Dreamy Art Studio Ideas

An art studio is an important place for every artist: It is often a source of creative inspiration and peace for each artist. 

Whether you want to allocate a small nook in your home as your art studio or have a commercial space allocated for all your studio needs, here is a collection of dreamy art studio ideas you can take with you as inspiration for your own art studio in-the-making.

I hope you enjoy!

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Dreamy Home Art Studio Ideas

Dreamy Art Studio Ideas & Inspiration #artstudio #studio

Greenery in the Art Studio

Art Studio Ideas Inspiration

I love the idea of having plants in the studio space: It makes the ambiance so much more dreamy and just creates a positive space for one’s creative process. Here are some art studios with plants set up.

I like how the Pothos plant goes through the rafters in the ceiling. This is from the artsy home of Irene & Peter in Australia.

Art Studio Space

Incorporating nature (that includes your furry friend!) is a great way to create a positive place for creating. This image is from the blog To Go Into the World.

Lots of Natural Light!

Art Studio Inspiration - windows for natural light
Image from Deavita

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your art studio, so make sure you have a large window to provide lots of natural light. Here are some beautiful art studios with lots of fresh, bright light for optimal painting, drawing, and creating.

Canvas Storage

Canvases can get very tricky to organize: I know when I started painting, I quickly built up quite a collection of canvases and had no idea how to store them. Thus, they quickly just filled up the art studio room and made quite a mess. 

Below are some amazing ideas for easy canvas storage. I now use a shelving system with strings to separate the different each different piece like the example below. 

Art Studio - DIY Canvas Organization Storage

Image from Matthew Lee. See his post on how he created this DIY canvas storage here.

Art Canvas Storage for Artist Studio

Here is another example of a shelving system from Galleri Magnus Karlsson’s website using cardboard instead to separate each painting

Artist Studio Ideas - Prudence Flint

I especially like this idea of using shelves to showcase favorite inspirational pieces in the art studio.

You have the freedom to change things up without repeatedly damaging the walls. This studio space example is fromΒ Prudence Flint.Β 

Here are some more gorgeous art studio spaces for all your viewing needs.

Art Studio Inspiration and Ideas

A stunning, airy space from My Scandinavian Home

Art Studio Inspiration - Natural Lighting

An earthy feel in this studio with lots of table space – Image from The Bottom of the Ironing Basket.

Art Studio Space

Here is a room of an old farmhouse turned into a little art studio by Lindsea Dragomir

Art Studio - Kiki Slaughter - Make a Beautiful Mess

And no matter where you set up your art studio – Have fun and let go! Create that beautiful mess everywhere around you! 

This photo is the art studio of Kiki Slaughter… I especially love how her chair is a continuation of her art!

Art Studio Furniture Ideas

Art Studio Furniture Ideas #artstudio #studio

Here are some furniture ideas for those who are looking for practical pieces to add to their artist studio.

  1. Pencil and Brush Holder
  2.  L-shaped Desk
  3. Wooden Art Supply Storage Box
  4. Shelving Unit (I use this to organize my canvases using the string method mentioned earlier)
  5. Adjustable Drafting Desk
  6. White Desk with Drawer
  7. Rolling Organizational Utility Cart (Teal)

I hope you enjoyed this little inspirational post for your art studio and was able to find something to take back with you to your own creative space. 

We may not all have access to grand spaces to set up a studio at first, but even just creating a small nook in the corner that provides a homey, safe atmosphere for creating can do wonders to one’s creative process. 

Let me know what was your favorite take-away from this post down in the comment section! Or if you have your own art studio ideas to share, feel free to leave a comment down below.

I hope you have a wonderful day my lovely readers. Until next time <3

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