30 Gorgeous Handmade Ceramics for the Kitchen

Lately, I’ve been really exploring the art of cozying one’s home, and have really fallen in love with the aesthetic of handmade ceramics. So here is a collection of 30 handmade ceramics for inspiration to add to your own home and kitchen.

I think many of us put little thought into the bowls, cups, plates, and everyday kitchenware that we use to eat with. I know I do this as well. And I wonder if maybe I should slow down and give more attention to the little things in my own life. To surround myself with art in all things – And I think handmade ceramics does in fact add art to even the most mundane of meals… And makes the ordinary, beautiful.

Anyways, I hope these ceramics inspire you to add art into even the must everyday parts of your life (your meals). Plus, I hope this also inspires you to support the makers and small businesses that create these beautiful handmade ceramics!

30 Handmade Ceramics for the Kitchen

handmade ceramic bowls

Handmade little bowls from EeliArtStudio on Etsy

handmade beige and white plates

White and beige ceramic plates from NOTONKeramik on Etsy

purple handmade ceramic cup

A purple handmade ceramic cup from MyCharmingCeramics on Etsy.

ceramic coffee dripper handmade

A handmade ceramic coffee dripper from LiCeramics on Etsy. She has a wide selection of handmades so I highly suggest checking her shop out!

ceramic handmade bowl

A handmade ceramic bowl from ShopArtisanArtifacts on Etsy

handmade ceramic

A unique handmade bowl with lid from YaglynaCeramics on Etsy

blue handmade ceramic plate

A gray speckled handmade plate from YaglynaCeramics on Etsy

handmade etsy ceramic mug

A handmade mug is from LiCeramics on Etsy.

brown ceramic plate

Handmade plates from BirdmansHome on Etsy

ceramic pasta bowl

A pasta bowl from MMclayCeramics on Etsy

ceramic mug handmade

A handmade ceramic mug from LiCeramics on Etsy.

coffee dripper ceramic

A handmade ceramic coffee dripper from ShopArtisanArtifacts on Etsy

Animal Ceramics Handmade

Handmade bear tea cups from ThePaperZooKeeper on Etsy

minimalist handmade ceramic mugs

A simple, minimalist-style handmade mug from ShopArtisanArtifacts on Etsy

handmade ceramics

A colorfully glazed large mug from BlanketCreekStudio on Etsy

Handmade Ceramics

A dinnerware set from BlancPottery on Etsy

Handmade ceramic mug

A ceramic mug from BitdaCeramics on Etsy

Ceramic Square Plate

Ceramic dishes from MancusoDesignLab on Etsy

red handmade ceramic bowl

A gorgeous red ceramic bowl from BlanketCreekStudio on Etsy

ceramic creamer and sugar bowl

Handmade ceramic creamer and sugar bowl from JehnCeramics on Etsy

handmade ceramic mug

A handmade ceramic mug that comes in a variety of colors from NewAlbionClayworks on Etsy

ceramic plates pottery

Handmade minimal plates from BitdaCeramics on Etsy

Blue Ceramics

A beautifully colored dinnerware set from KariCeramics on Etsy

orange ceramic bowl

A stunningly glazed ceramic bowl from EmbeCeramics on Etsy

handmade ramen bowl

A set of handmade ramen bowls from RonitYamPottery on Etsy

ceramic spoon

A ceramic spoon and rest from AveshaMichael on Etsy

handmade ceramic ramen bowl

A handmade ramen bowl from BlueSkyPottery Co on Etsy

ceramic bowl

Stoneware bowls created by CreatingComfrotLab on Etsy

handmade ceramic spoon

Small handmade spoons from AmritaLashPottery on Etsy

ceramic tray

Handmade ceramic platters from CreatingComfortLab on Etsy

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I hope you enjoyed this collection of ceramics and that it inspired you, perhaps one day in the future, to support a ceramic maker and buy a handmade bowl, plate, or mug.

And I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful day or night – Wherever you may be.

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