Be Whoever You Want to Be

Be Whoever You Want to Be

Be Whoever You Want to Be

I believe – more and more so these days – that being yourself (who you truly want to be) is one of the hardest things to achieve.

Half the time, I don’t think we know even this –

Because everyday we are bombarded with what we should be doing with our lives – How we should be making money, how we should be socializing, how we should be learning, how we should be thinking, how we should be crying, how we should be talking – How we should be living.

And this is the self we are unconsciously taught, but not the self we truly are.

And I’m sure you have felt this at some point – That there is something missing in our relationships, in ourselves, and in the world you see around you.

So what should we do if we feel like this?

Here are just a few insights I have learned these past few years that have helped me learn to let go of society’s expectations and to go back to living the life I wanted to always live.

1. Shhhh…

I recently came across this interview of Chris Evans on Motivation Madness’s Youtube Channel – And it’s up there at one of the top best self-growth talks I have seen or heard. I think it’s one of those videos everyone should watch at least once – And it really ties in well with the subject at hand.

“Maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.”Chris evans

Some of use are searching and searching always for the answers, thinking about the next best thing to do; thinking what about what is right and what is wrong. But sometimes we just need to take a breath and silence that part of ourselves. Whenever you find yourself drowning in your own thoughts, tell yourself “shhh.” Silence the thousand different thoughts rushing to your head and find the core of yourself –

Because most of the time, the thousand different thoughts in our heads that are the most painful to us are the echos of all the difference voices and lessons you’ve been unconsciously taught in order to hide the parts of yourself that are “unfit” or “unconventional” or is otherwise “irrational” to the world.

You have come to let the world in to live inside yourself so that it can continue to stop yourself from growing into who you were meant to be.

The ideas, dreams, and intentions of others aren’t meant to live inside you. You can let the right ones in – but not everything. You are yourself – and to achieve happiness and peace with who you are – you must be able to silence the “world” that has come to live inside you and find your own voice, wants, and dreams back.

2. Spend More Time By Yourself

I’m not talking about watching a movie by yourself, surfing the web by yourself, or going out by yourself. I mean – sit with yourself and simply be with yourself.

Get to know you as if you were getting to know a friend. Try to learn more about yourself – and believe me, not even the most self-aware person knows everything there is to know about themselves. There is infinity within you. There is no end to how much you can learn about yourself.

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3. Find Your Passion and Go After It

There are so many people who are building their life around money and the material things of life in order to build a life of “comfort”. Having money isn’t going to find you that life of “comfort” – At least not one of happiness.

Happiness comes from loving what you do and loving who you are. One cannot live without the other. Find your passion first, then find the means to make a living from it. There are many outside-the-box ways to make a living these days that it is completely possible.

For myself, I want to help others discover themselves and be at peace with themselves. I’m not very good at talking and relaying my love for others in everyday talk, but I love to write and I try to write my love for people here on this blog. I’ve always wanted to blog, but I never knew people were making a living from it – And I’m gradually learning how to do that.

So find your passion. Then find a way to make it your living.

It is my belief that if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it. Your passion is your greatest strength.

Be Who You Want to Be

4. Surround Yourself with the Right Company

Surround yourself with open-minded friends who love and will love you for who you are. Develop friendships that are rooted in security, safety, trust, understanding, honesty, love, and fun.

But it’s not always as simple as this.

Friends aren’t perfect people. And you, too, are not a perfect person. Relationships, no matter what form, is about presence and communication – and about growth. Grow to be vulnerable with them and let them be vulnerable with you. Listen and learn… Because you will learn a lot about who you are from the company you keep – and sometimes, it is your friends that play one of the largest, most unconscious roles in driving you to become who you are and who you are meant to be.

5. Stop Trying To Please Others

Don’t let every action you take or word you say be dictated by your want to please others. It’s one thing to take the feelings of others into consideration; However, it’s a whole other level to base everything you do just to please others.

If we want to be who we are meant to be, we must stop seeking validation for our actions from others.

Instead, acknowledge the good you have done and the steps you have taken. You’d be surprised how much of ourselves we tend to belittle or ignore.

I know that for many of us, our list of what we don’t like about ourselves is longer than the list of things we actually do like about ourselves. Work on that list so that so that you can identify more positive things about yourself – And so you no longer need that validation from others because you already receive it on your own basis.

Remember, it’s never too late to figure out who you want to be. If you feel at war with yourself internally, I hope this blog post was able to help you find a sense of direction, so that you can take action over who you truly are.

It is so easy to simply let go and be swept away by life’s circumstances – but is this really the path you want for yourself in the long-run? For the next 30-50 years of your life?

Even if it’s harder – be who you want to be. Your future self will forever thank you.

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Until next time my friends, xx

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