35 Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Here is a list of 35 cute and easy animal drawings to try out next in your sketchbook!

When I first started practicing to get better at drawing, my favorite subject to draw were animals.

That is why I wanted to create this list for other animal and nature lovers out there! 

* I have also tried my best to include links to the source of each of these photos. If you really like an artist’s art style, follow their social media and share the love!

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35 Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

35 easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Animal Drawing Ideas

Photo Source: @SamLarson on Instagram

Whale Drawing Idea - Animals

Photo Source: Marisa Schoen on Dribbble

Elephant Easy Drawing Idea

Photo Found through Pinterest

Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Photo Found through CubicleRefugee on Tumblr

Drawing Idea

Photo Found through Pinterest

Simple Drawing Ideas Turtle

Photo Source: Luntiks Blog

Hummingbird Drawing Idea

Photo Found through Pinterest

Easy Hummingbird Animal Bird Drawing

An easier break-down for the prior drawing idea
Photo Source: WikiHow – How to Draw Hummingbirds

Pusheen Animal Cat Drawing idea

Photo Source: Leni.RedlightImage

Animal Drawing Idea

Photo Source: @SamLarson on Instagram

Turtle Drawing Idea

Photo Source: BrigitteLiem 

Animal Drawing ideas Easy

Photo Found through Pinterest

Photo Source: Possum Mood on StoreEnvy

Simple Easy Animal Drawing

Photo Source: Line Store

How to Draw an Owl
Simple Easy Owl Animal Drawing Idea

Photo Source: Hundreds and Thousands – How to Draw an Owl

Meerkat Drawing Idea Animal

Photo Source: WoodlandTale Etsy Shop

Easy Simple Drawing Idea

Photo Found through Pinterest

Simple Easy Dinosaur Drawing ideas

Photo Source: Copycat Press
Found through Dbsenk Blog

Drawing idea Dog

Photo Source: @YejuKoo on Instagram

Simple Easy Dog Drawing

Photo Source:Ā Icondecotter

Also check out my tutorial on how to draw a dog step by step here!

Easy Whale Drawing idea

Photo Source: Scott Lewis on Dribbble

Easy Cat Drawing idea Step by Step

Photo Found Through Pinterest

Easy Drawing Idea cat

Photo Found Through Pinterest

Animal Drawing idea Koala

Photo Source: Naver Blog

Animal Drawing Idea

Photo Source: @inky.diary on Instagram

Easy Animal Drawing idea

Photo Source: 5 Minute Crafts on Youtube

Animal Drawing idea

Photo Source: @kalypsoillustrations on Instagram

Easy Things to Draw - Cat

Photo Found through Pinterest

Photo Source: @Inky.Diary on Instagram

Easy Simple Animal Drawing idea

Photo Source: Nami Nishikawa on Tumblr

Easy Unicorn Drawing

Photo Source: ShopHarpToons

Simple Easy Drawing Idea

Photo Source: @RynFrank on Instagram

Easy Simple Drawing Ideas

Photo Source: Leni.RedLightImage

Photo Source:Ā TeachersPayTeachers

Check out my detailed, step by step blog post on how to draw butterflies here!

Easy Bird Drawing Ideas

Photo Source: Anais Lee

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Thank you for stumbling on this blog post! I hope you enjoyed these cute animal drawings and have tried a few yourself!

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  • Thank you for sharing these cute animals to draw whenever Iā€™m bored ? I like how these pictures synchronized the minimalistic style of art. My favorite one is #18th, the tiny dinosaurs! I embroidered them earlier in my blog and would like to share the love with you too~