The Most Dreamy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Dreamy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Dreamy Flower Arrangement Ideas

I love flowers – And I’m sure many of you out there love them too!

Whether you are looking for flower arrangement ideas for your home, wedding, or as a creative business venture, here are some of my favorite beautiful, dreamy flower arrangement ideas from all over the world.

I have made sure to include links to the sources below each image. If you are interested in any of these talented floral arrangers, please feel free to check out their websites or social media pages to learn more about their flower arrangement works.

Sarah Winward, Kate Osborne | Snippet & Ink - Floral Arrangement

Here is a gorgeous Spring-time flower arrangement from Snippet and Ink – Check out their original blog post for Wedding Reception ideas.

Whimsical Floral Installation for Wedding

Here is a beautiful floral installation from Nordic Design that would be perfect as a backdrop to a wedding!

Sir Botanical Floral Arrangement

Here is a more muted flower arrangement, with the focus being more on the contrasting texture and asymmetrical shape. It definitely creates a more whimsical feel to the space. This floral arrangement idea is from Sir Botanical – check out their Instagram page for more floral ideas!

Floral Installation

The process of creating a floral installation is just as amazing as seeing the final piece: Here is a beautiful white floral installation from AleaJoy – How dreamy would this look for a wedding or photoshoot! Check out her Instagram for more!

Blue Flower Arrangement Idea

Blue is hard color to find in nature – so here is a blue flower arrangement idea for you from Butterfly Philosophy. It’s small and simple, but I love the way the greens really brings out the rich blue colors of the flowers used.

Wedding Floral Installation White

Here is another white flower arrangement that would look so dreamy at a wedding! I love how these aerial floral arrangements look like clouds – It makes it all the more divine. This floral arrangement is from Studio Mondine – Check out their Instagram for more of their floral creations!

Flower Wreath

And I cannot forget wreaths! Here is a more minimalist, organic-style wreath from The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo. If you’re interested in getting into flower arranging, this is a good book to get you started. It helps you learn by guiding you through flower arranging just like a recipe and it features 400 photos for lots of floral inspiration.

Flower Arrangement - Daisies

I love simple arrangements featuring wildflowers: Here is one from House Beautiful using Oxeye Daisies.

Floral Installation Art by Rebecca Louise Law

Here is a stunning flower art installation created by Rebecca Louise Law. She creates the most surreal art installations I have ever seen – so make sure to check out her website where she has images of all her floral creations!

Rebecca Louise Law - Light and Dark Floral Arrangement

This is another one from Rebecca Louise Law – Imagine having this in your room! Exploring all these floral arrangements really makes me want to have at least one magnificent, centerpiece floral arrangement in my dream house.

If it is spring-time and there are flowering trees all around you – You may want to give this flower arrangement a try. Cut some flowering branches and create a simple, minimalist-inspired arrangement for your home. This one is from Real Simple.

Flower Arrangement Idea

Here is a more “fluffy” flower arrangement. The cotton really adds such a unique touch to this one! This bouquet idea is from Flowersjuli_ on Instagram.

Pink Wall Floral Arrangement

Here is a pink floral arrangement from Mary Ellen LaFreniere (@steelcutflowerco). She is based in Virginia and creates some of the most stunning floral arrangements and installations I have seen! Make sure to check out her Instagram and show lots of love <3

Flower Arrangement Babys Breath Wedding

Here is a gorgeous idea for a wedding using Baby’s Breath from the blog Woman Getting Married. What simple yet dreamy flower arrangement perfect for weddings!

Flower Arrangement Ideas

Here another beautiful flower arrangement idea from Fleur & Decor. I love that sharp contrast in colors in this one – it especially makes this arrangement so unique.

White Floral Arrangement Wedding

Yes, I am obsessed with these cloud-like flower arrangements… so here’s one from Sarah Winward, who is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Love this one so much <3

Pastel Flower Arrangement Idea

I’m a lover of pastels – so here is a gorgeous pastel-themed flower arrangement for you. Source not known.

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