How To Become an Abstract Artist

I paint abstract art and I love every single aspect of it.

I never even had the slightest inclination that I would be a painter (albeit an abstract one); But one day, I just happened to stumble upon a Youtube video of Aelita Andre painting in her own little studio world – And I fell in love. Abstract painting overcame every need within me, and I immediately knew that that was what I wanted to spend my life doing… And that was a feeling I had never had. Ever.

So that is how my journey began, and I started to find my way in life as an abstract artist.

If you too are in the same boat as I am, I hope this blog post will be helpful to you, and shed some light on how you can get started on your own journey as an abstract artist. So here goes, and I hope you learn something enlightening!

A Simple Guide to Becoming an Abstract Artist

Don’t Overthink…Just Do It.

Lay down that first swatch of color. Scribble on that first mark. Simply slather some paint onto the canvas. Don’t plan and overthink things. Do what comes naturally to you.

Just starting each piece is what brings you closer to becoming an abstract artist. The other technicalities (Artist style, technique, color palette, etc) will come later with years of practicing and experience in creating. What you need to do is paint and paint and paint until you get there, to each point where you learn something new about yourself as an abstract artist – And move forward.

So – Just create a piece. Paint: That is the #1 most important first step.

Search For Inspiration

There will be moments in your daily, everyday life, when you stop and want to paint that certain experience you are having. This can be nature, a feeling, an urban landscape, texture, or an object that piques your interest.

Remember these moments or jot them down in a little notebook. Take these moments of inspiration back to your work area and let it out in the paint and materials you use for your art.

* Take a look or follow my Pinterest Board – Abstract Art – for inspiration *

Know to Look Inside

I follow a lot of other abstract artists on Instagram, and I have noticed that many of us do this – and that is to study ourselves. Half of the art is on the canvas, the other half involves what is happening inside ourselves. So learn to explore that side of yourself: Be self-conscientious and try to understand the feelings and thoughts that go on in your head.

The painting process teaches us and changes us, and we in-turn reflect that in the direction of our artwork. So open the conversation between you and your art, and see what happens to that empty canvas.

Study! Study! Study!

Study the arts!

Now, this doesn’t mean you absolutely need to go to art school (Because I didn’t!); However, you should want to learn about what you love. Study past, renowned artists and art movements and study the work of current artists you admire.

Study about your materials and the very paint you use to become an artist: Color theory, composition, techniques, etc are all very important (Even to abstract artists).

There are always new materials coming out and new techniques you can learn, and the internet makes it so easy to have all this knowledge at our fingertips through a simple Google Search, Youtube Tutorial, or a scroll through Pinterest.

Be Persistent

Just like any other profession or dream you have, you have to be persistent. You must have the strength and love to want to keep moving as an abstract artist, even when business is slow or you come across some pitfalls along the way. Everybody goes through stages like this, even if it lasts months (or years).

If you want it with every fibre of your being, then no matter how long it takes, you will always yearn for it, and you will always be trying to go after it.

Get Your Paintings Out Into the World!

You need the support of others to make a living as an abstract artist (or as any profession – as a matter of fact). Learn how to share your abstract works with other art lovers and find your art lovers – the ones who will want to buy your art and support what you do.

Art marketing is a whole other world to get into, so I will leave that for other posts. If you would like to duelve deeper into the world of selling art, check out these blog posts below for further reading.


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  • You are so cool thank you for your help you are so good pls give more tips to become an artist can you plz guide me more you are so inspiring and I ❤️ you thanks allot ❤️

  • Thank you to help me to become an artist can you plz guide me more you are so inspiring and I ❤️ you thanks allot ❤️

  • Thank you for a great article. I painted in the past characters upon request and abstract. After I fled domestic violence and was homeless 2 years within that time I was only able to create 1 abstract and small canvases from a healing class. Now that me and my 2 daughters are back settled. I want to paint again between physical therapy appointments for me and my daughter from walking on concrete 2 years its a bit difficult to bring my mind from the anxiety to focus on art. Its getting better and this has helped me a lot. Art makes me happy and I can forget about the bad things. Thank you!???❤❤❤

  • Great article. Become great at anything takes hard work and dedication!! I posted a mini blog on my website about the important of the marketing aspect of becoming an artist. I hate writing it’s not my thing but my intention was to get people thinking that there is more to this then just painting…