20 Instagram Story Ideas

20+ Instagram Story Ideas

Updating your Instagram stories is a great way to connect regularly with your friends and followers on Instagram. 

Regularly updated Stories appear every time users scroll down their feed – so it serves as a great way to consistently get your profile in front of viewers regularly. As Instagram keeps changing their Algorithm, sometimes your regular posts get lost – Utilizing your Instagram Stories is a great way to combat this change. 

If you are looking to create aesthetically-pleasing and engaging Instagram Stories, here is a list of 20 Instagram Story Ideas to try out next on your Instagram page – From basic examples to editable Photoshop templates that can be purchased for those who are looking to invest in their Instagram business or Influencer profiles. 

Instagram Stories

Create an Instagram Story of your travels – Whether you are just taking a walk outside or going to a whole new country, share your experience with your friends and followers. 

I create this one from Canva – It’s free to use and there are so many templates you can choose from. Just create an account and there is a whole category just for Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a pic of your morning coffee

Instagram Stories Inspiration

Here is a minimalist-inspired design that can be made through Canva

Morning Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a snapshot of a window view

Instagram Stories Inspiration

Give your friends and followers a little “Good Morning” on your Instagram stories. 

Instagram Stories

Create a series of snapshots from your day that you want to share – This template can be found on Canva as well. 

Autumn - Season Instagram Stories

Share something seasonal on your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Try sharing what you’re eating on your Instagram Stories

IG Story Ideas

Create polls on your Instagram Stories – This one is a template from Canva

Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a view of the sky today on your Instagram Stories

Share a quote of the day

IG Story Ideas

Play a little bingo with your friends and followers – This one can be found on Canva as well.

Share a bit of your day-to-day life with your followers: Give them a snapshot of what products you’re using and the hobbies you like to do. 

Instagram Stories Ideas

Here are modern Instagram Story templates from Creative Market – these you do have to purchase, but if you are an influencer or business looking to create a more styled Instagram, these may be good fit for you. Plus, these come with free fonts!

Instagram Story Ideas

Here is a blue-themed animated Instagram Story template from Creative Market. You do need Photoshop to use these templates, but these come with a lot of bonus elements, including watercolors, gold patterns, shapes, blots, flowers, and sparks. 

Instagram Stories

I also love this paper-effect Instagram Story template design from Creative Market. This includes animated stories compatible with Photoshop and also, Canva and Adobe XD compatible templates. 

Here is a beautiful set of Instagram Story templates from Creative Market with 20 Instagram Story and 20 Post templates to choose from. You do need Photoshop in order to use these – but this pack comes with over 100 additional elements to use. 

Animated Instagram Story Ideas

Here is a cute animated Instagram template idea from Creative Market – with 75 animated illustration objects, animated lettering font, texture files, and a step-by-step tutorial. 

Watercolor Instagram Ideas

Here are 10 more customizable Instagram Story templates that can be found on Creative Market for a brighter touch to your Instagram page.

Instagram Stories Bundle

And here is a GIANT bundle of Instagram Story templates to choose from – with over 700 Photoshop templates. It also includes Instagram highlight templates, a help guide, and downloads to free fonts, 

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