How to Draw a Dog: Easy Step by Step Tutorial

I wanted to share an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw dogs, one that is friendly for beginner artists.

I hope you may find this helpful – And since there are so many breeds of dogs, I cannot cover how to draw all of them. I hope that these easy drawings may be of help so that you can draw your own dog as well!

How to Draw a Dog: Step by Step Tutorial

how to draw a dog step by step easy

How to draw a dog easy

Step 1: Draw the eyes.

how to draw dog easy step 2

Step 2: Draw the nose by drawing a round upside triangle shape.

Easy dog drawing

Step 3: Draw the dog’s mouth.

easy dog drawing

Step 4: Draw the top of the dog’s head.

how to draw a dog

Step 5: Draw the dog’s ears. The ear shape can be adjusted according to the dog breed you are drawing.

how to draw a dog

Step 6: Draw the dog’s face and neck.

how to draw dog

Step 7: Draw the dog’s fluffy chest.

how to draw a dog

Step 8: Draw the dog’s front legs. The length of the legs can differ depending on the size or age of the dog.

step by step dog drawing

Step 9: Draw the dog’s back.

how to draw a dog

Step 10: Draw the dog’s back legs like so.

step by step easy dog drawing

Step 11: Draw the dog’s tail

More Dog Drawings To Draw

Here are some more dog drawings with different breeds and poses.

more easy dog drawings to draw

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I hope you enjoyed these dog drawings and thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be.

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