10 Fun & Unique DIY Craft Ideas to Make

10 Unique DIY Craft Ideas to Make

Whether you are in the mood for some crafts or are trying to figure out a new hobby or creative business idea to pick up – Here is a list of 10 fun & unique craft ideas for you. 

These are some of my favorite craft ideas I have found around the web. With each image is the site where you can find further instructions on how to create each gorgeous DIY craft idea. 

DIY Polymer Clay Plate

I really love this adorable DIY plate from Fall for DIY’s blog post. All you need is polymer clay and your oven to create these fun, colorful plates for your home. See their original blog post for in-depth instructions. 

DIY Polymer Clay Coffee Table Plate

DIY Floral Paper

Here is a gorgeous tutorial from the blog Burnetts Boards on how to create DIY paper using flower petals. Paper making is a fascinating process, and if you’re interested, it can be so satisfying to see what different effects you can get by adding different ingredients. 

Handmade Flower Paper DIY

DIY Cyanotype Tote Bag

This DIY Cyanotype Tote Bag idea and tutorial can be found at Collage’s blog post here. The materials needed includes a plant of your choice, a tote bag, and a Cyanotype kit to create this botanical-inspired tote bag. 

Cyanotype Tote Bag DIY Craft

DIY Mini Tapestry

Here is a simple DIY Tapestry tutorial from Jordan Clark’s Youtube Channel using only yarn and cardboard. It’s a great way to get into tapestry-making without fully committing into purchasing a large loom.

DIY Fabric Flowers

Here is a DIY fabric flower tutorial from The DIY Mommy Blog. All you need is polyester fabric, thread, needle, and a candle. She also includes a PDF in her blog post for her flower petal patterns. 

I absolutely love how realistic these fabric flowers turn out – and there are a whole slew of fabric flower tutorials out there on the web to try out. 

DIY Fabric Flowers - Fabric Peony

DIY Fairy Light Moon Wall Decor

Here is a cute room decor idea using fairly lights from Shine Crafts – Create a crescent moon shape using just a coat hanger and fairy lights. It’s simple to make – and you can create ideally any shape you would like to decorate your wall with. Have fun with the idea!

See the full tutorial in this blog post here. 

Fairly Light Moon Room Decor

DIY Rope Planter Basket

Here is a gorgeous DIY rope planter basket tutorial from Alice and Lois’s blog. I love how simple it is – and you don’t need to know how to sew to create this: Just rope, a glue gun, and any extra fringe or fabric for embellishing purposes. 

DIY Rope Planter Basket

DIY Fluid Art Using Paint and Dish Soap

Art can be expensive to make – so here is a more affordable option for those interested in create fluid artwork for your home. This is a tutorial from Vivian V on Youtube using $2 paint and some dish soap. 

DIY Stamped Clay Bowl

Here is another cute ceramic DIY for you – this time, using stamps. This one is from the blog Gathering Beauty. All you need is a stamp you like from your favorite craft store, ink, and air dry clay… and you’ve got yourself a beautiful bowl to decorate your home!

Stamped Clay Bowl DIY Craft

DIY Boho Wall Hanging Decor

Here is a gorgeous boho-style floral wall hanging idea from Ruffled Blog. Visit their original blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to create this lovely floral DIY for your home. 

DIY Floral Macrame Wall Hanging

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I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 DIY’s to try out the next time you are in the mood for something creative. 

Feel free to comment or share down below and thank you, my lovely reader, for stopping by. Have a wonderful day, and until next time <3

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