9 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times

There are moments in everyone’s life when things fall apart, whether it is in reality or in your mind or in your heart.

It is a part of living – And it is by going through these difficult, tough times that we are able to grow as human beings.

To be able to understand just a little more. To be able to love even more at the other side of what we are going through.

I wrote this blog post for anyone is going through a difficult time like this in their own lives. I hope that these words can help you find strength and perhaps a sense of direction to get through this tough time in your life.

9 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times

1. Stop the Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts silently kill your spirit.

Your thoughts play a huge role into who you are and who you become.

When you harbor these negative thoughts constantly inside you, your body gets hurt. Negative thoughts cause a lot of stress, not only to you, but your DNA and metabolic processes from a scientific standpoint as well.

And negative thoughts become a habit your brain adopts and ingrains in itself over and over again the more you keep thinking these negative thoughts.

Eventually these negative thoughts can become inescapable and a part of your identity.

That is why the next time you notice the constant negative talking inside your head, stop it in its tracks.

Slow yourself down. Flip those thoughts into something positive and focus on that.

Let the negative ones go.

Yes, I know – This is so hard to do. I struggle doing this every day – but I know it’s something that must be done for my own happiness.

I am the only person responsible for my own thoughts, so even if it takes me the rest of my life, it’s something I am willing to work towards every day of my life. 

If stopping negative self-talk is hard to do, start with stopping the negative talk you let out into the world. Don’t bully others, Don’t gossip. Don’t ridicule others.

Instead speak good things into the world, you will notice how drastically life begins to change for the good. And slowly begin to reform any habits of habitual negative thoughts into ones where you force yourself to stop and think in a more loving way.

Doing this enough times will create a new habit more aligned to loving self-talk rather than negative self-talk.

2. Be Compassionate & Understanding Towards Yourself and Others

It is especially important during tough times to make the effort to bring compassion and understanding into your day-to-day life. 

When life isn’t going right, it’s easy to be short with others, think unloving thoughts about yourself, start blaming everything and everyone around you, or stop making the effort to be compassionate beings in general.

Be loving, patient, understanding, compassionate, gentle, and open. When you start doing acts based on goodness, it will be so much easier to move into that same energy and start to feel those same feelings as well. 

Be loving quote

3. Be at Home within Yourself and Reflect

Find comfort in being alone and spend that time in reflection. 

Ask yourself “What is the significance of this moment in my life?”

“What do I need to learn from all this?”

“How can I grow through this?”

No matter how well my day is going or how terrible my day has been – I always make time to reflect without judgement: So that I never ignore my problems and hope that with time, it will disappear. 

Practice being safe in your own skin and within your own mind. That is the true universe – Not what is out there. 

4. Take Notice of the Blessings You Already Have

Sometimes, it’s so easy to focus solely on the negative things or the things we lack in our lives, that we cannot see all the things we do have.

The universe wants to extend its love to you, and most of the time – good things are happening for you in the most surprising and unexpected times.

However, when we’re too busy focusing on the negatives, we become blind to all these blessings the universe is trying to give to us.

For example, for months I was stuck in a creative block with my art and was feeling so drained in general. I focused so much on these feelings of lack that it became so hard to be happy. 

I became blind to all the other things the universe was giving me because I was so focused on the one door of fulfillment that I strongly believed was best for me.

I was making more money in all areas of my career aside from my art; Yet for the longest time I was blind to it. I couldn’t feel grateful for it. 

Looking back though, I see just how much love I was missing out on. 

Now, I remind myself that there are thousands of life paths out there for me that I am completely unaware of. The universe will work itself out in the best way for me to grow through Divine timing. 

Don’t be blind to the blessings you are given from the universe. You must see it as a sign of love and that more wondrous gifts await for you.

being grateful quote #gratitude

5. Express Gratitude

The act of simply being grateful is the door that leads to all things beautiful in life.

Express gratitude to the Divine, to God, to the Universe – whatever word you want to call the entity that creates the magic in living.

And if you don’t see the serendipitous moments of your life, the miracles, the strange synchronicities, the unexpected, joyful surprises of life, try looking a little closer.

Being grateful aligns you to being aware of the good things already in your life and it makes way for more good things to arrive into your life.

So learn to set aside time for yourself to reflect on the happenings of your life and see the things you need to be grateful for.

And even when you are experiencing a tough time in your life, there is something to be grateful for in those moments as well. 

Every painful experience I have gone through has evolved me in ways like night and day.

I am the person I am now because of those painful times in my past, and I wouldn’t change anything about my past even if I was given a choice. No matter how many years of loneliness and pain I went through, I would relive it all again because I am grateful for the person I have become because of my past. 

6. Let Go

Stop limiting yourself to your own wants and how you’re going to get from point A to point B.

Stop trying to fix everything that gets messed up in your life.

Stop trying to hold onto things and people that keep trying to go. 

Let go. 

Sometimes the difficult times we go through are because of the things we keep holding onto that only weigh us down: The things that slow you down and keep you in that same place and state you are now. 

Let things fall so that you can make room for you and the universe to together create a life that will bring you more joy and happiness, even if you can’t see or feel that right now.

Believe it will happen – And don’t limit yourself to what your future could be.

Let it happen in a way that was beyond anything you could imagine.

7. Ask for Guidance and Look for Meaning

When you are opening to receiving messages and guidance, you will notice messages all around you from the universe.

Life becomes more beautiful when you look for the meaning behind little things that catch your attention.

For example, for months I was feeling drained and lost about my direction in life. I was drowning in my own negativity for the longest time and in the moment I decided I didn’t want to live like this anymore, I prayed and asked for guidance. 

That same week, I found a Luna Moth and it landed on my pinky finger – like a promise from the universe. I traveled and saw a hummingbird despite it being 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. I felt moved and inspired to buy my first set of Oracle Cards (Here is the link to Amazon for the certain one I bought). I rest an Angelite stone on top of this deck, and during times I need guidance, the cards that come out always speak the words I never knew I needed to hear. These cards have in-fact helped dispel much of the negativity inside me.

This is just my own recent, personal example of how I look for meaning in life, even during tough times. 

The moment you open yourself to the idea that perhaps there is more to each experience that happens to you, the more you will be able to see “signs” from the universe to expand you towards your higher self.

You were born into this world to discover more about yourself. Ask for guidance and you’ll see it.

8. Your Life Can and Will Change

Nothing in life is permanent.

In this blog post, I may talk a lot about how wonderful or magical life can be if you are open to it being that way – but when you’re going through tough times, it’s hard to even be able to think that way.

And almost impossible to even feel that way.

However, despite this – I make it a core belief that everything that happens to me happens for a reason. It is up to me to learn what that reason is.

Sometimes I wonder – If I don’t make an effort to find the meaning behind certain events – It will happen again later in life so that I can learn that life lesson in a different time when I am more ready to receive that lesson. 

everything that happens to you happens for a reason

We can either travel in circles all our lives, or we can take the waves and move through them despite the ups and downs. Or perhaps we are all doing both at the same time. 

Whatever is the case, your life is in constant flow. And I find that right before the biggest, most positive changes in our life are always times where the soul becomes tested and tried. 

It’s so strange how we try and try so hard to move towards a certain goal, and just when we think everything’s fallen apart and it’s not going to work, the universe finds a way to make it work in its own strange ways.

Try letting go of the importance of your troubles and problems – Know that the universe will always work with only love to bring you the life experience that you need to grow and learn most in this life. 

9. Take Inspired Action That Comes from the Heart

always move with inspired action

Never take God or the universe for granted and believe that everything will come to you without any effort on your own part.

If you don’t take even a step towards what you want, you are showing the universe you don’t want it.

Always move with inspired action that comes from the heart.

We are often moved to do things simply because other people are doing it or we are told to do it – but is this truly what your soul wants to do? 

Maybe you feel called and awakened to try something new that has sparked an excitement for life inside you, but then you realize all the odds against you. 

If you feel moved from the heart to do something, do it. If there is anything I have learned repeatedly throughout my life, it is that we are born to love. To love yourself. To love the world. To love everything and learn the infinite depths and expansion of living in such a way.

The moment you decide to live by putting love first in the things you do, the more love you will see happening to you, for you.  

the moment you decide to live by putting love first quote

Things to Remember When Going through Tough Times List

Thank you my lovely readers for stopping by – If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to share it with your friends or family. Leave a comment down below if you have tips of your own or stories to share about moving through tough times in your own life. 

I appreciate all of you – And I hope you have a wonderful day or night, wherever you may be. xx

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  • I was having one of those days, where it’s hard to come out of, and I don’t know how I haphazardly stumbled into your website, probably your art work inspired by the Universe. You’re an amazing young lady, with endless possibilities. But you already know that. I just want to thank you for being you; you are real, genuine, and a FREETHINKING soul. It’s been really eating from your table of goodies. This will last me for awhile, but I will be stopping in from time to time, and if we ever pass each other on the street, I’ll be that old man that will remind you of an old beat up pair of cowboy boots, with a hole in the toe.

    And I wish you the best that this
    wonderful Universe we originate from
    has to offer.