25 Home Decor Ideas for a Cozy Aesthetic Home

Here is a list of 25 home decor ideas for a more cozy, aesthetic home.

If you’re a homebody like I am, it’s important to make sure your space is one that fills you with joy, happiness, and inspiration. 

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25 Home Decor Ideas for a Cozy Aesthetic Home

Handmade Ceramics

Ceramic Mugs for Cozy Home

Handmade ceramics just add a stylish, yet cozy feel to your home. Eating from them makes the food you eat feel so much more special.

Decorating your home with them adds a nice stylish touch to your space. Here are a few examples of some cozy ceramic pieces to add to your kitchen.

I absolutely love these mugs from the Etsy shop SenayCeramics. They are just perfect for a nice hot cup of coffee or tea on a cold day.

Small Ceramic Bowls for Home

Georgous Pink Cloud Glazed Ceramic Bowls from AndoverPottery on Etsy

Ceramic Mug

I love the soothing colors of this mug! This one’s from MeganLouiseCeramics on Etsy.

Wooden Dishware& Utensils

I absolutely love the look of wooden dishware. Sometimes we just surround ourselves we so much plastic that we lose the appreciation for the natural makes of every day items.

Using wooden dishes and utensils makes me feel as if I’ve gone back in time to a more simple age.

Cooking Utensils From Amazon

Wooden Dinner Plates from Amazon

Wooden spoons from Amazon

Cherry-finished Bowl from Amazon

Coffee Stations

Coffee just makes any moment cozier. Having a coffee station set up in your home gives your space the feel of being in a cafe without having to step a foot outside your door. 

Here are some things to add to your coffee station to make it cozier.

French Press that is made from Bamboo, Stainless steel, and Borosilicate Glass

Jar to store your coffee beans, sugar, tea, etc from Amazon.

An all-in-one Coffee and Espresso Machine from Nespresso that can be purchased from Amazon.

gooseneck-style electric water kettle from Bodum on Amazon.

Flowers or Dried Flowers

Home Decor Ideas - Dried Flowers
Photo Source: Hello-Hello

Flowers are a great way to decorate your space: You can either go for artificial flowers, cut flowers, live plants, or dried flowers. 

Etsy Vase for flowers

Here is an adorable vase from CatherineReece on Etsy

Plants & pots

Grow a little garden in your home to bring some life to your space. Plus, they help to keep the air clean!

Some plants I have include a Peace Lily, Jubilee Ivy, Pothos plant, and an Arrowhead Vine. 

I also love buying decorative planters that match my space and bring me lots of joy when I see my plants living in them. 

Home Decor Finds - Plant Pots

Terracotta Plant Pot from ModelInstitution on Etsy

A gorgous earthy toned planter from Amazon

Small plant pots from Amazon

Art that you love

There is no wrong way to incorporate art into your home. As long as it fills you with joy, happiness, or any kind of emotion – It is art that belongs. Plus, you’re supporting a creative and small business. 

Printable Art for Cozy Home

This Daily Affirmation Art Print is from AbbieIllustrations on Etsy

Art for Cozy Home Interior

beautiful moon art print from Dreamy Moons on Etsy

Art for Home

A set of two stunning prints from ThePrintableTherapy on Etsy

Cozy furniture ideas

If you’re planning to furnish your space, here are some furniture ideas for your cozy home.

I love the look of round white tables – Whenever you eat, it feels as if you’re eating at a cozy cafe. This one can be purchased from Amazon.

bamboo ladder shelf from Amazon if you are looking for a more natural texture in your home.

Even if you have a tiny room to work with, make space for at least a bookshelf. This one from Amazon is super affordable (About $20) and minimal in its design.

simple wooden bed frame that won’t break your budget from Amazon.

Cozy self care items

Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

Try adding an essential oil diffuser to your home. I love Aromatherapy, and the calming effect of seeing the wisps of water is an added bonus. This one is from Asakuki though Amazon.

Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night Scent

Get yourself a candle (Or in my case, have a whole stash ready) to make any evening feel more cozy.

Even when the day is dark or gloomy or I’ve had a rough day, lighting a candle always calms my heart. I think there’s something calming about seeing the flickering of light against the walls.

Lavendar Scent Room Spray

A room spray is a great way to keep your space smelling fresh. Here’s one from ForGoodnessOils on Etsy with the calming scent of Lavendar. 

More Room Inspiration!

Found through Pinterest

Photo found through Pinterest

Cozy Room Inspiration
Photo Source found through Hello Lovely Living

I hope you enjoyed this list of home decor inspiration to inspire you to make your home more cozy. I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in this world. Thank you! <3

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