Aelita Andre: A Child Abstract Painter that Inspires

I’ve been following Aelita Andre for a couple years now, and I’d go as far as saying that she’s one of the main reasons why I became an abstract expressionist painter.

Before I even started dabbling with paints, I was looking for inspiration on Youtube when I stumbled upon her Youtube channel. It was, in fact, the very thing my soul was looking for and I often, even now in the midst of my painting career, look back at her process to try to realign myself with simply the magic of color. Her process is captured so beautifully, and she is such a blessing to the world!

Her paintings are brilliantly unique, and capture so beautifully the powerful feeling of abstractions, yet the mysteriousness of surreal worlds seen through playful, child-like eyes. There is a sense of complete and utter freedom when seeing her art, and that relays through-and-through, from the process to the end-result. Aelita’s spirit just comes through everything.

Here are links to Aelita’s sources so that you can explore all her works and some more process videos. I hope you find her art as inspirational as they have been to me!

Aelita Andre Sources

Youtube Channel

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