ways on how to achieve that look. This one’s from TheSorryGirls on Youtube.

28. DIY Journal

Here’s a tutorial from Johanna Clough on Youtube on how to create a DIY Journal for Beginners. I think this is such a unique DIY because you can utilize pretty much any sort of paper you have on-hand. 

29. Resin Wall Art

There are so many times of resin artwork to create. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a beach-inspired resin art piece from Sheri Vegas. She creates so many beautiful resin pieces on her channel, so make sure you check her out for more how-to videos.

30. DIY Personalized Leather Key Chain

Here is a tutorial from Jen Wood House on how to create this beautiful DIY personalized leather keychain
Crafts to Make and Sell - Leather Keychain

31. Zine

If you love drawing or creating art and collages, try creating a zine! They are super easy to create and have been growing in popularity these past few years. Here is a tutorial from Jordan Clark on Youtube on how to create a zine for yourself.

32. DIY Canvas Tote Bag

Here is a tutorial from Free Tutorials on how to create a DIY lined canvas tote bag. Check it out here.
Crafts to Make and Sell - Lined Canvas Tote Bag DIY

33. Macrame Netted Gemstones

If you love collecting crystals and gemstones, but want a new way of showcasing them in your home, try out this tutorial on how to macrame net gemstones. I’ve seen people make these into necklaces or hang them around their house (even on plants!). This is a Youtube tutorial from CSL Designs.

34. DIY Moon Wall Hanging

Here is a really cool DIY moon wall hanging from Almost Makes Perfect using polymer clay to create these marbled moon phases. 
Crafts to Make - DIY Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

35. Crochet Basket

 Here is a tutorial from the Make and Do Crew on how to create this gorgeous crochet basket using Dollar Store twine and a thrifted old belt.
Crochet Basket - DIY Crafts to Make and Sell

36. DIY Personalized Etched Cutting Board

Here is a tutorial from Design Mom on how to create a DIY personalized etched cutting board. It’s a great way to create a custom gift for anyone’s home. 
DIY Etched Cutting Board - Crafts to Make and Sell

37. DIY Clay Earrings

Making and selling jewelry can be a very successful online business to start – so here’s a tutorial on how to create DIY Clay earrings from Paper and Stitch. 
Crafts to make and sell - clay jewelry

38. DIY Braided Ring

Here is a tutorial on how to create braided rings from Instructables. This post includes 5 different variations you can create – so check out their tutorial for lots of inspiration!

39. DIY Needle Felted Cushion

Create simple, but textured text on a cushion using needle felting. Here’s a wonderful tutorial from Fall for DIY on how to create this beautiful pillow to add to anyone’s ever-growing pillow collection (right?).
crafts to make - needle felted cushion

40. DIY Bracelets

Learn how to create your own bracelets using this Youtube tutorial from ConsumerCrafts

41. DIY Shibori

Try out some dying techniques using Shibori. Here is a wonderful tutorial on Youtube from Laura Pifer on how to create these beautiful patterns using Indigo Dye and Shibori technique.

42. DIY Soap

Create your own soap using this tutorial from Dainty Diaries on Youtube. There are so many soap recipes out there to try out, but this one is a great place to start off.

43. DIY Rug

Create this super comfy, soft rug using this tutorial from Paper and Stitch. I can’t believe out beautiful their rug came out, and it’s all something you can create by yourself!
Crafts to make and sell - rug

44. Leather Wrap Bracelet

Here is a link to PoppyTalk’s tutorial on how to create this gorgeous leather wrap bracelet. I love the end result and her instructions and photos are so easy to follow along to.
DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet - Things to make and sell

45. DIY Floral Chandelier

This is a tutorial from DesignLoveFest on how to create this stunning floral chandelier to create that special atmosphere in any space or home.
Things to make and sell - floral chandelier

46. Macrame Key Chain

Create your own key chain using macrame knots. Here is a tutorial from Think Make Share on how to create several different kinds of macrame key chains. 
Things to Make and Sell - Macrame Keychain

47. Paint Clothing

If you are into fashion and love painting, this may be the way to go for you. Here is ThatOneArtist’s take on painting her clothing. I hope this inspires you into trying to paint clothes yourself.

48. Embroidery Hoop Art

There are so many ways to create art using embroidery hoops. Below is video showcasing the process of Tiffany Solorio. She creates beautiful mixed media embroidery hoops, so make sure to check out her channel for more amazing content.

49. DIY Wax Paper Lanterns

Here’s a beautiful DIY for creating these wax paper lanterns from OnceWed. Imagine what they would look like with fairy lights inside!
Craft Ideas to make and sell - Wax Paper Lanterns

50. DIY Concrete Heart Necklace

I love this concrete necklace DIY from Fall for DIY. Read the full tutorial on their site to learn how to create these little heart “gemstones” made of concrete. 
DIY Concrete Heart Necklace - Crafts to make and sell

I hope you enjoyed this list of 50 DIY’s to create (and/or sell!). If you found this blog post helpful, please consider liking the post, commenting, or sharing down below. I would truly appreciate it! 

Have a wonderful day creating! And until next time xx

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