I Have Never Been in a Relationship – And That’s Okay

I'm 24 and Have Never Been in a Relationship, And That's Okay - 6 Reasons to Love Being single

I Am 24 And Have Never Been in a Relationship – And I’m Completely Okay With That

February 9, 2019

What a strange thing to write about – but it dawned on me recently that perhaps this was something that needed to be talked about in-fact.

Because I am completely fine with the fact that I have never been in a relationship – And there are a lot of people out there just like me – But who feel ashamed or discouraged about this.

And they shouldn’t be.

There was a time when I wanted so badly to have a boyfriend. And that, I guess, is much like any of us. 

It came to me especially during my early college years – But it was more of the notion that having a relationship would “save” me from all the not-so-good sides of myself that was bringing me down.

Read my blog post on How I Overcame Social Anxiety for more of that side of my story

And it was later during my college years when I learned to fall completely and utterly in love with my own time and self. 

To “save” myself out of that hole that I was burying myself in.

To finally understand and be able to merge two worlds that I had been keeping secretly separate in my heart: That the world was beautiful – But I was not. I learned to untwist that knotted part of myself – and let them both fall together.

That I, too, was beautiful in my own mind’s eye.

And since that time of awakening for me, I have been at peace with being single for this long… Because in actuality, I have only been able to love living in the comfort of being myself for such a short time – And I feel as if I need more of this precious time.

So – Whether you have been single your whole life or just got out of a relationship and are feeling lonely, I hope this blog post will able to feed the right words and energy to you so that you can overcome the feeling of loneliness and realize loneliness is the state your mind labels yourself as. 

Your mind can save you from that loneliness.

6 Reasons To Love Being Single

24 and Have Never Been in a Relationship, And That's Fine - 6 Reasons to Love Being Single

There are so many reasons to be happy to be single – So here are a few. And even if you aren’t single – These reasons can still apply to your own life. Nothing is exclusive when it comes to ourselves. I hope you enjoy.

Focus on Learning About Love

The honest truth is that I do not know the first thing about romantic love or what it must fee like. I’ve never felt it – so I do not know it.

However – being out of love does not mean that I do not feel enough love in my life. In fact, I am constantly blown away by how much more love there is around me than I could ever be grateful for.

Even the love I receive from complete strangers is enough to satisfy my heart’s needs for love. 

Love is in the little acts we receive from others – And without having a heart that can, first, see that love and, second, be able to translate it into something wholesome, gratifying, humbling, and so utterly larger-than-life that satisfies our heart – We live not knowing what love is.

There are so many types of love out there – and so many ways in which we relay it to each other. 

Being single, I can focus on learning these different languages of love and make the time to translate each type of love into something my own heart can understand.


One of the most beautiful things about being single is that you are free to flourish, without worrying about how it may affect another person’s life.

When we have time to ourselves, we are able to reflect on ourselves and what is most important to us.

To me, especially – Freedom and time is something I hold very dear to me. Otherwise, my eyes get a little sad with each day and my heart feels a little bit more strained. For my own happiness, I work hard to be able to achieve in the future a life I love living. And a career that doesn’t feel like work – but art. 

Take the time you have with yourself figuring out what you want to spend the rest of your life doing – Find your dream life and build it into your reality.

Create yourself into someone you are proud of being

Be yourself – Find and develop yourself into the best version of yourself.
Become successful.
Know your beauty.
Let kindness flow without end from you.
Inspire others.
Be strong, wise, and ever-forgiving during hard times.
Have fun living.
Be excited for what is to come next!

Create a list of the kind of person you want to become – The kind of person that makes you excited for the future. Yes, there will be a lot of things you will need to work on, but take it one step, one day at a time. With effort and hard work, you will see your life come together in all the best ways.

Everything Happens For a Reason

Behind everything in life, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

There are no accidents – And it is up to me to find the signs that will lead me towards the best path.

If it wasn’t meant to be – it wasn’t meant to be.

I cannot force everything the way I want it to go. And besides, I find that if something doesn’t work out – it’s usually because it wasn’t the right time for me or because there was something better in-store for me.

Look for those signals and you will see how strangely and magically life works itself out for the best for each of us. 

Do What You Want!

When you are single, you can do most everything your way: 

You have your own space to furnish and decorate however you want. You can cook whatever food you want to eat that day. You can play your favorite songs out loud at 1 o’clock in the morning without worry.

You have lots of freedom to do things your own way. Take advantage of it!

And learn to have fun experiencing the world even by yourself: You don’t have to go everywhere with someone. Be free to experience the world for yourself.

You Will Know When You Meet The One

Ahaha – Well, I guess I wouldn’t know for sure if the person was “the one” for me if I met him in all honesty – 

But I know that it would take a really, truly amazing person to make me want to get out of my single status and make me want to have a relationship with them.

Because I am perfectly happy with the life I have now – I am whole and my life is whole (though still needs much progress) and I do not at all feel like I need anyone else to make me feel happy.

Right now, I do not want to go out of my way and actively look for someone to fall in love with – At least not yet. And this feeling is I think one of the greatest strengths when it comes to relationships: You let go of the need to force yourself or anyone else. 

Be yourself and let others be completely themselves – 

Be without expectations.

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Being single can be one of the most eye-opening times in our lives – And it is by no means a time of mourning or loneliness at all. To me, it is a time of expansion, exploration, and happiness – And I wanted to share this little bit of insight with others.

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Thank you again my lovely readers for sticking around and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Until next time, xx

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