The Secret to Finding Happiness

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How to Find Happiness

Where is the place that makes your heart warm again? Where everything becomes beautiful again.

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I find that there are certain truths that we circle around in living:

We move forward, we pass it by – Only to return to these truths time and time again in a different future. In a different place.

We scramble so desperately to live – and forget we see and know these truths implicitly from memory, only to arrive yet again to be gently reminded of what we know; Yet the rush and hurry makes us forget… so very easily.

It’s easy to forget what happiness is.

There was a time in my life where despite suffering from a sadness eating me up, life was so vivid and colorful.

Living was utterly beautiful.

And looking back, I realize it was because I had time and freedom to live life slowly during those years.

And I think that’s something important we all need in our lives.

To be slow in a physical sense, but more so, to be still and accepting in a more inward sense.

It’s easy to fall back into a heart that frantically chases after the notion of “happiness”: Whether it be comfort, love, money, or a certain lifestyle.

It is during these times when we are chasing after these things that we in-fact run farther away from the very truth of happiness itself. 

I have come to realize that however much I run to live, the universe always has a way of reminding me of my own warm hearted place I have inside.

No matter how many times I believe I’ve lost it.

I hope that for as long as we live, no matter how much we feel as if we must run to live – we will always have eyes that never stop looking for these signs.

In every sound. In every clear blue sky.

In every stark gray sky.

In the cool breeze of the day.

In music.

In art.

In the eyes of the person in front of you.

The universe is creating this very experience for you.

There is God in everything and everyone around us -trying to show us a truth to living.

And when we rush, we let all these things pass us by.

So if you ever feel as if your life is tinted in a feeling of unhappiness or inadequacey, remember that the world is always trying to gently show you something in everything.

Go outside.

Open your eyes, listen, and experience the world with an open heart.

Search for the meaning to everything. 

And when you come across a moment in your life that aligns in such a special way – when everything arrives to you in perfect timing and beauty, even for the most trivial of things – And you realize the true feeling of happiness in that moment, slow down.

Let everything else go. 

When we are able to understand that different language of happiness that can only be born from inside, it becomes easier and easier to arrive to that warm hearted state – every time. 

So the next time you feel as if happiness has become a distant, faded feeling within you, do this:

1. See everything you experience as a gift from God or the universe.

Every person you meet, every beautiful sight in front of you, in every feeling of living – there is a reason you are experiencing this.

2. Look for the meaning to everything.

What is the universe trying to tell you?

Even in something simple as a cool breeze passing you by, even that is something meant to calm your heart and slow you down.

3. Be grateful.

4. Look for love. Embody love.

5. Slow down.

Be still.

Stop rushing towards the next step or the next day or next phase of your life.

Don’t let life pass you by as nothing until you think you finally gain something.

People waste years of their life doing this.

6. Accept everything for what it is. 

7. Know that we are all the one and same.

8. Stop hiding your feelings.

Stop hiding yourself from the world.

Let yourself be known.

The more we hide ourselves away, the more distant and cold the world becomes.

However, the more we genuinely reveal ourselves to the world, the more beauty we are able to see.

This is just a simple truth to living – as simple as the fact that if we do not look at someone, we will never see them looking back at us.

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  • For me, slowing down is the hardest thing. In real life, people do not wait for me to think. It is only possible when I am alone.

    • I resonate a lot with what you are saying! I’ve come to love the time I spend by myself because of it (Probably a little too much ^^”) I wish you all the best and thank you for your comment!