20 Easy Eye Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you some easy eye drawing ideas that beginner artists can try to practice drawing.

I love drawing eyes but I also feel like they are a challenge for me to draw.

That’s why creating this blog post was great practice for me!

I hope it serves as good practice for you too if you are wanting to get better at drawing eyes πŸ™‚

The eye drawings included in this blog post aren’t going to be too realistic.

I wanted to create drawings that could be recreated by beginner artists so they’re going to be simple but with a creative twist to them.

I hope you have lots of fun drawing them!

Drawing Tips: First start off with a pencil sketch. When you are satisfied with your sketch, go over the lines with an ink pen. When the ink dries, erase the sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

This drawing tip is just a suggestion, but feel free to use whatever medium or drawing style you like!

Now, let’s get to our eye drawings! I hope you enjoy!

easy eye drawing ideas

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1. Heart Eyes

Let’s start off this blog post with a simple drawing of eyes with hearts in them.

heart eyes drawing

2. Celestial Eye

I was listening to Drops of Jupiter when I was creating this drawing and I think it came out so beautiful!

If you ever don’t know what to draw next, I recommend listening to music. Music is one the best ways to get creativity and inspiration to flow to you.

celestial eye drawing

3. The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

This is a drawing I created for a previous blog post and thought it would be a great addition for this blog post.

I believe that you can see a lot about a person from their eyes.

Do you also think the same?

window to soul eyes

4. Step-By-Step Eye Drawing

Here is a more realistic style of drawing eyes.

I have tried to simplify it through steps, so I hope this helps!

For Step 1, draw the shape of the eye as shown below.

For Step 2, draw the tear duct and iris.

eye drawing step by step

For Step 3, we are going to draw the light shining on the eyes.

For Step 4, draw the eyelashes as shown below.

step by step drawing eye

Now we’re going to start adding some value to our drawing.

Color in your pupil while leaving the light spots we drew in Step 3 white.

Also shade in the outer areas of the eye (near where it touches the skin).

eye drawing

5. Flower Eyes

I love drawing flowers as well, so here are eyes with flowers around it.

eyes flower drawing

6. Anime Eyes

Let’s draw some anime-style eyes next!

When drawing female vs male anime eyes, I usually add eyelashes to my female eyes.

For male eyes, I keep them without eyelashes (Stopping at Step 6 in this tutorial)

female anime eye drawing

If you are interested in learning how to draw more manga/anime-style eyes, check out my other blog post How to Draw Anime Eyes: Step by Step Tutorial.

7. Sparkly, Bubbly Eyes

Here is a cute little drawing tutorial of how to draw round, sparkly eyes.

I drew these eyes all the time when I was a child because I loved drawing Hamtaro.

Feel free to draw them on anything to make them cute!

sparkly bubbly eyes

If you are looking for more cute drawing ideas, check out my blog post 50 Cute Easy Things to Draw!

8. Anime Girl

Let’s draw an anime-style girl next!

I tried to simplify the lines so that beginner artists can try to attempt it. I hope you enjoy drawing her!

anime girl eyes drawing

9. Eyes as the Sun

This is a random drawing I made of eyes that look like the sun.

I like to think that, just like how the sun gives light to the flowers, our eyes give warmth and light to the ones we gaze upon too.

eye flowers drawing sun

10. Anime Boy

Here is also a drawing of an anime/manga-style boy to try drawing.

anime boy eyes drawing

11. Cat Eyes

I love drawing cats! Let’s draw some cat eyes next in our sketchbook πŸ™‚

cat eyes drawing

12. Moon with Eyes

I drew this moon with eyes drawing for another one of my blog posts, 30 Easy Moon Drawing Ideas.

I think it came out so beautiful and had to share it in this blog post too!

moon eyes drawing

13. Side Eye

Here is an adorable drawing of a dog giving the side eye.

side eye drawing dog

14. Eye Growing Flowers

I drew flowers again πŸ˜‚

Here is a pencil drawing of flowers growing out of an eye. I think it turned out pretty cool.

flowers eye drawing

15. Crying Eye

Here is a doodle of a crying eye to draw.

crying eye drawing

16. Winking Eye

Let’s draw someone winking next!

Whenever I drew manga-style art when I was younger, I would always draw them winking because I was too lazy to draw two eyes sometimes!

winking eyes drawing anime

17. Creeping Cat

Here is another cat drawing because I love drawing cats!

cat drawing

If you want to draw even more cats, check out my blog post 30 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas.

18. Winged Eye

Here is a cool eye drawing idea to try out next.

I drew an eye with wings coming out of it. I hope you like it!

winged eyes drawing

19. Facial Expressions

Here are a bunch of facial expressions to try out as well.

This is from one of my older blog posts How to Draw Facial Expressions 101. I hope you may find this helpful!

facial expressions drawing

20. Closed Eyes

I wanted to draw closed eyes but it turned into a crying eyes drawing again.

But I think this drawing is still meaningful so I decided to post it.

This drawing reminds me that there is something else we can’t see yet on the other side of our pain and sadness.

If I could tell these words to my younger self, I would: There is something beautiful you can’t see yet waiting on the other side.

closed crying eyes drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed the eye drawings I’ve included and were able to find one that you wanted to try out!

If you have a specific drawing you liked, feel free to comment it down below! (It might take a bit to appear since I have to approve it)

I am wishing you a wonderful day or night my lovely drawing enthusiasts!

Keep drawing! Until next time <3

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