A Letter to the Anxious Soul: Be Kind to Yourself

Be kind to yourself.

Some of us are born with trembling hearts. And souls that learned to be afraid.

But I want to say that the world is kinder than you may imagine, and if not, I will work – to make it a place for you to feel safe.

Every single one of us knows fear. Fear is nothing strange. I remember fear and we all remember fear in our own different, little ways. Fear doesn’t leave so easily for any of us, and it leaves traces. Like scars. And when I look into anxious eyes of someone else who is scared, it hurts that scar I have inside.

Because I don’t ever want someone else to be afraid…
especially – of me.

And I promise you I am not the only person who feels this way.

So be at ease. Love yourself and your heart that trembles. Be uncomfortable and be okay with it. You will grow to overcome it one day. Do not look for validation from others, but find validation from yourself. Love yourself as you are and you will find love for who you are to become.

It is the hardest part of one’s life…the time you must live uncomfortably. I find it goes together with fear…but it’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. It means you are not staying back, letting your fears make your decisions for you. It doesn’t mean you are hiding from that fear, but are putting yourself out there to be afraid, perhaps even be hurt.

But you are moving. Maybe all you can see and feel is your anxiety at the moment, but it is the ocean you are moving through. And you will get past it all eventually.

So – first and foremost – be kind to yourself.

It all starts – inside.

These are the words I wish I could have said
to the one with anxious eyes.

Hi, I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Imagine it a letter from me to you. If this helped you in any way, feel free to comment down below (You can even comment anonymously if you like… if it helps you to break that shell). Or if you have tips or stories of your own to help others with anxiety, please share down below as well.

Thank you for taking your time to read this – Until next time,


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