17 Easy Baseball Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a new blog post full of more drawing ideas!

I recently went to a baseball game. It was my first time going to a sports game of any kind and it was so much fun!

It inspired me to create this blog post for any baseball lovers out there who also like to draw.

Drawing Tips: Start off your drawing with a pencil sketch. When you are satisfied with your pencil sketch, go over your lines with an ink pen. Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

Feel free to draw however you like though šŸ™‚

And use whatever medium you like!

The most important thing is that you enjoy your time drawing!

Relax. Let go of any stress you have from your day. Have fun!

easy baseball drawing ideas

1. Step-by-Step Baseball Drawing

Let’s start off this blog post with a simple step-by-step drawing tutorial of how to draw a baseball.

For Step 1, start off by drawing a circle.

You can use a compass to draw your circle or trace around a circular object (such as washi tape, the bottom of a cup, or a lid or cap).

If you’d like to free-hand it, that is great as well!

circle drawing

Next, we are going to draw the seams of the baseball.

step by step baseball drawing

For Step 3, draw the stitches of the baseball. If you have a red-ink pen, colored pencil, or marker, feel free to use that.

Draw the stitches in a v shape that repeats down the seam.

baseball drawing step by step

Here is what our final baseball drawing looks like!

baseball drawing step by step

2. Baseball Breaking Through

Let’s draw a baseball breaking through glass next.

baseball drawing breaking glass

3. Hitting the Baseball

If you’re looking for a quick doodle to draw, here’s a simple drawing of a bat hitting a baseball.

hitting baseball drawing

4. Holding a Baseball

Here’s another simple doodle of a baseball in someone’s hand.

baseball in hand drawing

If you are interested in drawing more hands, I have a blog post on that here: 20 Hand Drawing Ideas for you to try!

5. Baseball Diamond

Here’s a little guide on how to draw a baseball diamond.

Below is the basic shape of a baseball field.

You can stop your drawing here or continue to add little details to your baseball diamond as shown afterwards.

Drawing Tip: Try starting off by drawing 3 squares, all with one overlapping corner.

Then, create your baseball field following the lines of the squares as your guideline. The corner opposite the home plate area will be an arch instead.

baseball diamond

Next, let’s draw arches and circles where the dirt patches and pitching mound is.

baseball diamond

Erase the corners as shown below.

baseball diamond drawing

For our last step, let’s draw the four bases. Feel free to color your baseball field if you’d like!

baseball diamond drawing

6. Baseball and Star

Here’s a fun little drawing of a baseball and a star to draw.

baseball star drawing

7. Catching a Baseball

Let’s create a drawing of hands reaching up into the air, trying to catch a baseball.

catching baseball drawing

8. Baseball Forever

Here’s a drawing of baseball with the infinity sign around it.

baseball infinity drawing

9. Baseball on Fire

Next, let’s draw a baseball on fire!

baseball fire drawing

10. Baseball Bat on Fire

Since we drew a baseball on fire, let’s draw a bat on fire next.

flaming baseball bat fire drawing

11. Baseball and Shooting Star

For the next drawing, I drew a shooting star as it is falling from the sky, and I drew a baseball flying up into the sky.

baseball star drawing

12. Baseball Cap

Next, let’s draw a baseball cap!

baseball cap drawing

13. Door to Baseball

Here’s a drawing of an open door with a baseball flying through it.

baseball door drawing

14. Baseball Glove

Here’s a simple drawing of a baseball glove to try as well!

baseball glove drawing

15. The Sun, Moon, and Baseball

Here’s a cool drawing idea of the sun, moon, and baseball.

moon sun baseball drawing

16. Baseball Cat

I love drawing cats so I had to create a drawing of a cat playing baseball.

baseball cat drawing

If you’d like to draw more cats, check out my blog post here on 30 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas.

17. Baseball Helmet

Here is a cool drawing idea of a baseball helmet to draw.

baseball helmet drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you found at least one drawing you liked that perhaps inspired you to draw today.

Please let me know in the comment section which drawing you liked best! (It takes a while for it to show up because I have to approve comments)

And for those who love baseball, keep at it! You are inspiring doing what you do!

And even if you don’t play, and you just like to draw, that in itself is inspiring too! šŸ™‚

I hope you have a wonderful day or night, and until next time!

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