20 Easy Self Care Ideas for Self Growth

20 Self Care Ideas for Any Day

20 Self Care Ideas to Start Any Day, Any Time – Right Now

Self Care is so important in this day and age when it becomes so easy to forget – So here is a list of 20 self care ideas to incorporate into your days, no matter when or what time you want to start. Just start!

1. Make Yourself a cozy cup of coffee or tea

I love making myself either iced coffee, hot coffee during the winter months, and tea. My go-to tea is simply Black tea with a dash of milk, but I also go for Chai tea, Earl Grey, and Green Tea as well.

Make whatever type of coffee or tea you like! It’s simply about enjoying the taste and letting yourself warm up from the inside-out. (or chill down if it’s the summer months)

2. Yoga

Self Care Ideas - Yoga Beginner Poses

Yoga is one of the best ways to incorporate stretching, exercise, and meditation together. I know that whenever I do yoga, I become so relaxed afterwards – both physically and mentally.  Here are some simple yoga poses to get you started from BistroMD. If you can only do one pose, try Child’s pose (#19)… it’s the pose recommended to go in after doing any other poses. It’s one of the most relaxing ones.

3. Set Your Phone Aside

Stop checking your phone. It’s so easy to check your phone once and then spend the next hour or more on your social media, emails, or text messages. When it’s “your” time, spend that time for yourself!

4. Go for a Walk

I love walks by myself: Listening to my favorite song of the moment on replay and just taking in my surroundings. It’s a great time to let your thoughts wander… You may notice that feelings, thoughts, and ideas just end up surfacing that never had a chance to earlier in the day. 

When you make time for yourself, you’ll start to notice and appreciate all the parts of yourself that never got to come through until now. Whether they are the good or the bad parts, you can now take care of yourself.

5. Organize Your Space

Sometimes taking care of yourself means taking care of the space around you. It is much easier to have a clear mind when you have a clean, uncluttered space. So take some time to clean perhaps even a small section of your room: Find a place for each belonging to belong and decorate so your space not only is homely, but provides a source of inspiration for you as well.

6. Read a Book

Set aside even half an hour of your free time for reading. Reading is a great way of widening your perspective of the world and learning a wide gamut of information in a short amount of time.

My favorite book for self growth is Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening. Each chapter is only 1-2 pages long, so even if you have a short period of time to read, you learn something… And each chapter is devoted to at least one of Nepo’s life lessons to live a more fulfilling life. Plus – the writing is absolutely beautiful.

7. Forgive

A lot of things can happen during the day. It is important that at the end of the day, no matter what may have happened to you, you practice forgiving. 

Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive yourself for all the hurt you caused yourself. Forgive and let go of the negativity you still hold on to because it’s only going to keep draining your energy to hold onto it. Let that fist inside you go. Exhale. And forgive.

8. Take A Bath

Taking a bath is a great self-care method to unwind yourself for the day. I love a nice bubble bath or using bath bombs for all the pretty colors and effects.

9. Cuddle with Your Pet

Have a cuddle session with your pet(s). Play with them. Clean them. Make a new treat or toy for them. Create a new play environment for them. Enrich their lives and it will bring you lots of happiness knowing your pet is happy with you.

10. Create & Focus on a Vision Board

“You can choose to live a life where life happens to you. Or you can live a life where life comes from you.” – Shawn Achor

Create a Vision Board of important things you want to have in the next 5 years of your life. Then, place this Vision Board in an area you will see everyday and close your eyes and imagine you living life with these things. This exercise is a great way of realigning yourself with the things that truly matter to you. Plus, if you have heard about the Law of Attraction, it’s a great way of incorporating this into your everyday routine for self care.

What is your life’s purpose? The more concrete of an idea you have in your mind’s eye, with each passing moment in your life, you will find all the different ways the universe conspires to make it happen for you.

11. Journal

I am a strong advocate for journaling – So if you haven’t yet… Start a journal! 

Journaling is one of the best forms of self care because it makes you spend time with yourself. You have to physically write down your thoughts and at the same time, be aware of the direction your thoughts go. When you are thinking, it is so easy to switch topics, get distracted, or stop all-together for whatever reason. When writing, you set yourself up for following through with a train of thought. And by the end of an entry, when reading back through, you will most likely be able to see the bigger picture of what these thoughts mean to you. And this gives you greater control for change and self-awareness in areas where you need this the most.

To get started, read my blog post 100 Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery or 100 Questions to Ask Yourself for Self Growth

12. Create

Let your creativity out – Start a new hobby or work on a current hobby you have. If you’re not sure where to start, try to reading my blog post on 50 Crafts to Make (and Sell – only if you want to). 

Developing that creative side of yourself is so important, especially in this day and age. As technology is developing more and more, there are increasingly more tasks computers are able to do more efficiently than we can. However, the one thing we as people can do that technology can never replace is creating: Whether that be ideas, art, stories, or thoughts. So always keep creating my friends.

13. Meditate

Spend at least 5 minutes meditating. You can even set a timer if you’re constrained on time. However, during this time, relax. Breathe. Let whatever comes to you come. With meditating, you do not necessarily need to not think of anything and empty your mind completely. There is no one right way to meditate. Do what helps you the most to relax and bring the most inspiration to you.

14. Incorporate a Good Skin Care Routine

Just like taking a bath, taking care of your skin is another way of incorporating self care into your routine. Instead of thinking of it as just another task to do, pamper yourself. Use products that make you feel good and show amazing results as well. Try using a face mask on top of your regular routine or adding in a facial massages.

For anyone who has acne, I recommend trying out Curology. I’ve suffered from chronic acne most of my life, but starting Curology has really changed my skin dramatically. I know acne can really be a killer of self esteem so I wanted to add this in – in case it can help anyone else out there who’s feeling like nothing else is working for them. You can try it out for FREE here using this link -You only have to pay for shipping if you want to try it out.

15. Make Your Favorite Comfort Food

Cooking your favorite food can in itself be a relaxing experience, and when you can enjoy your favorite meal afterwards… that is a recipe for a happy day/night.  My go-to comfort foods are any kind of pasta or soup.  *If cooking isn’t your thing, you can always order take-out from your favorite restaurant too 🙂

16. Listen to a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

Create a playlist of your favorite songs you can always unwind to!

17. Smile

This may sound weird, but the next time you stand in-front of a mirror, smile. It’s important to smile for others, but when do we even make the effort to smile for ourselves?

18. Learn

self care ideas - explore new places

Learn a new skill or way of thinking. There are so many ways to learn something new: Read a book, watch a Youtube video, read a blog post. Just be selective in who you are learning from and what you are learning.

19. Explore a new place

Go and explore a new place you’ve always wanted to go. Some examples include:

  • A park
  • Art Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • A lake, river, or beach
  • The mountains
  • A new cafe
  • A historical building

20. Enjoy the Little Things

Make note of the little things in life you love. Maybe it’s flowers… You can buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Maybe it’s just relaxing having a seat in your backyard or by a window. Perhaps it’s lying down in the grass and looking up at the clouds or stars. Whatever brings you joy in life, take note of it and do whatever makes you happy for even just a moment.

I hope you found some new ways to incorporate self-care into your everyday routine. Even just spending an extra 5 minutes each day to meditate or 30 minutes to read a book can do wonders to your overall health and well-being. 

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Until next time my lovely readers xx Have a wonderful day.

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  • You have a very nice website here. I found it while searching for ideas for a gift for an artist friend. It’s visually pleasing, simple and provides great ideas I could read quickly but think about for a long time. Kudos to you, and happy New Year!

    • Aww thank you Mike for such a lovely comment! Glad you stumbled on by and happy New Year to you as well!