22 Types of Paintings

22 Types of Paintings to Create

22 Painting Ideas for Artists to Create 

Here are some ideas for different types of paintings to create, along with a several artists creating beautiful art in these forms. Whether you want to try it DIY style or find a way to make a living from your craft, here is the place to get you inspired to create more art. Enjoy ~

1. Floral Painting

There are some amazing artists out there creating some stunning floral paintings. There are so many ways to paint a flower – So try it out yourself! Any form of media (OIl, acrylic, pastels, color pencils, watercolor, etc) can be used.

Bobbie Burgers Floral Painting

Photo Source: PoppyTalk
Visit Bobbie Burger’s website here or follow her on Instagram

Katie Jobling is also another artist creating some amazing floral art.

2. Digital Painting

Here’s a video from FZDSchool on the process of painting a Fantasy Digital Landscape

Here is also a video on digitally painting portraits from WLOP

If you are interested in getting into creating digital artworks, I suggest getting a drawing tablet. I really like Wacom tablets, as they have models for both beginners to advanced users. Huion is also another great brand for those looking for drawing tablets at a lower price range.

3. Art Journal Pages

Art Journal from @mereljournals
Art Journal by @mereljournals

Starting an art journal is a great way of practicing your painting skills, along with creating on a small scale so that you can create more wherever you go. I suggest that every artist keep some sort of sketchbook with them – because you never know when inspiration will hit you. Below are examples of art journals created by the lovely @mereljournals on Instagram. Check out her page for more wonderful creations!

See my blog post 15 Stunning Art Journal Ideas for more inspiration!

4. Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting by Kirsten Jackson

Painting abstract bypasses the need for physical representation, and instead focuses on an over-aching theme, whether that be a feeling, expression, purpose, or another reason. Abstract painting is a great way to loosen your art form, and learn to perhaps ease that sense of rigidity, practice, and perfection you may harbor in your art process. (Plus it’s fun!)Below is Kirsten Jackon’s beautiful abstract paintings! You can check out more of her work here on Instagram.

5. Abstract Resin Art

Another popular form of abstract painting is creating resin artwork. Abstract resin paintings have some of the most amazing visual effects and the techniques in which people create these paintings look like so much fun. 

6. Resin Artwork

There are also so many other ways to use resin in your paintings. The video below shows how painter Riusuke Fukahori uses resin to create 3D Goldfish paintings. 

Resin is what makes colors pop in ways that no other medium or varnish can do. It may take a little while to get used to using resin, but once you master your technique, it really brings some otherworldly results.

7. Encaustic Art

Encaustic painting involves the combination of color pigments and heated beeswax added to a rigid surface, such as wood panel, to create very unique surface textures that can only be created by the translucent effect of beeswax. 

8. Embroidery Painting

Fleur Wood Art - Embroidery Paintings

Lately, I have been really loving artists that incorporate embroidery into their works.  Below is a painting by FleurWoodsArt, whose beautiful pieces can be found on Instagram.

9. Celestial or Moon Paintings

I love celestial and moon paintings, so I just had to add it to this list. Here’s a video from Annie Toarasova creating one of her paintings for her Etsy shop “Dreamy Moons”. 

10. Portrait Painting

Lena Danya Painting

Painting portraits is a classic method of painting. You can paint in the more traditional sense in a realistic sort of way, or paint surreal by creating characters from different worlds – For there are so many ways of painting people. Below are paintings created by Lena Danya, whose Youtube channel you can find here for more beautiful artist inspiration.

11. Landscape Painting

Paint the world around you, whether it be nature, urban landscapes, your house, or an imaginary land.  Below is a painting by Ryohei Toyonaga created by watercolor. See more of his work on his Instagram page here.

Landscape Painting by Ryohei Toyonaga
A landscape painting created by Ryohei Toyonaga

12. Mixed Media Painting

Explore different materials through mixed media painting. Some examples of media to use include the different types of paint (acrylic, watercolor, oil, etc), charcoal, photographs, fabric, ink, glass, mica, soil… pretty much anything. Below is the art process and story of mixed-media artist Lauren Brevner. Check out her Instagram page here.

13. Collage Art

Collage Art - Linden Eller

Creating collages is a great way of contrasting different pieces of art together to create a new idea. Below is a collage created by Linden Eller. You can buy prints as well as originals in her shop here.

14. Still Life Paintings

Still life painting is another classic form of painting that is great for practicing your art process and studying form. 

15. Spray Painting

Marita Speen Art

Try spray painting or incorporating spray paint into a painting you are currently working on. Spray painting can create a beautiful contrast from other forms of mark-making. Below is a painting by Marita Speen, who often uses spray paint in contrast with her other materials to create a movement of marks in her works. Check out her Instagram page here.

16. Mini Painting

Mini painting is a great way to explore different forms of painting without the high cost of materials. Here is a great video from Jordan Clark’s Youtube Channel on how to create DIY mini mountain paintings. 

17. Minimalist Painting

Satsuki Shibuya Art

Try creating a minimalist painting by simply focusing on line, color, or form. One of my favorite minimalist artists is Satsuki Shibuya. Below is just one of her works. You can find more on her Instagram page here.

18. Color Field Painting

Color field painting is a form of abstract painting that focuses on large expanses of color. This form of painting can help you develop your eye and taste for colors.

Below is a color-field painting by the famous abstract painting Mark Rothko.

Mark Rothko painting

19. Animal or Pet Paintings

Paint your pet or your favorite animal!Below is a painting created by BrooklynLamb – Check out her Instagram here for more of her gorgeous works!

20. Painting Ceramics

Esther Griffith Ceramic Art

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying seeing the works of ceramic artists: And one of the things I really enjoy is seeing the interesting ways in which they have painted or glazed their ceramic pieces. Below is a ceramic piece created by Esther Griffith. Find her website here.

21. Textile Painting

There are so many interesting ways of applying colors to fabrics – And I just love seeing the ways textile artists combine texture and color in innovative ways in textile painting.  Below is a textile installation created by Isabel Yellin.

22. Texture Painting

Create a painting thick and rich in texture. There are so many ways to incorporate texture in a painting: Through textured mediums, tissue paper, lace, glass, and more.The artist below (TessaArt) shows her process for creating postcards with beautiful 3-dimensional flowers painted over-top. 

I hope you enjoyed these 22 painting ideas to get you inspired into the creative process. 

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Until next time my friends! xx

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