An Introduction: In Finding Happiness

An Introduction to the Series: In Finding Happiness

It Started With a Journal Entry:

As of late, I have been searching for happiness.

Because – in truth – I’ve been a bit sad.

Where can I find happiness? – I’ve been thinking about this – And I know it must be somewhere inside of me.
Have I let it die?
I hope that is not how it works.

I must not let this negativity and barren feeling live inside me. Otherise – happiness will not come back.

I must look towards the good.
And even when others treat me badly, I must remember the goodness of me and believe in that.

Life will turn around for you – for the good.

So until then – keep your heart alive with love and goodness.

And dream.

Because of this journal entry, I am thinking of starting a series of talks on the topic of finding happiness.. so I hope you stay tuned for updates in the near future. I’ll make sure to post all the topics down below as I write them. I’m hoping this will be a good way to remind myself of ways to not fall back, and hopefully this will be able to help you too.

In Finding Happiness

I. The Art of Slowing Down

Thanks for reading this short, little post. I’ll see you soon lovelies, xx

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