13 Easy Bird Drawings to Draw

Birds are beautiful, whether you just listen to their songs in the morning or watch them fly about – They’re just a beautiful source of inspiration for all kinds of art.

That is why I wanted to create a little compilation of bird drawings.

Here are 13 simple, easy bird drawings you can try out yourself, great for all beginner artists.

Many of these drawings have been stylized and simplified, but I hope you still enjoy them.

easy bird drawing

Here are some simple birds to draw with adorable patterns, found through LittleTreeDesign’s blog.

how to draw goose duck

Here is a simple drawing of a goose you can try out. I’ve been really into geese and duck videos on Youtube, and just find them to be so adorable!

easy bird drawing step by step

Here is an easy step by step bird drawing to follow along to.

easy bird drawing

Here is a very simple drawing of a small bird, whether it be a sparrow, wren, chickadee, or other woodland bird. You can add your own patterns to it as you like.

easy bird drawing

Here are some sketchbook bird drawings from Dawn Machell.

easy penguin drawing

Here is a cute little Emperor Penguin chick drawing to try out.

easy bird drawing

A uniquely patterned bird drawing from Sabina Radeva

easy owl drawing

An easy drawing of a barn owl to draw

easy bird drawing

An adorable art style to drawing birds from Elskeleenstra

easy simple bird drawing

A collaged bird drawing from Jenni Douglas on Flickr

easy bird drawing idea

Here is a rough, easy sketch of a bird drawing from Jenni Douglas on Flickr

eagle drawing

Here is a simple way to draw a bald eagle.

easy bird drawing arrow

A bird drawing using an arrow from Joy Sikorski – Found through LostButtonStudio blog

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Thank you for stopping by this blog post. I hope you enjoyed these little simple bird drawings, and have a wonderful day! <3

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