• What is Free-Writing?: Stream-of-Consciousness in Journaling

    Free Writing is a writing technique also known as Stream of Consciousness: It is when you write without forethought and filter. You write the first thing that comes to mind and you keep going and going until you have a slew of mumbo jumbo, words, and ideas thrown onto a page. You write all your thoughts and feelings down in brutal honesty, and without the time to look back and cringe.

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  • How I Overcame my Social Anxiety for Good

    Here is my own success story on how I overcame my Social Anxiety and some of the steps I took that helped me overcome it.

    I hope telling my story helps any of you out there who are facing the same difficulties I once did, and are feeling hopeless… Because I know that for all those years, I too thought my Social Anxiety was a part of myself I would never be able to change. But it can.

    And there is a whole different β€œyou” on the other side of your Social Anxiety.

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  • The Art of Slowing Down: In Finding Happiness #1

    I want to live with meaning and intention.

    Sometimes I forget – And in this day and age, it is so very easy to do so. We’re taught to live so fast: to grow up fast, to learn fast, and to not get left behind.

    Lately, it feels like time is running out… when in the larger picture, it really isn’t. Not really. 

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  • 6 Secrets To Be a Successful Student

    We’ve been taught to learn wrong

    Generally, we are taught from the direction out to in:

    We take in information from our mentors, our environment, our books and notes and teachings, and that’s what learning was for much of our life. It’s the easy way to learn – but the knowledge we learn that way usually ends up only good for the short-term; The next semester, the next year, the moment we are told to learn something else – we perceive that new material as something new. Completely new.

    And that isn’t true.


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  • My Book Review on: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

    A Toltec is an artist of Love,
    an artist of the Spirit,
    Someone who is creating every moment,
    every second, the most beautiful art –
    The Art of Dreaming.

    Life is nothing but a dream,
    and if we are artists,
    then we can create our life with Love
    and our dream becomes
    a masterpiece of art.

    Here is my book review of The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

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