Life-Changing Ted Talks & Interviews for Self Growth

The Best Ted Talks and Interviews to Change Your Life Right Now #tedtalk

The Best Ted Talks & Motivational Videos for Self Growth

Here is a collection of my favorite motivational videos that truly changed my life towards self growth and change.

Whether you are struggling with negative thoughts, wanting to change negative habits, or are just looking for ways to become a better person, here are the videos that will change your life for the better.

Why Motivation is Garbage | Mel Robbins

Yeah, I know – this blog post is all about motivating you… so why this video? Well – motivation is nothing without action and this video is the first thing you need to watch to take the necessary action to change your life starting now.

This talk from Mel Robbins bypasses the whole need for motivation to get our life in order… she lays down her 5 Second secret to trick your mind from all the procrastination, laziness, or fear – And get yourself on your feet so that you can finally do what you need to do – And get to where you want to be in life.

Here is her original Ted Talk that has gone viral and gotten over 16M views.

Chris Evans Advice for People with Anxiety and Depression | Motivation Madness

This interview is for anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, or just a mind that thinks way too much. There are a thousand thoughts that hold us back (for what we believe is for our own good). Here are some of Chris’ advice for dealing with that voice in your head and his own experiences with anxiety.

Self-Love, Be Intentional | Caitlyn Roux

Caitlyn Roux tells her story of how she broke away from “the person she thought the world wanted her to be” to become “the person she is”. Self growth – happiness – it is all intentional.. And the gift she wants to give each person is the experience of self-discovery.

A Talk with DANDAPANI | Be Inspired

This short interview span is all about the power of getting to know yourself. Not many of us sit down and spend time getting to know ourselves; Yet, we spend so much time getting to know the world and other people. And because of this, so many inner-problems arise and we end up feeling lost and unfulfilled, wasting our energy on things that don’t truly matter for us.

So spend time with yourself. It’s not that much to ask out of anybody.

Your Body as a Vessel for Your Energy | Annie Tarasova

When was the last time you took time for yourself to be grateful to yourself? To feel the wonder and magic to be alive? I love this heart-to-heart talk from Annie sharing her thought process and emotions for anyone who needs a little extra self-love… this is the video for you.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza

This interview with Dr. Dispenza is rich with so much knowledge that there isn’t one summary I can give that spans all he talks about. The best thing about what he preaches is that it is backed by scientific research: I especially loved the part relating to Epigenetics as a Biology nerd, myself.

Your mind has power over your body – It’s time to take back control and stop living in survival mode all the time.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life | Lavendaire

If you’re looking for motivational and self growth videos, check out the Youtube channel Lavendaire created by Aileen.

Below is a video where she talks about the importance of having a growth mindset versus one of limiting beliefs. Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself and your goals that are holding you back?

How to Hack Your Way Into Success at Anything | Alex Banayan

We all have dreams – And sometimes, we just need to look for that third door to our dream. The third door is metaphor Alex Banayan uses: There is the first door that everyone knows about and must wait their turn to get through. The second door is the door that only the privileged can go through: You have the money or are born into the world. The third door is the door that takes some creative thinking and lots of courage because you don’t know if it’ll get you in. It’s the door your gut pulls you towards but all the reasons tell you no. This talk will inspire you to take that third door – to find a way – to not only success but to your dream.Β Get the bookΒ The Third DoorΒ here on Amazon

My favorite part of this interview was the story of Microsoft’s former President Qi Lu and his view on luck and success: “Luck is like a bus” (41:00). Even though this is a pretty long interview, I definitely recommend watching this whole video through at least once.

How to Unlock Your Genius | Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is all about teaching others the power of learning; Yet, growing up as a child, his biggest struggle was learning. Learn exactly how to uncover your superpower through this interview.

How to Transform Your Brain | Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani’s vision is in Transformational Education: This is the education that public education often forgets to teach us. It is the power of mindfulness, wisdom, conscious presence and thinking, and our emotional states.Β 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found yourself lots of Ah-ha moments from these videos. And if you haven’t noticed… I love Impact Theory, so make sure to subscribe to Tom Bilyeu’s Youtube channel for more amazing content!

If you have any videos about self growth that you love, feel free to share it in the comments section down below as well! Let’s help each other grow… and who knows, I might just add your recommendation to this list!

Thank you for reading and watching this blog post. I hope you have a wonderful day <3

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