9 Stunning DIY Abstract Paintings to Create

 Creating your own art is such a therapeutic and fun experience – Plus, you have your own creation to hang up in your home!

Here are 9 DIY abstract paintings to create, with links to more in-depth tutorials for each one. 

I hope this inspires you to try at least one of these paintings.

Choose your favorite colors, create how you want to create, and ultimately have fun playing!

The beauty of abstract painting is that there is no wrong way of doing it, it is all solely up to your own artistic taste and personal decisions in the creation process. 

DIY Abstract Painting Tutorials

DIY Abstract Artwork 

DIY Abstract Art to creative for your home DIY

Here is a DIY abstract painting tutorial from FallforDIY.

She lays it down step-by-step; Yet, you have so much freedom to make the painting unique and your own.

I love how she uses a gray canvas to start off her painting – In the end, it really brings out the white and colors in her painting. Check out her full tutorial here on her blog post.

DIY Acrylic Paint and Rubbing Alcohol Technique

Here is a easy painting technique using rubbing alcohol created by StudioSilverCreek on Youtube.

I’m in love with the beautiful patterns you can create using this!

DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art

Dragged Paint DIY Abstract Painting

Here is a beautiful DIY abstract painting tutorial created step-by-step from Mr. Kate. Check out their tutorial here!

DIY Layered Abstract Wall Art

DIY Abstract paintings to try

Here is a super colorful, bold layered DIY abstract painting from Sarah Hearts.

Check out her full blog post, which includes a video tutorial of how to create this fun painting for your own home – here.

Easy Abstract Painting Using Palette Knife

Using a palette knife is an easy way to create beautiful layers and textures with your favorite colors. Experiment – and create one-of-a-kind, unique works of art.

Here is a wonderful tutorial from the talented SurajFineArts.

DIY Blue Abstract Painting Tutorial

DIY Abstract Art Tutorial
DIY Abstract Painting Tutorial Closeup

Here is a gorgeous painting created by ThePaintedHive.

Follow her in-depth tutorial over on her blog post, where she even details her exact “paint recipe” to get these beautiful color effects – Here.

Watercolor Abstract Painting Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial using watercolors by CreatefulArt to create abstract circles that can be framed and added as room decor to any home. 

DIY Abstract Painting

DIY Abstract Art

This painting tutorial uses lots of water and paint flicking, so i figured it’d be a perfect fit for anyone who’s still a little afraid of messing up their abstract painting.

For this one, it’s perfectly fine to get super messy with! Get the exact steps from MakeandFable’s full blog post here.

DIY Easy Abstract Art

Easy DIY Abtract Art - Red

Here is a gorgeous abstract painting tutorial from ABeautifulMess. Check out their full blog post for the step-by-step instructions here.

They lay it down so that anyone new to abstract painting has the ability to make beautiful abstract art.

Thank you yet again for another blog post my lovely readers <3

I hope this inspired you to perhaps give abstract painting a try. Remember to let go of that “perfectionist” attitude and just create what you like and have fun doing it! I hope you have lots of fun doing so!

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