15 Organization Ideas for a Cozy Home

I think one of the key ways to live a more happier life is to create a safe space that fills you with calm, cozy, inspiring energy.

A cluttered home can easily cause us to lose sight of the present moment, as it forces one to ignore the mess that surrounds us.

I think it’s important – instead – to live with things that you love and hold dear. Things that make you feel cozy and at home.

It helps us all to slow down and take time to enjoy the pleasure of simply living our daily, routine lives. 

Here is a little blog post for anyone wanting to clear up their space. I hope this inspires you to create a cozy, clean home – where you can find beauty in the space that surrounds you.

15 Organization Ideas for a Cozy Home

15 Organization Ideas for a Cozy Home

Storage Organization Ideas

Use little bins and baskets to organize each item to belong in a certain place. Not only does it look pleasing to the eye, but it allows you to continue keeping things away in the right place. Every item has a home to belong to.

Photo from The Neat Method.

Organization Ideas for Home

Here is another storage photo to inspire you to organize via The Home Edit.

Basket Organization Ideas for Storage

I love the look of baskets to organize shelves, cabinets, tabletops, etc. The brown, natural texture adds such a cozy feel to any space.

Photo source from Pinterest.

Home Organization Ideas - Baskets

Here is a useful organization idea from A House Full of Sunshine: Use these wire baskets to organize any paperwork you may have. 

Home Organization Ideas - Cabinet

Have furniture that gives your space a neutral, cozy feel to it. Keep everything away neatly behind these cabinet doors using your favorite storage bin ideas.

This storage cabinet can be found on Amazon here.

Storage Organization Ideas

Here is a simple organization idea from Good Housekeeping – Create a DIY shelf using baskets.

Home Organization Storage Ideas

Use drawers to organize items away from sight – Here is a neutral-colored drawer within bins from Amazon

Basket Storage Ideas Organization

I love the idea of stacking these baskets on top of each other to minimize the space they take up. Photo source from Beach Bliss Living.

You can find similar baskets to this one on Amazon here

DIY Wall Organizer Storage

If you are in need of lots of storage space, try out this DIY tutorial from Sew at Home Mummy. 

You can build it from scratch using wooden boards or build it up from the Ikea or Amazon cubbies. 

Home Organization Ideas - Clothing Rack

I love the idea of organizing your most favorite pieces of clothing in a clothing rack.

I believe that fashion can really brighten your day, especially when you are able to see your favorite pieces. Here is a photo from The Glitter Guide.

Here is a link to a similar wooden clothing rack that can be found on Amazon. 

DIY Shelf for Home

Add more shelves to your space with this simple DIY tutorial from Vintage Revivals using scrap wood.

It’s a great way to add more storage and organization space to your home.

DIY Large Desk Organizer for Office

I love having a desk that not only has a large surface area to work on, but also has lots of storage space.

Here is a DIY desk tutorial to create a work space with that in mind from Crafting is my Life.

Wire baskets - home organization ideas

Use wire baskets to separate items into categories for smarter storage. This photo is from the blog Me and My Big Ideas

DIY Coat Rack - Home Organization

Create a simple coat rack with this DIY tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect. Use this to hang your coat, purses, necklaces, etc. 

DIY Industrial Cart - Home Organization Ideas

Organize your home using a multiple-tiered cart. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to create your own industrial cart from Simply Designing.

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I hope you enjoyed this little blog post and found some ideas to inspire you to create a more organized, cozy space to spur a more beautiful lifestyle. Declutter things you no longer need in your life.

Find ways to beautifully display and store things that bring beauty to your life. Let your space be your happy place for your soul to calmly live and thrive. 

If you enjoyed this blog post – feel free to comment down below or share this with your friends. 

Until next time my lovely readers. Have a wonderful day – and until next time xx

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