20 Instagram Story Ideas

Updating your Instagram stories is a great way to connect regularly with your friends and followers on Instagram. 

Regularly updated Stories appear every time users scroll down their feed – so it serves as a great way to consistently get your profile in front of viewers regularly.

As Instagram keeps changing their Algorithm, sometimes your regular posts get lost – Utilizing your Instagram Stories is a great way to combat this change.Β 

If you are looking to create aesthetically-pleasing and engaging Instagram Stories, here is a list of 20 Instagram Story Ideas to try out next on your Instagram page – From basic examples to editable Photoshop templates that can be purchased for those who are looking to invest in their Instagram business or Influencer profiles. 

20+ Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Stories

Create an Instagram Story of your travels – Whether you are just taking a walk outside or going to a whole new country, share your experience with your friends and followers. 

I create this one from Canva – It’s free to use and there are so many templates you can choose from. Just create an account and there is a whole category just for Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a pic of your morning coffee

Instagram Stories Inspiration

Here is a minimalist-inspired design that can be made through Canva

Morning Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a snapshot of a window view

Instagram Stories Inspiration

Give your friends and followers a little “Good Morning” on your Instagram stories. 

Instagram Stories

Create a series of snapshots from your day that you want to share – This template can be found on Canva as well. 

Autumn - Season Instagram Stories

Share something seasonal on your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Try sharing what you’re eating on your Instagram Stories

IG Story Ideas

Create polls on your Instagram Stories – This one is a template from Canva

Instagram Stories Ideas

Share a view of the sky today on your Instagram Stories

Share a quote of the day

IG Story Ideas

Play a little bingo with your friends and followers – This one can be found on Canva as well.

Share a bit of your day-to-day life with your followers: Give them a snapshot of what products you’re using and the hobbies you like to do. 

Instagram Stories Ideas

Here are modern Instagram Story templates from Creative Market – these you do have to purchase, but if you are an influencer or business looking to create a more styled Instagram, these may be good fit for you. Plus, these come with free fonts!

Instagram Story Ideas

Here is a blue-themed animated Instagram Story template from Creative Market. You do need Photoshop to use these templates, but these come with a lot of bonus elements, including watercolors, gold patterns, shapes, blots, flowers, and sparks. 

Instagram Stories

I also love this paper-effect Instagram Story template design from Creative Market. This includes animated stories compatible with Photoshop and also, Canva and Adobe XD compatible templates. 

Here is a beautiful set of Instagram Story templates from Creative Market with 20 Instagram Story and 20 Post templates to choose from. You do need Photoshop in order to use these – but this pack comes with over 100 additional elements to use. 

Animated Instagram Story Ideas

Here is a cute animated Instagram template idea from Creative Market – with 75 animated illustration objects, animated lettering font, texture files, and a step-by-step tutorial. 

Watercolor Instagram Ideas

Here are 10 more customizable Instagram Story templates that can be found on Creative Market for a brighter touch to your Instagram page.

Instagram Stories Bundle

And here is a GIANT bundle of Instagram Story templates to choose from – with over 700 Photoshop templates. It also includes Instagram highlight templates, a help guide, and downloads to free fonts, 

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