Perfect Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Artists

15 Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

Find the perfect gift for that artist friend of your’s.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for that artist in your life, here is a list of the best, fun, most creative artist gifts just for them. Whether they’re a doodler, painter, mess-maker, or a tentative creator, you’re sure to find something on the list that’ll remind you of them.

The Very Big Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are a must for every artist and this one makes it an incredible gift because it is massively huge: It has a whopping 600 pages, with each sheet measuring 12.5″x10.75″, and comes as a hardcover book. You are sure to surprise them with this giant gift.

Artist Gift - Sketchbook
Very Big Sketchbook | $23

3D Printer Pen

This 3D Printer pen is from Tecboss and is available on Amazon for $41.95. It’s like a 3D printer except in pen form. If you know someone who loves to doodle or create sculptures, this would be a perfect gift for them. 3D pens use heat to shape the filaments into place, so children using this pen should use the finger covers that come with it as well as be supervised during use.

Gift Ideas for Artists - 3d printer pen
3D Printer Pen | $42

Artist Palette Clock

Here’s a beautiful clock for all those painters in your life! RipdNTorn from Etsy hand makes each of these clocks so that each of these paint daubs glisten as if they’re still wet.

Artist Gift Ideas - Artist Palette Clock
Artist Palette Clock | $51

Pastel Dreams Watercolor Set

Introduce your artist friend to this set of pastel watercolors from Prisma Marketing on Amazon. Just the colors themselves are sure to inspire them to create dreamy watercolor paintings.

The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way is a book written by Julia Cameron. It was first published 25 years ago, but still remains a staple read among many creatives. It introduces Cameron’s key tools for creative recovery: Morning Pages and the Artist Date. It also contains hundreds of exercises and activities to hone one’s creativity. This will for sure revitalize any artist suffering from creative block or burnout.

Monet Necklace

Get your artist friend this stunning Monet pendant from GirlPowerPendants on Etsy.

Tabletop Easel with Drawer

This tabletop easel comes with a drawer perfect for storing art supplies. It’s a perfect gift for any artist… because as artists, we tend to go a little crazy with our art supply collections, and organization becomes a must!

Artist Gift Guide - Tabletop Easel Drawer
US Art Supply on Amazon | $25

642 Things to Draw

Do you know someone who is constantly drawing? 642 Things to Draw: Journal Edition from Chronicle Books provides a guided list of 642 things to draw for those doodlers in your life. 

Things to Draw Book

Mugs: Paint Water?

Sometimes we get our cups mixed up in the studio… so here’s a funny gift for all the artists in your life who have almost drank their paint water instead. These mugs can be found from SugarSpoonMugs on Etsy.

Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets are a “dream-come-true” gift for any drawer; It’s a gateway to so many opportunities for artists. I’ve decided to add a more affordable option from Huion on Amazon to give to your artist friend as a gift. It’s small, but it’s a high quality drawing tablet that’s just right if you’re on a budget.

Artist Gift Ideas - Huion Drawing Tablet
Huion Drawing Tablet | $30

Palette Earrings

Here are a pair of simple, yet beautifully handcrafted earrings from the Etsy shop CanvasAvenue for the painter in your life.

Van Gogh Pillow Case

Here’s a pillow case of Van Gogh’s Starry Night for a 20″x30″ pillow available on Amazon from CafePress. This would be a perfect gift for all the Van Gogh art lovers in your life!

Artsy Tshirts

Below is a Tshirt design from BlackShopTurkey on Etsy. I love how simple it is, but the words speak loud for many of us artists. Art is what we do to live.

Watercolor Pencils

I absolutely love working with watercolor pencils: You get the best of both worlds – The control of colored pencils and spontaneity of watercolors. These ones from Arteza on Amazon come with 48 pencils for just $16.

Artist Apron

As artists, we tend to get our clothes messy. A lot. Try giving your artist friend an apron as a gift – It’ll help them keep their clothes more cleaner… And be more stylish in the studio! This one is from Tran from Amazon.

Artist Apron - Gift Ideas for Artists
Artist Apron | $15

I hope you enjoyed this Artist Gift Guide. Please comment, like, or share this post if you found in helpful!

And until next time, have a wonderful day xx

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