22 Easy Beach and Seascape (Summer) Drawing Ideas

It’s almost the end of summer time as I write this blog post.

I hope you are all having or had an amazing summer (depending on when you read this blog post).

I have always thought about creating a blog post dedicated to beach and seascape drawing ideas, so I figured now was the time to do so!

I’ve included a lot of different subjects to draw, such as the sunset, waves, sea animals, and boats to name a few.

I hope you find a drawing that resonates with you… One that inspires you to draw today.

Drawing Tips: I recommend starting off your drawing with a pencil sketch. Once you are satisfied with your sketch, go over the lines with an ink pen. When the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

Please feel free to follow the drawing tips or draw whatever way you like!

The most important thing is that you have fun creating art.

So relax! Let all your worries and stress melt away for these next few minutes or hour or so. Draw away!

beach seascape drawing ideas easy

1. Sunset

Let’s start off this blog post with a simple doodle of a sunset and two birds flying over the ocean.

sunset drawing sea ocean

2. Sea Shells

Next, let’s draw some sea shells!

I’ve included a few different types down below for you to try out πŸ™‚

sea shell drawing easy

3. Waves

When I think of the ocean, I think of the waves… so let’s draw some!

Below are a few different examples on how to draw waves.

ocean waves drawing easy

4. Palm Trees

Let’s draw a little island next with some palm trees growing on it.

palm tree island drawing

5. Sea Turtle

Here is a cute drawing idea of a sea turtle to draw as well!

sea turtle drawing easy

6. Sunset Viewing

Let’s create a drawing of someone watching the sun set over the ocean next.

sunset ocean beach drawing

7. Fish

Next, let’s draw some fish!

fish drawing easy

If you are interested in drawing more fish, check out my blog post here: 20 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas.

8. Feet and Waves

I’m not a huge fan of the sand, but I love the feeling of the ocean waves washing over my feet.

So here’s a little doodle to represent that.

sand beach drawing feet

9. Whale Tail

This is a drawing I created several years ago of a whale tail.

It has been well-loved by my blog readers over the years so I decided to add it here to this blog post too!

whale tail drawing ocean

10. Boat

Here is a simple drawing of a boat to draw next!

boat drawing easy

11. Sea Heart

I wasn’t sure how to title this drawing… but I wanted to draw the ocean in a heart.

This is how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

ocean heart sunrise drawing

12. Big Wave

I wanted to create a drawing based off of The Great Wave artwork.

Here is how it turned out!

big wave drawing cool

13. Listening to the Sea

Our next drawing is a girl listening to the sound of the ocean through a conch.

Apparently this is called seashell resonance!

listening to conch shell

14. Blue Marlin

Here is a drawing of a Blue Marlin leaping out of the water.

swordfish blue marlin drawing

15. Sailboat

I love sailboats so here is a simple doodle of one sailing in the night.

sailboat drawing easy ocean

16. Surfing

Let’s create a simple drawing of someone surfing a wave.

surfing wave drawing easy

17. Mermaid

Here is a whimsical drawing idea of a mermaid gazing out at the night view over the sea.

mermaid drawing ocean

18. Beach Path

Let’s draw some sand dunes and a path down to the beach next.

sand dunes beach path drawing

19. Dock

Here is a beautiful drawing idea of a palm tree and a dock.

dock pier drawing ocean sea

20. Wave Doodles

We have already drawn many waves, but I figured I’d add a little more simple doodles of waves for you to try out.

ocean line art doodles

21. Door to the Sea

Next, let’s draw an open door leading to the beach.

door to the sea drawing

22. Two Waves

This was a drawing I randomly created and thought it looked pretty cool πŸ™‚

two waves drawing cool

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these beach and seascape drawing ideas!

Let me know which one you liked best in the comment section down below (It won’t appear right away because it takes some time for me approve them).

I hope you are able to visit the beach or ocean some time this year too.

I am wishing you all a wonderful day or night, and until next time! Keep drawing!

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