How To Be Productive & Stop Procrastination

A Talk On Productivity

How to Be More Productive in Life &
Put an End to Procrastination

I think productivity can stem from a lot of different sources and reasons – each being different for each of us.

Mine is “sort of” born from my laziness… Because for me, I guess I have learned to become an “efficient” sort of lazy from my years in school.

I want to relax: My love and need for relaxation and having a still, quiet, introspective life is so great, I will do almost anything to achieve that. So, I have come to learn to work hard now so that I can avoid the stress of procrastination and be able to relax later.

And live – exactly how I want…and need to live. And this applies for both the short-term and long-term.

Now, this sort of perspective may seem weird for some of you, but this is how I feel about life:

Life is all of time in that moment: In the present. You are reading this and I am writing this, but the future, past, and present all are here together as one.

Your life is all together here in this one moment: now.

Your life is something much greater than what both you and I could ever imagine it to be… but I have feelings or brief glimpses of what it could be like. And we could ignore everything. The present and everything else associated, because it’s easier to not hold the burden.

But your life is in the moment and is being created in that moment. The choices you make in this moment affect in every nuance your future and the way you see the past in that future.

It’s confusing. But being productive now, will start the journey to magnify productivity in your life, in every time frame. You making the decision now to work on at least something you want to do now will change the future; A future where it is easier to make the choice to be productive because you are already one step closer. A future where you are learning but also teaching and receiving and giving to the world. And your productivity is going to be reflected in your life, from now.

And why shouldn’t we productive? If we aren’t productive now, we will only face the negative impacts of our results in the short future. If we are productive, we can instead reap the rewards in the short future. Plus more.

And because I have pretty much said everything I want to say, I will be productive and post this. So now, you can be productive. Go and do what you need to do now.








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