15 Stunning Art Journal Ideas

Here is a collection of 15 stunning art journals examples from various artists.

I hope these art journal pages may inspire you to start an art journal of your own and provide you with inspiration as to what you can fill those empty pages with.

I have also provided links to each artist who created these art journal pages, so please feel free to check out their social media if you enjoy their work!

15 Art Journal Ideas: Inspiration for your Art Journal

15 Stunning Art Journal Ideas to Try Next in Your Art Journal

1. Write Quotes

Art Journal Ideas

Stumble upon a really inspiring quote? A lot of amazing art is inspired by words. So see where that quote will take you in your art journal spread. Here is a beautiful spread by @finitebrains.

2. Create a Galaxy / Night Sky

Here is a tutorial from Merel Djamila’s Youtube channel on how to create this Galaxy journal spread using acrylic paint and gouache. Try it out yourself!

3. Abstract Painting

abstract art journal

Try practicing some abstract art in your art journal next time. There is no wrong way of going about this – It’s really all about the process and “play”. Here is a spread from Ashley Goldberg.

And this one is so beautiful I had to add it in – Below is a creation by @sasha_zeen on Instagram.

Art Journal Ideas

4. Portrait Drawing

art journal ideas

Practice drawing people in your art journal. Below is a page created by @yeahevie on Instagram.

5. Color Study

Try a limited combination of color in your next art journal spread. Perhaps you want to go for a monochromatic look, or go analagous (3 colors next to each other on the colorwheel – like red, orange, yellow), complementary colors (two colors opposite of each other on the color wheel – like purple and yellow), or other colors you think go well with each other. This will help you develop your eye for color. Below is a journal spread created by @mereljournals on Instagram.

6. Landscape

Art Journal Inspiration

Try creating a landscape painting or illustration in your next spread. Below is a journal spread creating Missy Dunaway, who also sells prints of her journal spreads in her Etsy shop (can be found here)

7. Black and White

Art Journal Ideas

Go black and white with your next spread! You can keep your art materials simple, with just ink or perhaps just black and white paint – or go a little creative. Here is a beautiful art journal inspiration page from @tahoorahashmi – And it looks like she used foil as the background for one of her pages.

8. Collage

Art Journal Ideas - Collage

Make a collage in your art journal next. You can use scrapbook sheets, cardstock, print out images, craft paper, etc. It is all about exploring different materials in your art process. Below is a journal spread created by @noor_unahar.

9. Photography

art journal inspiration

Have you taken a photo that you really love? Try incorporating it into you art journal next time. It can be a photo taken from a digital camera or just one from your phone – whatever keeps you inspired Here’s another art journal page from @noor_unahar – Just a simple one, but still nonetheless beautiful.

10. Line and Form

art journal ideas

Practice line drawing in your art journal next. All you need is a pen – and draw anything you want! Below is a page created by @fireflyphie on Instagram.

11. Paint Flowers

Art Journal Inspiration

Try creating flowers in your next art journal pages. Here is a beautiful painting from @sonaln on Instagram, who creates beautiful paintings of flowers. Check her page out for more of her art!

12. Dried Flowers

Art Journal Inspiration

Try incorporating some dried flowers into your art journal next. Below is a beautiful art journal spread created by Caylee Grey.

13. Play with Backgrounds

Art Journal Inspiration

When you find something with beautiful patterns, designs, and backgrounds, try incorporating it into your art journal. Here’s one by @Mereljournals coupled with quotes. Merel always has a whole bunch of inspiring art journal creations on her Instagram page – so go make sure to check her out!

14. Travel

Take a little vacation and go traveling while sketching on-the-go. Here’s a little creation from @Ronnycakes on Instagram. Follow her feed for more beautiful art journal ideas! Her style and use of shadow and color is divine!

Art Journal with Coffee

15. A Little Bit of Everything

Use quotes, watercolor paint, photos, pressed flowers, mixed media… pretty much anything to create a beautiful spread. Here is a Youtube video from Jordan Clark on how she created this gorgeous art journal spread.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you are a beginner art journalist and are looking for easy doodles to draw, consider checking out my blog post 30 Cool and Easy Things to Draw. We all have to practice our drawing skills from somewhere and a lot of these ideas are how I developed my skill in drawing.

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