How to Draw a Cat: Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a cat!

Cats are so easy and fun to draw. They are a great way to learn how to study animal shapes and draw them. Cat drawings can also be stylized very easily with your own art style.

I have also included other simple ways of drawing cats at the end of this blog post, so feel free to follow along and also try the other drawing methods as well.

I hope you enjoy and above all, have fun!

Step 1: Draw the Top of the Cat’s Head

Draw a slightly rounded line for the top of the cat’s head.

how to draw a cat step 1

Step 2: Draw the Cat’s Ears

Draw two upside-down V’s for the cat’s ears.

how to draw a cat

Step 3: Draw the Cat’s Body

Extend a line downwards from each of the cat’s ears. These lines will be the shape of the cat’s body.

how to draw a cat

Step 4: Draw the Eyes

You can draw your cat’s eyes in different ways depending on the style you like. I just drew two circles with a black ovals inside.

easy cat drawing

Step 5: Draw the Nose

Draw an tiny upside down triangle for the cat’s nose.

easy cat drawing

Step 6: Draw the Cat’s Mouth

Draw the cat’s mouth as shown below. Extend a small line downward from the cat’s nose and draw an upside-down v for the cat’s mouth.

easy cat drawing step by step

Step 7: Draw the Whiskers

Draw the cat’s whiskers by drawing straight lines extending outwards on the cat’s face.

easy cat drawing

Step 8: Draw the Cat’s Front Legs

Draw 3 straight lines extending downwards at the front of the cat’s body. These lines will create the two front legs of your cat.

simple cat drawing

Step 9: Draw the Front Paws

Draw your cat’s front paws by drawing two little round curves at the bottom of the legs, as shown below.

how to draw a cat

Step 10: Draw the Cat’s Back Leg

Draw the cat’s back leg as shown below. The cat’s thigh is going to be rounder in shape and the leg is going to be thinner.

how to draw a cat

Step 11: Draw the Other Back Leg

Next, we are going to draw the other back leg of your cat. Since this other leg is behind the cat and on the other side, I am not drawing the thigh, just the thin part of the leg extending forward.

how to draw a cat

Step 12: Draw the Cat’s Tail

For the last step, we are going to draw the cat’s tail. It can be long, short, fluffy, skinny – whatever you like.

cat drawing easy

cat drawing step by step

The Final Cat Drawing!

Here is the final cat drawing after finishing all the steps! Now you can color and add fur patterns to your cat drawing however you like.

easy cat drawing step by step

Here are Some Other Easy Cat Drawing Ideas!

Try drawing some colored blobs using markers or paint, and draw a cat from it! It’s simple, easy, and fun trying to create a cat from a random shape.

easy cat drawing idea
easy cat drawing idea

A cat drawing idea if you want to draw a cat standing up.

tuxedo cat drawing

Here is an adorable tuxedo cat drawing to try!

how to draw a cat easy

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I hope you enjoyed these cat drawings to try drawing for yourself! Feel free to get creative and draw your own cat as well.

Thank you for stopping by this blog post and have a wonderful day!

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