The Art of Slowing Down: In Finding Happiness #1

In Finding Happiness:
The Art of Slowing Down

Learning to Live with Intention & Greater Meaning

I want to live with meaning and intention.

Sometimes I forget – And in this day and age, it is so very easy to do so. We’re taught to live so fast: to grow up fast, to learn fast, and to not get left behind.

Lately, it feels like time is running out… when in the larger picture, it really isn’t. Not really.

For the past few days, sadness has been tinting my life and I searched for the reason why. It takes a lot of time and energy trying to find the reason behind one’s sadness – because there are a dozen happenings in a day that can make you sad, but they aren’t the true, core reason behind your sadness. They are little dips in the day where sadness can rain down and fill like puddles, and before you know it, you are flooded. And you can’t see where the drain is.

So I traced it back.

I became aware of where my thoughts kept backtracking to. What I worried about constantly. And I came to notice that I needed patience.

I like to be actively working on something. And when that control is taken away from me and I have to wait and wait before I can do anything else to proceed onto the next step, I feel unaccomplished. I feel like nothing is being done. But – doing nothing – shouldn’t be a reason for me to become sad – I have realized. Yet – I let it.

I am so eager and so afraid of not finding my place here in life – but feeling sad when things don’t go my way only makes the journey slower. And more agonizing.

Everything is perception.

I am moving when I am not.

And even when these words do not make sense in thought and logic, I am still trying to soak it in. I am trying to believe because I feel like there is truth in these words, no matter how many times it is disproved in reality and science. I think these words are what my heart needs.

I’m glad I’ve written this though. My heart feels a lot lighter because of this.

So – Let us slow each other down. And create with the intention of slowing the world down.

And if you perhaps have eyes tinted with sadness as well, I hope this shed some light to some tips you can take to finding the root of your sadness and finding the reason why it shouldn’t have to make you feel sad. I know everyone’s situation is different… if you have something that still bothers you or you have any questions, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try to help any way I can.

Thank you for stumbling your way onto here. I hope to see you next time,


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