15 Gorgeous Ceramic Ideas to Inspire You

Inspiring Ceramics You've Got to See #ceramics

I am a ceramic lover – especially those that are imperfect and handmade.

Here is a collection of ceramic ideas and pieces that have inspired me – whether one day I delve into the world of ceramic-making or start a collection of handmade ceramics for my home and kitchen. 

I hope that this blog post may inspire you to fall in love with the art of ceramics – And perhaps inspire you to support ceramic-makers (whether they are featured in this blog or local to you) or perhaps try pottery for yourself!


Beautiful Ceramics
Floral Ceramic Pottery

Here is a collection of floral ceramic pieces by the lovely Leah Goren from @leahreenagoren on Instagram. I love her hand-painted flowers that are so unique to her style and the colors she uses in her pottery – Plus her cat is so precious!

Ceramic Ideas and Inspiration

I am in love with these colorful handmade spoons found through Lucky Pony’s blog post. They were sold from the online store Koromiko, but are no longer available. If anyone knows the maker’s name, let me know!

Ceramic Ideas

What quirky little animal creations from KusaFune, a Japanese ceramic artist.

Ceramic Pottery Ideas

Here is a beautifully colored ceramic from Shino Takeda. You can find some of her pieces on Koromiko or on her website as well.

Ceramic Pottery Ideas

Here are some gorgeous ceramic pieces created by Kentaro Kawabata. I am in love with his subtle use of pops of colors that almost look jeweled in nature. It almost gives a surreal feeling to his works.

Ceramic House Planter

Recently I have become obsessed with ceramic house planters! This one is from Colleen Deiss Designs – where you can see more of her ceramic creations.

These house planters remind me of the Studio Ghibli movie “Castle in the Sky” – and it gives sort of that quaint, magical feeling whenever I see these on Pinterest. I definitely want at least one in my home some day!

Pottery Ideas

Here is a more minimalist-inspired pottery piece created by @vvberger on Instagram. I love how she incorporates her love of illustrating in her pottery pieces!

Ceramic Pottery

As an abstract artist myself, I absolutely love the abstract design in this ceramic piece created by Julieta Alvarez

Blue Ceramic Pottery Ideas

Here are some bold and beautiful ceramic pieces from Chloe May Brown – found through the blog Artistic Moods. You can visit Chloe’s Instagram here or visit her website here!

Potion Pottery Ceramics

I love these quirky Potion vases from the lovely @lisajunius on Instagram. All of her creations are so dreamy – so if you love these vases, make sure to follow her on Instagram! Here is a link to her website as well.

Ceramic Cup with Faces

These quirky cups with faces are from Betsy Croft Pottery and can be found on the online shop My Little Belleville. I love the touch with the rainbow handles <3

Ceramic Planter

I love the look of planters with “legs”. These planters are from @pieceofclay on Instagram – make sure to check out her page for more ceramic creations!

I am in love with these handmade pottery pieces from @jarjourpottery on Instagram. You can also visit their Etsy shop here to see what’s available!

Esther Griffith Ceramic Vase
Esther Griffith Ceramics

I am a lover of pastel colors – so I had to feature one of Esther Griffith’s beautiful ceramic pieces. Make sure to visit her website to see all of her works on different forms of media.

Animal Spoonrest Ceramics

Here are some adorable animal-shaped spoonrests from Clay Opera Ceramics found through My Owl Barn’s blog post. Here is a link to Clay Opera’s Instagram page and to their Etsy shop.

This concludes our blog post for today.

I hope you enjoyed all of these gorgeous ceramic/pottery pieces and found something that inspired you! Make sure to check out these creatives linked above and show them some love and support!

Feel free to share, like, or comment this blog post down below. 

I hope you have a wonderful day – And until next time my lovely readers xx

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