50 Daily Positive Affirmations List

Many of us have over the years become so accustomed to our overwhelming amount of small, negative self-talks we berate ourselves with.

Yet, none of us should have to live like this. 

I grew up with a very anxious mind and over the years, I’ve learned to incorporate more positive self-talk affirmations.

It doesn’t have to perfect. It doesn’t even have to make sense!

However I believe that making the effort to include more positive self-talk can help to ease the mind over time and help one see the world in a more forgiving light.

So here is a list of 50 daily positive affirmations to tell yourself in order to soothe that negative self-talk.

Over time, I hope this conditions your mind to talk more gently and kindly to yourself. 

Plus, we can learn to spread more kindness to ourselves so that we can collectively spread more kindness to those around us as well!

Now, let’s get on to our list! I hope you enjoy!

50 Daily Positive Affirmations

50 positive daily affirmations list

1. I am enough

2. I am complete

3. I am lovable

4. Amazing things are going to happen

5. I can make it through anything

6. My heart is calm

7. I am safe

8. I am wanted

9. My life is beautiful

10. I am limitless

11. I believe in myself

12. I am comfortable being me

13. I am worthy

14. I attract beautiful things into my life

15. I am surrounded in love

positive daily affirmation quote

16. “I forgive myself and set myself free” – Louise Hay

Positive Daily Affirmation - I forgive myself

17. I am proud of myself

18. I see the good in everyone

19. I am a creative being

20. I can do anything I set my mind to

21. Everything is meant to be

positive daily affirmation quote

22. I am in love with life

23. I am brave

24. I am a friend to myself

25. I am alive

26. I choose out of love, not fear

positive daily affirmation quote

27. I am understanding of my thoughts, feelings, and actions

28. Nothing is impossible

29. I am the universe

30. “All that I seek is already within me” – Louise Hay

Positive Daily Affirmations

31. I have balance within me

32. I am ready to succeed

33. I am completely free

34. I am always growing

35. I see the beauty in everything

36. I am strong and healthy

37. “All is well in my world” – Louise Hay

Daily Positive Affirmations

38. I am helpful

39. Everything happens for a reason

40. I am gentle with myself

41. I choose to be present

42. My heart is full of life and love

43. I am aware

44. I make my dreams into reality

45. I attract prosperity

46. I will find the answer

47. I am important

48. Everything is a blessing

49. Life is powerful

50. I am filled with gratitude

daily positive affirmations

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Feel free to share and comment down below – what is a positive affirmation you make sure to remind yourself daily? 

Lots of love xx

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