How to Draw a Butterfly: Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Butterflies are so beautiful to watch, but I always found them a bit intimidating to draw, especially due to their delicate, complex designs. That is why I decided to create a step by step, easy tutorial on how to draw butterflies.

Once you start the drawing process and break down each line step by step, drawing a butterfly isn’t so hard. It takes practice, but when you finish, it’s one of the most gratifying things to draw.

how to draw a butterfly

How to Draw a Butterfly: Step by Step

How to draw a butterfly step 1

Step 1: Draw the head of the butterfly by drawing a circle and darkening it.

draw a butterfly

Step 2: Draw the butterfly’s thorax (Insects are divided into three main body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen).

easy butterfly drawing

Step 3: Draw the butterfly’s abdomen: It should be longer than the thorax.

easy butterfly drawing

Step 4: Draw the antennae of the butterfly. The ends of the antennae tend to be more round or bulbous.

easy butterfly drawing

Step 5: Draw the fore wings. The front wing of a butterfly tends to converge at the same area on the thorax, so keep this in mind. Also every butterfly’s wing shape is different, so feel free to get creative.

easy butterfly drawing

Step 6: Draw the hind wings.

drawing butterfly

Step 7: Draw an arch as the first pattern in the forewing. Go about 3/4 of the way up the butterfly’s wing.

how to draw butterfly

Step 8: We’re going to draw the next vein pattern, which goes along the bottom of the forewing and comes back up to connect with the first arch we made. The arch should end close to the bottom of the wing.

how to draw butterfly

Step 9: Draw the next arch connecting to the first arch we created. End the arch close to the outer edge of the wing.

how to draw butterfly

Step 10: This smaller arch in the butterfly’s wing will be the last main vein pattern we’ll draw the forewing.

how to draw butterfly easy

Step 11: Draw some circles near the upper end of the wing.

how to draw a butterfly easy

Step 12: Draw an arch that goes down along the hindwing.

How to draw a butterfly

Step 13: Draw 4 veins from the arch we drew earlier in step 12 to the outer edge of the hindwing.

easy beginner butterfly drawing

Step 14: Color in the outer part of the forewing of your butterfly drawing with black.

draw butterfly

Step 15: Draw an outer edge on the hindwing of the butterfly drawing and color that in with black.

draw a butterfly

This is how it should look like after coloring it in.

draw a butterfly

Step 16: Use an eraser to create dots on the outer edge of the butterfly wing (Kneaded eraser works best). You can also use a white marker or pen to create these dots.

draw butterfly

Step 17: Darken the edge between the forewing and hindwing of the butterfly.

how to draw a butterfly easy

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Thank you for stopping by my blog post! I hope this inspires you to try drawing a butterfly yourself. Most drawings look difficult when we see only the completed version, but once the steps are laid out, it’s not so difficult. And most importantly, just have fun drawing!

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