Desk Must-Haves: Create the Perfect Space for Productivity & Inspiration

Desk Must-Haves: Create the Perfect Space for Productivity & Inspiration

Whether you are a student, working from home, or simply are looking to improve your work area, creating a beautiful and optimized desk space is important! Having a space that is optimized solely for work can help you work much more efficiently – leading to less procrastination, work burn-out, and creative blocks.

So here are some of my favorite desk must-haves to help you get more stuff done and make working a more fun and inspiring. 

Basic Desk Area Tips:

  • Keep it neat and tidy
  • Keep it bright and airy (Don’t work in a dark area!)
  • Keep things around you that inspire your creativity
  • Create a vision board to inspire you & keep you focused on your dream/future goals
  • Keep your space organized

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1. The Desk

The desk is the most important part – so whichever desk you choose, make sure it is one you feel comfortable working at. 

Personally, I like sitting/working on the floor so I like to work on low coffee tables, but I know this can be hard on a lot of people’s legs – So here are a couple of desks to inspire your space from Amazon. 

L Shaped Desk - Desk Must Haves

I love L-shaped desks because you get so much desk space! Having a large space to spread out my work is important to me, so here is a beautiful & affordable L-shaped desk from Amazon.

Shop Amazon Desk

Here is a 48 inch contemporary style desk from Amazon that is another affordable option. It’s simple and has a beautiful natural and white finish to it.

Japanese-style Low Large Table

If you are like me and like sitting on the floor, working at a low table, here is  a Japanese-style low table that you might like. I love the beautiful wooden finish to this, its simplicity, and the built-in organizer on the side. 

2. Chairs

If you are going to be sitting at a desk for a while, it’s important to find a chair that you find comfortable to sit in. Below are several cozy, comfy chairs for your own work space. 

Office Chair Amazon - Desk Must Haves

If you are looking for a comfy, stylish chair for your office space, here is beige-colored upholstered chair from Amazon. 

Office Desk Chair Amazon

Here is a simple white desk chair that is more comfortable than it looks at first. Plus, it’s an affordable option that is well-loved by many shoppers on Amazon. 

Desk Must Haves Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for a more ergonomic option, try going with a gaming chair – They are specially created to be comfortable for sitting in for long periods of time. There are also plenty of affordable gaming chairs available on Amazon in a variety of colors, so you can be sure to find one in a style that fits your personal tastes. 

3. Desk Organizers

It is crucial to have a desk organizer and here’s why: If you’re anything like me, if you don’t have a place for things to belong, they just go haphazardly everywhere. And that’s how I get a mess in no time! 

When you have a specific place for each thing to belong, it is so much easier to put things back in its proper place and have an organized space for a prolonged period of time. I cannot stress this enough!

Below are some desk organizers to help you get your work space sorted out if this is an area that you need a little extra help with (I always find myself in need of more organizers)

Desk Organizing Must Haves - Pen Organizer

If you have a lot of pens, art supplies, or office supplies at your desk, this Pen Organizer from Amazon may come in handy for you. I love how easily accessible everything is, which is really important to me as an artist and writer. I need to be able to grab my stationery/art supplies when inspiration strikes me.

Copper Desk Organizer Set

Here is a gorgeous set of Copper Desk Organizers to keep your desk area clean, yet stylish. 

Clear Desk Drawer Organizer

I love the look of clear, acrylic desk drawers. You can easily see the contents of each drawer, plus there’s something very elegant about it. There are so many options available on Amazon but here’s one that has 4 large-size drawers and 2 smaller drawers at the top. It averages 5 stars on Amazon, and has accumulated over 2,000 reviews, so it is well-loved by many!

Desk Shelving Unit Organizer

Adding a shelving unit to one’s desk area can not only organize your space further, but can also create a “view” that inspires your creativity. Here is a unique Desk Shelving Unit from Amazon

Desk Bulletin Wall Grid Organizer

If you have a wall near your desk space, try incorporating a Grid Panel to not just organize, but have a place to create a vision board of sorts. This one from Amazon comes with clips and baskets, making it even more practical than most standard grid panels you can get. 

4. Beautiful Stationery

I love beautiful stationery: Washi tapes, stickers, memos, sticky pads, pens, etc. I must admit, I may just like collecting them more than I use them in a practical manner… but if you like journaling or writing, try stocking up on some pretty stationery. 

Desk Must Haves - Journal Writing Notebook

Everyone needs a journal or notebook to write down their ideas, thoughts, and feelings; It not only allows you to see your thoughts on paper, but it also helps you develop your self-awareness greatly. 

I personally love dotted pages in my notebooks, as it gives me greater freedom to write without margins or lines constraining me. Minimalism Art creates a wide range of notebooks with various page designs, sizes, and colors – so you’re bound to find the right one for you.

Desk Must Haves - Colorful Pens

If you want to add color to your writing, I recommend getting multicolored pens like these. It really helps makes anything you do more playful (even work).

These are my favorite pens for writing. All Pilot G2 Pens are AMAZING – but I especially like the Extra Fine (0.5 mm) ones because the lines aren’t too thick nor too thin/unstable. The ink flow is perfectly even and I love how it makes my handwriting look, especially since I write so small and compact. 

Desk Must Haves - Stickers

The majority of stickers I have come from Aliexpress – They have such a wide, beautiful selection of stickers. Plus, they are extremely affordable… You can usually find stickers for less than $1 on here. The stickers above can be found here

Aliexpress is also where I get most of my Washi Tape. They just have the best selection when it comes to my aesthetics.

Desk Must Haves - Planner

Another desk must-have item is a planner. I”m not one that can stick with using a planner, but I know that for some people – having a planner is imperative to one’s success. 

If you believe that there is too much going on in your mind than you can keep track of, jot it down in a planner so that you don’t have to keep carrying the burden of your to-do lists in your head.

This one is a gorgeous minimalist-style planner from Amazon that includes a monthly & weekly planner, plus to-do lists inside on premium thick paper.

5. Desk Lamp

Brighten up your desk area with these desk lamps.

Desk Must Haves - Green Lamp

I really love the playful, down-to-earth feel of this Green Desk Lamp from Amazon. 

Crystal Desk Lamp

I am absolutely in love with this Crystal Lamp on Amazon – when you turn it on, it projects the most beautiful light patterns against walls and objects. 

6. House Plants

Liven up your work space by incorporating plants around your desk area. There are so many types of indoor plants out there to choose from – Whether you have a green-thumb (or not), there are plants out there just for you.

Here are some houseplants for people who need plants that are very hard to kill and can survive in low light conditions:

  • Peace Lily (They may droop when you forget to water, but as soon as you water it, it comes back to life)
  • Spider Plant (Propagate like crazy)
  • Golden Pothos (You can hang them up in the air and their vine-like leaves will cascade down beautifully)
  • Snake Plant (They’ll be fine even if you forget about them for weeks)
  • Jade Plant (They prefer to not be watered that much)
  • Philodendron (These have some pretty cool leaf shapes)

For more advanced plant-lovers, you may be interested in keeping a little bonsai on your desk to bring you joy. Prune it on occasion to develop those tiny leaves and shape the bonsai to grow beautifully over time.

These are Bonsai Starter Kits where you can choose which type of tree you would like to grow – Keep in mind that this is a process that takes years of patience. You are growing a tree from a seedling. There are also Bonsai trees that have already been grown initially that you can buy as well. 

Desk Must-Haves - Bonsai

Desk Must Haves - Macrame Plant Hanging Pot

I have been really into Macrame Plant Hangers to make any space feel oh-so dreamy. Try incorporating this around your desk area – beautifying the space around you can definitely help you feel more positive in a more passive fashion. You can get these Macrame Plant Hangers here on Amazon, it just doesn’t come with the plant or pot.

7. Other desk must haves

Here are some other little desk must-haves, whether you are looking for style, practicality, or a little bit of inspiration. 

If you a lover of words and quotes to keep you motivated in your day-to-day life, having a Felt Letter board at your desk area can provide you just the right motivation you need. 

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Desk Must Haves - Desktop Fan

Having a desktop fan is so refreshing, especially during the warmer months. With a nice, cold cup of iced coffee – it is perfection!

Moon Mouse Pad - Desk Must Haves

If you are a lover of all things dreamy and lunar – Here is a beautiful moon mousepad that can be found on Amazon.

Rose Gold Desk Accessories

A beautiful set of Rose Gold Desk Accessories

A Year with Rilke: Daily Readers

Surround yourself with inspiring books that you can pick up, read a random page and just be refueled with inspiration and motivation to keep going. For this very reason, I love poetry.

Lately, I have been loving the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke. I highly recommend A Year with Rilke, which showcases on each page a selection of Rilke’s writing and poetry. 

Here is two examples of Rilke’s poetry:

Never Yet Spoken

I believe in all that has never yet been spoken.
I want to free what waits within me
so that what no one has dared to wish for
may for once spring clear
without my contriving

Where Does a Smile Go

Those who are beautifulΒ  –
who can keep them as they are?
Unceasingly in their faces
the life in them arises and goes forth.
Like dew from morning grass,
like steam from a plate of food,
what is ours goes out from us.Β Where does a smile go, or the upward glance, the sudden warm movement of the heart? Yet that is what we are. Does the universe we dissolve into taste of us a little?

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Desk Must-Have Ideas to incorporate into your own work area. 

Having a work space optimized best for you will not only help you get the work you need to do done, but make work a little bit more fun. Make your desk space a place you want to spend time at – not some dreaded place that sucks the life out of you. 

Find a way to make work life-fulfilling!

If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to comment down below or share this blog post with your friends or family. Thank you again my lovely readers and I hope you have an amazing day ahead of you. 


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