15 Stunning Office & Craft Room Organization Ideas

Office & Craft Room Storage & Organization

Office & Craft Room Organization Ideas

Here are some organization ideas for your home office or craft room – So that you have a clean & uncluttered space to work productively and happily. I hope you enjoy these little suggestions to try out!

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Craft Room Organization Ideas

If you have a lot of paper lying around – try getting a flat filing cabinet to organize it all.

Photo inspiration is from Our Food Stories: Check out their blog post for more beautiful, minimalist interior inspiration.

Studio or Craft Room Organization

Organize materials into categories and try storing them in baskets on shelves.

Here is some lovely inspiration for organizing your space from The Design Files. 

Office or Craft Room Organization

If you have empty wall space, try installing a grid to create more vertical organization space in your office, studio, or craft room. 

Here is a rose gold grid panel similar to the one pictured that can be found affordably on Amazon. 

Craft Room Organization

Try adding drawers to your office space to keep everything out of sight and in its proper place.

Photo inspiration from A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Peg Board - Craft Room Organization

Create a giant pegboard for your office or craft room with this DIY tutorial from Ginger Snap Crafts.

It’s a great way to organize your space, plus make use of any empty wall space you may have. 

Craft Room Organization

I love this simple DIY idea to create drawer dividers yourself from Organized Mom – Check out the original blog post for more instructions!

If you’re having trouble finding the right size drawer organizer, try creating a custom one that fits your needs perfectly.

Craft Room Organization

Try using a mail sorter for organization too! Photo found through Brown Dress with White Dots

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Here is another photo for organization inspiration for your bookshelf or cube shelf.

I love the natural look baskets add to a space. Photo credit is from Vicki Boutin’s blog.

Craft Room Organization Ideas

If you are looking for some organization ideas for your office supplies – here are some ideas for you. Try using paper and pen sorters to keep everything color coordinated.

I love how neat, yet fun this space looks – Found through the blog Stamps n Storage

Craft Room Organization

I love this DIY wall shelf idea using old vintage crates from NatalMe

Craft Room Decor Ideas

I am in love with the way these pens and markers are organized! Photo found through FresHouz

Office Organization Ideas

I love the neutral color palette of this cube shelf – Plus, everything is tucked away neatly so it can’t be seen.

Photo Source found via The Crux

Organize your office supplies into a desk using plastic organizers. Keep everything compartmentalized in its proper place.

Photo source from Kelly Nan.

Organization Ideas

Use a tiered cart to organize little things. Photo source not known – Found through Pinterest.

Here is a similar 3-tier Utility Cart from Amazon, available in white, black, and pink.

Office and Craft Room Organization Ideas

Here is a lovely organization idea for your office or craft room from In My Own Style.

You can find a similar cart with shelves on Amazon here

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