25 Perfect Gifts for Artists & Art Lovers

A list of 25 perfect gift ideas for artists, creatives, and art lovers everywhere! Whether they are a beginner artist or a full-time professional artist, you will be sure to find the perfect gift idea for the artist in your life.

Because nothing makes artists feel more happy than getting a gift that helps them expand and grow their creativity freely.

There are so many different types of art and mediums out there to try that it can be overwhelming.

I find that new art gifts are perfect because there is nothing as liberating to an artist than creating new art with new materials, without the need to be perfect.

To create just for fun.

And I hope this list of art gifts can help you find a gift that will do just that.

gifts for artists

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1. Jelly Paint

This Jelly Gouache Paint Set available on Amazon has been very popular on social media for its unique branding and convenience. The colors don’t have to be squeezed out of a tube and you can create really beautiful art with these paints (plus you get a lot of paint!)

It creates an even more fun vibe to creating art, and there are three fun case colors you can choose for your Jelly Paint.

This would be a great gift for artists who enjoy painting and want a new medium to try! Check out my review of it here in this blog post.

jelly paint set

2. Drawing Tablet

Being able to digitally draw is one of the best ways I have been able to grow as an artist. That is why drawing tablets make a gift gift for almost any artist.

It offers more options to be able to do more with your art, whether it be you want to start your own art business, create products, or draw on a tablet for fun.

Drawing tablets come at different price points: There are so many high quality ones available at very accessible prices. Overall, I recommend any Wacom tablet.

This one is available on Amazon for about $79. If you are looking for a more affordable option, check out this one that goes for $39.

Best for artists who love drawing or want to start their own art business.

wacom tablet artist gift

3. Glitter Watercolor Set

Did you know there are glitter watercolor sets? I recommend this one from Amazon for its great pigment quality – plus, it comes in a pink case!

This is a great gift for watercolor lovers – They probably already have a watercolor set they love, but do they have a glitter one?

There is also a regular watercolor set available here on Amazon if you’re not sure if the glitter watercolor set works for you.

glitter watercolor set art gift

4. Stickers

Stickers are a great gift for anyone who likes to journal or decorate their stationery. Here are a couple sticker options to choose from.

weekly bullet journal stickers
Weekly Bullet Journal Stickers from Moehrenkunstshop on Etsy
Stickers gift artists
A sticker pack from Annakategifts on Etsy

5. Alphabet Stamp Kit

Stamps are great gifts for artists who like to create art journals, bullet journals, or scrapbooks.

This vintage-style alphabet stamp kit on Amazon is perfect for creating headings or adding little quotes and sayings.

alphabet stamp kit

6. Watercolor Brushes

If your artist likes painting with watercolors, they may enjoy these watercolor brushes from Amazon.

These brushes can be filled with water. When you squeeze the barrel, water dispenses out from the brush tip.

watercolor brush set

7. Art Markers

Copic markers are one of the most popular, high quality artist markers in the market, however they are expensive. This 12-piece set on Amazon is about $53.

These markers were created for manga artists in Japan, but can be used for a wide-variety of art. Refills are also available for these markers.

copic markers

Here is also a more affordable option for art markers. This marker set comes with 40 markers and is available on Amazon from about $20.

art markers artist gifts

8. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a great gift for artists because we use it for so many things. Below are a couple washi tapes with beautiful designs that will surely make your artist happy!

washi tape artist gift

A colorful set of 20 washi tapes from Moleshine on Amazon.

washi tape gifts

A set of 12 blue washi tape rolls from Amazon.

washi tape artist gift

A pastel, abstract-themed washi tape set on Amazon

9. Art Supply Organizer

Sometimes we artists have more art supplies than we know what to do with.

That is why I love functional organizers that not only are great for storage, but also let’s me easily use all my art supplies when I need them.

Here is an organizer on Amazon for storing brushes, pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.

art supply organizer

10. Acrylic Painting Set

Many artists start their painting journey through acrylics. That is why an acrylic paint set is a great gift idea for any artist.

Below is a set of 24 acrylic paint tubes from Arteza from Amazon. It’s a great beginner’s acrylic set with a rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon from over 3000 reviews.

arteza acrylic paint set

11. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are a fun way of preserving memories instantly.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini is by far one of the most popular polaroid cameras on the market. They come in a variety of colors and so many people love them!

12. Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers is a great way for anybody to create art. There are many paint by numbers to choose from, so here are a couple options below.

13. Watercolor Set

Watercolors are a medium that artists should try at least once.

I love this Sakura Koi Watercolor Set (I have the 24 color one), it comes with many colors to try, a palette, and brush. It’s a great set for beginners to try and see if they enjoy watercolors.

koi watercolor set

14. Drawing Pens

A great gift for those who love drawing is a set of drawing pens.

I love this set of Sakura Pigma Micron Pens from Amazon. I bought the 8 piece set which includes a brush along with the different sizes of pens.

sakura pigma micron pens

15. Art Book

Learning arts and crafts from books is a great way to become a better artist.

Check out this little list of different art books for inspiration as to what gift you should get for your artist friend.

how to draw inky wonderlands
A how-to-draw and coloring book all=in-one: How to Draw Inky Wonderlands from Amazon.
amigurumi book artist gift
A book on Amigurumi Crochet patterns for creatives who love to make adorable crafts.

16. Resin Kit

Crafts using resin has become very popular these days. If the artist in your life loves crafts, especially jewelry-making – A resin kit may just be the perfect gift for them!

Below is a resin kit from Amazon that includes not only resin, but pigments and the little tools they need to get started with resin art. If you are also looking for molds, check out this set of molds from Amazon.

resin kit

17. Brush Pens

Brush pens are a great gift for those who love lettering, bullet journaling, or coloring in general. It’s like painting with watercolors, except the paint is in a brush pen.

Below are brush pens from Arteza. They make great brush pens for beginners with a variety of colors.

This pack comes with 24 brush pens, but there are multiple sizes available depending on your budget.

arteza brush pen

18. Mini Printer

Mini portable printers are great for those who love journaling, scrapbooking, or decorating their room with photos.

These printers print mini photos straight from your smartphone, making printing super easy.

Below is the Canon Ivy Mobile Mini Printer – It doesn’t use dyes or inks, but instead is a thermal printer, so it uses heat to print your image.

canon ivy mini printer

19. Art Desk

Having the space to be able to create art is important for any artist: If we don’t have a proper work area, it can be difficult to create art on a regular basis.

Below is a highly-rated drafting table from Amazon that is height-adjustable.

art desk artist gift

20. Handmade Mug / Cup

As an artist myself, I love creating art with a cup of coffee or tea beside me… and I think many artists are the same.

We also love supporting other artists who are doing what they love to do.

So why not give a gift of a handmade mug or cup from a ceramic artist?

Below is an artist who makes unique handmade cat cups from Etsy. If your artist friend loves cats, this may just be the perfect gift!

ceramic cat cup handmade

There are also so many ceramic artists on Etsy, so whether your artist friend likes brightly colored mugs, minimalist mugs, or quirky ones… you’ll surely find one that’s right for your them.

21. Pencil Case

If your artist friend has a ton of pencils, pens, and markers than they know what to do with, why not give them a large-capacity pencil case to store it all in. This one can be found on Amazon.

gifts for artists pencil case

Below is another pencil case option, if your artist friend likes cute doodles.

pencil case artist gift

22. Rolling Cart

Another great way for artists to store their art supplies is through a rolling utility cart.

This would especially be helpful for artists who are painters, as it’s a great way to store their paint brushes, palettes, and other supplies.

The one below is a popular one that can be found through Amazon.

rolling utility cart

23. A Sketchbook

Every artist needs to practice and what better place is there to practice than in a sketchbook.

There are so many sketchbooks out there, depending on what medium the artist uses. Below are several popular sketchbooks among artists.

moleskine sketchbook
Moleskine sketchbooks are one of the most popular sketchbook brands out there, with great paper quality.
illo sketchbook
The Illo Sketchbook is a great square sketchbook that has been compared to Moleskine sketchbooks.
canson mixed media sketchbook
This sketchbook is my go-to general-use sketchbook. The paper is thick enough to withstand many mediums and it is widely-available in many art stores. I also love Canson’s watercolor sketchpad, which has an even heavier-weight paper.

24. Watercolor Pencils

A set of 72 watercolor pencils from Castle available on Amazon. These pencils make great gifts for those interested in watercolors, but are more familiar with drawing.

watercolor pencils

25. Stationery Set

If your artist friend likes to write letters or journal, beautiful pieces of stationery may just be the perfect gift for them.

This set of 32 paper sheets is available on Amazon here.

stationery set

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I hope you enjoyed this list of 25 gifts for artists, creatives, and any art lovers out there, and that you may find the perfect, fun gift for your artsy person.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and take care!

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