100 Life Lessons I’ve Learned at 24 Years Old

100 Life Lessons I Have Learned at 24 Years Old

100 Life Lessons I’ve Learned at 24 Years Old

Hello lovely readers,

Today, I wanted to spend some time reflecting on the life lessons I’ve learned.

I know I haven’t lived a long time, but I hope that in these future years to come, I will continue to learn more and change more – And I want to look back one day at this article and see how far I’ve gone.

I am sure many of these life lessons may change 10 or 20 years later, but this is where I am now in life. And I hope that when I feel a little down in the future, I can come back to this post and get uplifted again.

1. Smile a lot. Smile your heart out to others because it makes everybody’s day brighter. The best life lesson of all!

2. Everything in life takes time: Overcoming difficulties and reaching success. It doesn’t come in a matter of months. It takes years. So be patient. You will get there.

3. Live life beautifully as if every moment were a work of art. Your own work of art.

4. Listen to people: Listen to their words and even to their silence.

5. Above all else, be kind.

6. It’s okay to feel powerfully. It is far better than blocking yourself off to any feeling whatsoever.

7. When no one else believes in you, you must be the one who remains steadfast and believe in yourself.

8. Discover the arts: Read novels, poetry, experience paintings, watch movies, dramas, listen to music, watch dances. It will inspire you in countless ways and make you feel more powerfully than life itself. That is after all what art does.

9. Go through every moment in life as if you are a student of life: Never believe that you have learned everything there is to be learned. Be an active learner to always better yourself and your lifestyle.

10. Our relationships are important: Cherish your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers etc. Spend more time with those you love.

11. Invest in yourself. If it is for your future, put forth the money to learn and grow towards your success. Just be wise about your choices.

12. Chasing perfection only causes pain.

13. You have more charisma than you may imagine. Look for it and cultivate it throughout your life.

14. Looks don’t matter and you are not ugly. Obsessing over one’s physical looks is going to lead you through a mind-chase that will never leave you feeling satisfied with how you look. Instead, accept yourself as you are. You are more beautiful than what you think.

15. Don’t dwell on negative energy from others. It is likely that they don’t mean it and will regret it later when they think about it. Always forgive.

16. Learn to feel through life. Thoughts about people, places, things fade over time, but feelings regarding those things stay with us forever. So cherish those feelings as they come.

17. Write down everything you love so you don’t forget it and you can revisit it in the future.

18. You are the only person who can bring yourself happiness. No one else can do it for you: no boyfriend or girlfriend, no amount of money, no material things, no job. Happiness is the house you build within yourself.

19. Pain is inevitable in life – Sometimes I wonder if it is a prerequisite of living… that we each must suffer some sort of pain. Ask for help when you need it because others are more understanding than you may expect. And when someone comes to you because of their pain, listen to them and lend them a hand if you can. Overcoming your pain only makes you stronger and wiser, and looking back, you will be grateful for what you have learned coming out of it.

20. Anything can be accomplished these days – So don’t be afraid to chase your dream. It is possible… more possible than you could ever imagine. It all depends on yourself and how much you want it.

21. Look for the good in others. Always.

22. Take time to slow down in life. Find a quiet place with beautiful scenery where you can just sit, drink your coffee or tea, relax and think. It brings life back into perspective instead of mindlessly living so quickly day-to-day.

23. It’s okay to be single. It’s okay not have found love yet. Learn to be the best person you can be and live the life you can so that when you do find love, you can give them everything and not have to restrain.

24. Be giving to others and help when they need help.

25. Always return to love. Always find a way back to love.

26. Do not be quick to get angry. Be sad but not mad. Anger will cause you to make life mistakes that you will never be able to take back over a split moment of anger. Don’t let anger control your life.

27. Do not be quick to assume things about people… about anything in life. Ask questions instead of assuming, and if the situation calls that you cannot ask, then wait. Give people time so that you may learn the truth behind their intentions as it comes to reveal itself.

28. Always see people as people: With feelings, with the good and the bad, with hurt and love. See them for everything they can hold inside themselves. And don’t forget it even when they’re behind their screens or in their cars… They are people.

29. Love yourself. The most important life lesson I have learned yet.

30. Do not settle in life. You are capable of more.

31. Pull through loneliness. It won’t last forever.

32. Hard work and patience will take you places.

33. Everything happens for a reason.

34. Money isn’t as important as others keep telling you it is. Don’t be swayed by others trying to make career choices for you… do what your heart yearns to do. In the end, it’s your choice what path you decide to follow and it’s best to choose a career where work feels like play to you. We aren’t meant to live out our lives by simply managing to pay the bills every month. Instead, find your passion in life – that is what is going to bring you happiness in life. The means to pay the bills will follow.

35. Be open-minded: Never shoot down people’s ideas as being wrong, irrelevant, or worthless.

36. Everything will work out in the end.

37. Get out of that comfort zone every once in a while.

38. What goes around comes around.

39. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

40. You only live one life: Make the most of it and make sure you live a life without regrets (or as few regrets as you can manage).

41. Support others in their own life endeavors: Buy from other makers, small businesses, artists, etc. Give them lots of love.

42. There are two sides to every story, and every perspective is valid and sound. Listen to their story.

43. Study people and learn to be empathetic.

44. Never compare yourself to others.

45. Take care of your own health. Sometimes you don’t pay enough attention to it.

46. There is much to look forward to in the future.

47. You don’t need anyone’s praise or approval to know you’ve done well… to know you’ve succeeded. If you feel good after all of your work and you think that you did a job well done, what more should you need? You feel like you need to be noticed, but then will you ever be happy doing anything? Just do it because it’s something you love to do. Do it for yourself.

48. You are still afraid of many things still. Our fears aren’t real: They’re just “monsters” our minds have made up. Look for every reason why you shouldn’t be afraid and remind yourself of it daily.

49. Be open-hearted, show the truth of your emotions plainly to others. That in itself is a form of honesty.

50. Find beauty and inspiration in the little things.

51. Social media can easily ruin your life: Take a break from it and don’t stress about follower counts. Be genuine and don’t create a far-off facade of your own life.

52. Celebrate even your smallest accomplishments.

53. Be proud of being an idealist at heart and look for others who are the same.

54. Be weird. Be strange. Be awkward. Don’t worry about what other people think because in the end, we are all looking for people we can be our weird selves with.

55. Be curious about the world: Try looking at the world with the eyes of a child.

56. Stop trying to hide yourself so much. You are capable of doing great things too. You have a lot to give to this world.

57. Strive to be self-conscious and self-aware.

58. Living alone is impossible. As people, we must rely on each other.

59. Do not undermine your value and time.

60. You need to exercise more – You get a little lazy when it comes to that.

61. Trust your intuition – It’s gotten you this far.

62. Choose your friends wisely… Though sometimes, they’re the ones who end up finding you. Maybe that’s God’s plan. You will find the reason behind meeting one another.

63. Go outdoors and experience nature , it always helps to bring you back to what’s important.

64. Don’t worry about little things that don’t matter in the long run. Focus your attention on more important things to you (like your happiness).

65. Tell people how much they mean to you. And I know you’re not really good that that yet so at least show them how much you care about them.

66. Not everyone will like you – that’s just he way of the world. No need to let that even get to you. Keep moving on.

67. Give praise often to others.

68. When people compliment you and praise you, take it. Stop dismissing it as if it were nothing. Sometimes people take a lot of courage to tell you things like that.

69. As human beings, we are constantly going after the next best thing… But is that in-fact how we should be living? Why can’t we appreciate things as they are now? Getting more and more stuff doesn’t mean it’ll make us happier. Likely, we already have things right now we must cherish, and doing just that is what is going to bring us closer to happiness.

70. Be a person of integrity:
“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching” – Anonymous.
There needs to be more people in the world like this.

71. Ask more questions to the people around you – Care about their joys, their sorrows, their worries and triumphs. Learn more and more about them… don’t keep relationships superficial and be fine with it. The people around you are more than that.

72. Don’t complain. What is the point in complaining anyways?

73. Touch is important to people – Give people hugs, high-fives, pats on the back. Sometimes it means more than words could ever mean (especially to the shy, quiet types).

74. We do not live to create the “perfect” life for ourselves – Because life is always about moving forward… Past our difficulties and low points. They’ll always be there, maybe in different forms, perhaps hiding, perhaps unnoticed, but still there. The only thing we can do as people is become sure in ourselves that we’ll be able to overcome these circumstances as they occur, and not let it bring us down inside, whether it is in terms of days, months, or years. Inside, we must stay sure. Because life will never be “perfect” unless you are happy even when things aren’t perfect.

75. Persistence = Success: So stay at it.

76. Change is always possible… Even when you’re at your lowest point and you feel like nothing can change because you can’t change it yourself and you are at the mercy of fate… even then, it is still possible.

77. Sometimes our greatest life lessons aren’t the one’s we’re supposed to learn, but manage to find anyways. Hidden. They’re always just a bit hidden and you have to stop and re-evaluate what you’ve almost missed.

78. You’re a natural analyzer of life, it can’t be helped. However, what you can help is what you choose to analyze. Don’t overthink things that’ll blacken your heart. Instead, analyze the beautiful moments of life. Analyze the things that’ll make you a better, wiser person.

79. There are going to be times when people around you are going to keep telling you all the ways you aren’t good enough. It’s going to be up to you to remind yourself of every reason you are good enough.

80. Apply what you have learned. Memorizing isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you know how to apply your knowledge to different situations.

81. Laugh a lot and laugh aloud.

82. Keep materialism to a minimum. Buy only the things you love and do less impulse shopping. 

83. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable: That is form of self-discipline, a character trait that will take you far in life. It is only natural that life will be uncomfortable at the beginning as you are growing.

84. The meaning of life is to learn what it means to be human… until the very end. (Maybe this will change 10 or 20 year later, but this is what I believe now.)

85. Sometimes we get embarrassed about saying the things that truly mean a lot to us. Once in while, just spit those words out. Get embarrassed. Those words need to go out into the world more often than simply dying inside of us.

86. Your first time at something will never be perfect. That is what practice is for. So remember that everyone starts off as amateurs, and if you happen to disappoint someone, put forth the effort to improve.

87. Practice spirituality of any kind. This is how you grow on the inside.

88. Every action you make is a choice.

89. Slow down in life and slow down with people. Rushing won’t bring the results you are looking for.

90. Nothing is at its end. Nothing is truly finished. Always keep moving forward. There is always room to grow and exceed the “wall” in front of you.

91. Joke around more and have fun. It not only fills yourself with energy, but energizes others as well.

92. It’s okay to be socially awkward. We can’t all be walking perfections every second of our lives. Even the most successful people in the world are awkward in different situations.

93. Put your all out there for the world. If you have a dream, this is how you’ll be found.

94. Fight jealousy to the tooth-and-nail.

95. We are more similar than we could imagine. Remind yourself of that and it will grow more true and true.

96. See the world with a pair of “hyper-saturated lenses”. The world is a colorful place to live – go outside and take a walk and you’ll see this.

97. Be humble. A life lesson for everyone.

98. Be careful not get taken advantage of. Be wary of scams too.

99. Most things in the world aren’t truly “your’s”. Don’t be so possessive of your possessions. Share often with others and be eager to share with others. It is a good trait to have.

100. You feed off of other people’s emotions more than you imagine. When you’re down, sometimes the best way to get your energy up is to go to a cafe or park and just watch people enjoying themselves. For some reason, it re-energizes yourself more than anything else.

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  • I loved all the lessons. I ve spent five days or more to read all f them, cuz i didn’t want to miss anything so i read slowly. One of them catch my atention and it says “find beauty and inspiration in the little things.” and what i can say about is i felt truly connected with, and now i look more to the things around me and try to appreciate all of them, maybe some of them can guide to get where i want you.
    I’m really happy that i ve found your blog, i was looking for personal growth on pinterest and found this beautiful place, that i can’t leave lol. I’m currently working on the 100 questions to ask yourself,i think that it fits really well with how i’m seeing my life and working on this journey. I belive that everything happens for a reason, and find your blog was to help me with my inner me, and i’m greatfuk for the work. I hope you can upload more about this things, i would love to read more about it. Love, from Brazil!!!