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25 important ways to show someone that you care

25 Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them

I was thinking about this the other day –

How very important it is to show how much you care for another person and appreciate them. 

Although we tend to focus on the more personal part of self growth, a huge part of personal development lies in-fact in our relationships with others. Human beings are a naturally social species, and communicating ourselves freely and honestly to those around us plays a large role in our happiness. 

Because – Yes, our happiness shouldn’t rely solely in the hands of others, but I believe that we cannot be truly happy without companionship. Without help from our community. Without kindness, empathy, and trust.

No matter how much we grow ourselves on the inside – At the end of the day, we all need at least one person in our life to care about in this whole entire world.

So here is a list of 25 ways to show someone that you care about them – In order to harbor a good relationship with not only them, but with yourself as well.

To be a better person for them and for you.

And live a happier life.

1. Tell them “You are amazing”

Well – 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be “amazing” but whatever word that describes how great of a person they are!

Perhaps this is a little embarrassing for some of you (At least it is for me), but I am going to work on doing this more for sure. 

Tell the people around you “You are amazing.” Directly. It can be whenever it feels right – but tell them. 

Tell them until they believe it. 

This shouldn’t be an embarrassing thing to say to others. Nor a rare thing. Whether they are your friend, family member, coworker, or someone who makes your coffee every morning – Tell them outright you appreciate them in your life – And it will work wonders in cultivating your relationships and helping them… because you never know how they are truly feeling on the inside. 

So whatever the day, whatever the time – Tell them these words. 

2. Listen Attentively to What They Say

Being an active listener can mean the world to anyone.

This means facing them with your entire body (not simply turning your head to look at them). Make eye contact with them. And listen, taking it in and letting them finish their entire thought process without interjecting them.

If you really want to take care of those around you, just lending them a non-judgmental ear is enough.

3. Do something for them without them having to ask

It is such a nice feeling when someone does something for you without you having to ask. That is why I encourage you to do something for the person you care about without their having to ask. 

Whether it be going ahead and doing a chore or errand for them.
Planning things out for them.
Or just helping them out in the moment.

Whatever the case, it means a lot that you’re looking out for them.

4. Ask Them “Are You Okay?”

Whenever you feel like there may be something amiss, ask them “Are you okay?” 

Whether that question can be answered or not depends on them and the situation – but no matter what, they’ll appreciate that their feelings matter.

Make this a normal thing to ask to those around you – it’s a great way to get others to open up to you.

5. Thank Them

Remember to thank them, whether they did something for you or not. Thank them for being a good friend to you or being a part of your life. 

It’s always nice to hear such words from the people – And it’s such a simple thing to say!

Ways to Show Someone That You Care

6. Make Something for Them

Make something handmade for them! It’s a great way of creating something more personal for them as an appreciation gift.

If you are looking for ideas, consider reading my blog post: 50 Craft Ideas to Make

7. Be there

Be there for them.

During both the good and bad times.

Sometimes that is all people really need. 

8. Treat Them

Treat them with some: Coffee, lunch, a snack, some candy or chocolate, tickets to a game, or perhaps a reservation at a spa. 

Whether it be big or small – it’s the gesture that counts.

It’s a nice way to show someone you care.

9. Make Accommodations for Them

Make sure to make accommodations for them: Whether they are allergic to nuts so you make sure all the snacks you eat together are nut-free.

Whatever the case, going out of your way to make sure they feel included and looked after is a great way to show them that you care about them.

10. Know Their Preferences or Favorite Things

Knowing what they like or dislike means that you were listening when they mentioned those things and that you only want the best for the person you care about. 

Whether you think their likes or dislikes are weird or preposterous, keep a look out for them – And get them only the best!

11. Compliment Them

It’s nice to hear compliments every now and then – so make sure to compliment them on their new haircut or their new shirt or a character trait you love about them. 

Whatever the compliment, it must be heartfelt and truthful.

12. Remind Them of Their Strengths

It can be hard to see our strengths until we are reminded of them – especially during the difficult times in our life.

Make sure to always remind your friend, family, or loved one of their strengths and what you have always looked up to them for. 

13. Tell Them that they did a Good Job

Praise them when they do a good job – Show appreciation for their efforts, because whether they show it or not, they may have been feeling anxious, scared, or stressed during the process.

Make sure you let them know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

14. Send Them a Video or Article That Reminded You of Them

Whenever you come across something that reminds you of them, send it to them!

It’s a nice little way to connect with the person you care about over their interests.

15. Tell Them “I Did This For You”

Here is another example of something to say directly to the person you care about to let them know you care.

Do something for them and tell them that you did it just for them. Even if just said casually, it helps the other person feel special – even if just for a couple minutes. 

16. Ask Them For Advice

Ask the person you care about for advice.

This shows that you trust and respect their thoughts and feelings – And this can mean so much to them.

So the next time you meet them, ask them for advice in some part of your life that is giving you problems. 

17. Smile At Them

Smiling brightens up anyone’s day.

So make sure to smile when you are in the company of those you care for.

18. Ask Them If Something You Did Bothered Them

Be open to communicate about both the good and the bad.

If you perhaps get a feeling that you said or did something wrong, ask them. Simply the gesture of wanting to know if you hurt them unintentionally is something they will appreciate. 

Plus, it will help the relationships you have with people be more genuine and open.

19. Surprise Them

Some people absolutely love little surprises – So next time, try surprising the person you care for with a gift or gesture.

They might just get a lot of joy and fun from it!

20. Invite Them To Places

Invite them the next time you travel, go for a hike, go to the beach, go for a walk, or go out for coffee. 

21. Help Them With Their Responsibilities

We all have responsibilities – but it doesn’t always have to be our own to shoulder. Share in the responsibilities of those you care about, especially if you work together or live together – They will appreciate it.

22. Tell Them “I Appreciate You”

Tell them directly “I appreciate you”

I really love this idea of directly telling others the way you feel. Let us bypass all the guess-work, deciphering, and nonchalant manners – Let’s just freely express ourselves and how we feel.

It’s better for us and better for the people around us. 

So tell the people you care about how much you appreciate them.

23. Find a Way to help them feel Less Stressed

Stress hurts us all in more ways than we could imagine – Yet, when it comes to our own stress, we oftentimes just brush it off or ignore the problem-at-hand. 

That is why if the person you care about is feeling stressed by something in their life, find a way to help alleviate that stress.

It will definitely mean a lot to them 🙂

24. Ask Them the “How are You’s?”

I say the “How are You’s” because when we ask people “How are You,” the general response is “Good”. If you truly want to get to know how they are, ask them perhaps “How’s your job right now?” or “How is the family?” or “How are your pets?”. Everybody has a lot going on in their life – and sometimes just a simple questions as “How are you?” can’t let them open up to the multitude of things that are going on. 

25. Apologize To Them

Sometimes it is with the people that we trust and care for, where it becomes the easiest to not say sorry – Because you know that they’ll forgive you.

Even if that is the case, apologize – because it’ll mean that much more to them and to the relationship that you acknowledge the wrongs and want to make up for it – even just through the words “I’m sorry.” 

25 Ways to Show Someone That You Care List - Tips for Self Growth

Thank you my lovely readers – I hope you enjoyed this blog post! 

Feel free to like, comment, or share down below. I hope you have a wonderful day, and until next time xx

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  • I like that you mentioned that people love a little suprises in their lives. My wife has been having a tough time in the past couple of weeks, and I want to do something that shows her that I am thinking about her. I think dedicating a star to her or something like that would be a good and unique idea.