15 Beautiful Easy Drawing Ideas

15 Easy Drawing Ideas - Things to Draw

Creative Drawing Ideas: 15 Small, Easy Drawing Ideas

Here is another one for you doodle lovers out there – Here are 15 easy drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook whenever you are bored or have the urge to doodle something. 

1. A Rising Moon

Draw the moon, the cosmos, the outdoors – everything to remind you of the beautiful night. And what it feels like to be under the stars.

Rising Moon Drawing - Easy Creative Drawing Ideas

2. A House of Flowers

I always have a notion that the self is one’s home – and the imagery of filling it with flowers is something that always makes me happy. Doodle it out and let your mind dwell on that image. 

House with Flowers Drawing - Easy Doodle

3. A Window

Draw a window. Draw the world you see – in its simplicity, in love, in the places you can’t be or see. Drawing can be that window. 

Mountain Drawing Idea

4. Plants in Growth

Plant flowers in odd, quaint little things – And draw it out. 

Teacup with Flowers Doodle

5. Flowers and raining petals

I love practicing drawing flowers – There are so many types of flowers out there. I also love the image of falling petals… So why not draw them together?

Flower Drawing Easy

6. Snowy Mountains

For some reason, when there is nature and snow and mountains, time just seems to become inexistent. It might be the memory of the silence or the pure whiteness or the shift in the air – but it’s nice to draw that feeling out. 

Mountain Drawing Ideas

7. A Heart of Flowers

Whenever I think about love, I imagine a heart of flowers. Remind yourself of that feeling with a little, simple drawing. Always remember your heart is full of flowers. 

Heart with Flowers Drawing Idea

8. The Universe

Your mind is the universe – and I live constantly chasing the realigning myself to this notion… because there is nothing else in this world I need to feel complete, but to feel a deep acceptance of the universe in my mind. 

With the Universe Drawing

9. Cats

Drawing animals is a great way to practice your drawing skills. I like drawing cats because they’re easy to draw, and they just go about living their own life and I’m always reminded of that type of energy when I doodle them. 

Cat Drawing Doodle

10. A Flower in a Vase

There’s a breathtaking simplicity about having only one thing. Sometimes we become swamped by all of the things we don’t have in life – when even just that one thing we do have can be enough to bring us back to a sense of perfect completion. It’s important to be reminded of this throughout our life.

Flower in Vase Doodle

11. Polaroid

Create a memory or surreality with a little Polaroid drawing. 

Polaroid and Space Drawing

12. Coffee or Tea

The next time you have coffee, tea, or a little snack – try doodling it out. One of my favorite things to do is go out to cafes, get an iced coffee and sit with a notebook and let the ideas come and go. 

Coffee Drawing

13. the Sky and Mountains

Here is another nature drawing framed in a circle. Go out on an adventure and seek inspiration from nature. 

Mountain Drawing

14. OOTD Doodle

If you are into fashion, it’s pretty fun to doodle your outfit of the day, or perhaps even a style or fashion piece you’ve been wanting to have in your wardrobe. 

ootd drawing idea

15. Shooting Star

Draw a shooting star just for kicks, and make a wish.

Shooting star drawing

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I hope you enjoyed this little blog post of doodles. Feel free to comment or share down below – 

And I hope you have a wonderful day my lovely doodlers <3

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  • I used your drawings for inspiration to decorate bags for Project Angel Heart. Project Angel Heart delivers medically-tailored meals to people who dealing with health challenges at home. Many of their clients really enjoy receiving their food in a bag decorated by volunteers. Thank you for your beautiful, peaceful drawings that allowed me to create something enjoyable for someone else.